• NYFA Women’s Basketball Team Off to Great Start


    NYFA Basketball

    What would a school be without sports? Well, the New York Film Academy didn’t want to find out. As some of you may be aware, we’ve been developing and expanding our school in more ways than one. In addition, to the arts and academics, we understand the importance of athletics and community sports. After all, artists can be athletes, too.

    After the successful launch of our men’s soccer team flourish in Los Angeles and thought perhaps it was time to see what our women can do. Well, this past Sunday the newly assembled New York Film Academy women’s basketball team, The Jaguars, beat their opponent by 22 points! We won’t mention the other team’s name, but let’s just say we dominated them up and down the court.

    “There are other sports at the beginning stages that I believe will have a profound effect on the current students and NYFA as a whole,” states NYFA Athletic Director, Eric Brown.

    If you’re interested in joining one of our teams or would like to find out more about which sports we have to offer, please contact Eric Brown at


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  • Call for Entries: All Sports LA Film Festival 2014


    Calling all sports fan filmmakers and screenwriters! The 6th edition of the All Sports Los Angeles Film Festival is scheduled to take place November 9-11 of this year. The festival is currently accepting submissions for the November event from filmmakers and screenwriters who have created a film or screenplay that deals with sports, be it basketball, badminton, or backgammon.

    While the films and screenplays can deal with sports of any type, the story of each entry should center around competition, be it mental or physical competition. Entrants can submit their screenplay or film now via the festival’s account. Students receive a discount for both their submissions and attendance during the festival.

    For more information, interested filmmakers and screenwriters can visit the festival’s site where they can submit their work and learn more about past festival winners and highlights.


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  • Top Films for Football Fans


    Sony Pictures has recently announced that they will be producing a film regarding the controversial issue of concussions in professional football. The film, which will star Will Smith, is based on a GQ article entitled, Game Brain. With the evolution of fantasy football and additional games being broadcast outside of “Football Sunday,” the NFL has become the premier sport in terms of entertainment. But, this is nothing new. Over the years, Hollywood has turned to the popular sport to give its own perspective on the prevalent game we all know and love. The New York Film Academy decided to take a look back at some of these films which tackle football.

    Any Given Sunday

    Any Given SundayDirected by Oliver Stone, a man who never shies away from controversial subjects, Any Given Sunday gives its audience a unique inside look at the gladiatorial-like atmosphere that is professional football. The film is comprised of an All-Star cast, including Al Pacino, Cameron Diaz, Dennis Quaid, James Woods, Jamie Foxx, and many more. The story revolves around a fictional team called the Miami Sharks and focuses on the potentially season ending injury of their aging star quarterback, Jack “Cap” Rooney. (A common occurrence for those of us who follow football.) We meet coach Tony D’Amato (Al Pacino) who is forced to replace his quarterback with erratic rookie Willie Beaman (Jamie Foxx). While the film has its ups and downs, capturing the on and off field drama associated with the organization, it does most certainly have its share of hard-hitting action. In fact, keep your eyes peeled for a jarring hit that causes one player to lose an eye.

     Brian’s Song

    Brian's Song

    A ‘sports movie’ classic. If your father or uncle hasn’t sat you down to watch this or if you haven’t sat down to show your own son or daughter, do yourself a favor and get on it! Brian’s Song is based on the real-life relationship between Chicago Bears’ players Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers as they both deal with the heart-breaking news that Piccolo is dying from embryonal cell carcinoma. Perhaps one of the most sappy and heartfelt sports movies of all-time, this is the one film in which men are allowed to cry.

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