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Each student writes, shoots, directs, and edits his/her own film

Overview of the New York Film Academy's Film School

New York Film Academy film school students truly learn by doing. At the Academy students learn both the technical and aesthetic fundamentals of film in hands-on classes and practical exercises. Exercises include real film directing experience through on-set workshops and independent assigned film projects. From day one of class, students are learning the ins and outs of operating a camera and running a film set. Students at our film school study and work through the visual, dramatic, and technical challenges that every film director must face. In all our filmmaking programs, each student writes, produces, directs, and edits his or her own original films, and works on classmates' films in a variety of roles, which provides them with substantial practical experience working on a set. The rigorous curriculum allows students to actively explore the art and craft of filmmaking to learn to tell stories using moving images.

Film school students shoot while moving on a dolly To adhere to our philosophy of learning by doing and to create our comprehensive programs of study, we collaborated with students, film professionals, and educators across the globe to create innovate and unique workshops and programs of study that meet the demands of the industry, and support the aspirations of passionate filmmakers who are studying to be the best artists they can be. We analyzed and assimilated the best practices and concepts employed in traditional filmmaking curricula that have been adhered to at university film schools for decades, but infused these tried and true methods with our brand of hands-on learning and immersion in the subject. The New York Film Academy is a new type of film school that focuses on delivering a solid foundation in filmmaking through continuous exploration and experimentation as students to realize their creative and technical goals.

In addition to learning by doing, another unique and rewarding aspect of our film school is its diverse and international student body. Each class is composed of students from around the world, all bringing their unique perspectives to the practice of film storytelling that challenge and elevate their fellow students' craft. In addition to the intensive hands-on curricula, through constant collaboration among students from different cultures and backgrounds with a common love for film, our workshops and programs offer rewarding and eye-opening experiences for aspiring filmmakers. It is through their work with each other that students forge professional and personal relationships that often continue long beyond graduation from film school. Students enrolling in a filmmaking workshop or program at the New York Film Academy can expect an enlightening and challenging experience that is unlike any other.

Students who choose to study at the Film Academy are often initially inspired by the way they will learn the material at our film school, in addition to simply what is being taught. At the Academy's film school, students are immediately placed behind the camera, and immersed in the filmmaking process through continued practice, both in class and on their own film sets. Students begin shooting their own projects in the first week. As our successful alumni can attest, you must make films to learn how to make films, and that's the approach we've taken.

Upon completing one of the workshops or programs at the Academy's film school, our students' hard work is celebrated through an open screening of their final films. Students that successfully finish will be awarded a New York Film Academy Diploma, and will walk away with the films they have completed. At the New York Film Academy's film school, our goal is to best prepare students for a successful career in film.

Film School Faculty

In establishing our film school, the Film Academy made it a priority to hire faculty members that have extensive experience making their own films, and are currently active as filmmakers in the industry. Above all, they are brilliant instructors who consistently inspire our students and communicate their passion and knowledge for their art. When students enroll in a film school course, they will have the unique experience of studying under active filmmakers who are able to relate their own ongoing cinematic journeys and keep students abreast of emerging trends in the industry. Our award-winning faculty guide students through the essentials of shooting, writing, directing, and editing film, and provide one-on-one critiques of the student film projects to help them progress on their journey. Faculty members serve as mentors to help students achieve their filmmaking goals, both at the Film Academy and beyond. To ensure that students receive the most well-rounded education possible, our faculty is composed of professionals with specific areas of expertise in directing, writing, producing, cinematography, editing or acting.

Programs and Workshops

The New York Film Academy offers degree programs, conservatory certificate programs, and workshops in Filmmaking. These courses are comprehensive hands-on explorations of the subject that immerse students in each of the key creative roles of making films including directing, screenwriting, cinematography, and editing. In fact our film school students even work in front of the camera as actors. This comprehensive approach gives students the broad array of skills and experience they need to thrive as filmmakers whichever path they ultimately pursue.

The Degree programs in Filmmaking are offered at each level - Bachelor of Fine Arts, Associate of Fine Arts, and Master of Fine Arts; as well as One Year and Two Year Conservatory Certificate Programs. While the degree programs are offered in full at our Los Angeles campus, qualified students have the option of completing a one-year certificate conservatory in New York, Abu Dhabi, or Australia, and then joining the degree program in the second year. Our short-term Workshops range from a one-week to eight-weeks in length. All modules are intensive hands-on courses in which that focus on making films from the first day. NYFA also offers part-time Evening Workshops for students who are unable to commit to a full-time day curriculum.

  • Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking*: Over the course of two years at our film school in Los Angeles, students earn an MFA degree in filmmaking completing 2,000 hours of hands-on education and constant experience in production. The MFA in filmmaking program is six semesters and utilizes the breadth of professional equipment available to students, who shoot their projects on HD, 35mm, and super high-resolution using the Red Dragon camera system while digitally editing their projects.
  • Master of Arts in Film & Media Production*: Offered at our Los Angeles campus, the MA program is a three-semester accelerated graduate program that focuses on educating aspiring filmmakers and content creators in the craft of filmmaking. Students write, direct, shoot, and edit eight original projects while working on at least twenty of their classmates' films in a variety of roles.
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Filmmaking*: Our three-year undergraduate (nine-semester) BFA program at our Los Angeles campus is an intensive, accelerated degree program that immerses students in all aspects of filmmaking in addition to providing an education in the Liberal Arts & Sciences that allows students to pursue their professional goals while receiving a foundational education that will help students better succeed as filmmakers.
  • Associate of Fine Arts in Filmmaking*: Over the course of two years (six semesters) at our Los Angeles film school, students enrolled in our AFA degree program have the opportunity to solely focus on making films with a curriculum that is designed specifically to prepare students for a career in the film industry. Students should enter the AFA program with a singular focus on making films and assisting their fellow students on their own original films.
  • One-Year Conservatory Filmmaking Program: Offered at such breathtaking locations as New York City, Los Angeles, Abu Dhabi, Florence, and Australia, our One-Year Filmmaking Program combines hands-on study in cinematography, directing, screenwriting, producing, and editing with actual practice where students write, shoot, direct, and edit their own short films on HD and 35mm film. After completing the One-Year Conservatory, qualified students may chose to join a degree program at NYFA-Los Angeles in the second year.
  • Two-Year Conservatory Filmmaking Program: Building on the short films and education students complete in the One-Year Filmmaking Conservatory, our Two-Year Conservatory is offered at our New York City Campus and challenges students to shoot in different mediums such as short film, music videos, commercials, and documentaries while also preparing them with the skills and know-how to shoot a feature film
  • Eight-Week Filmmaking Workshop: Wish to study filmmaking over an intense period? Our Eight-Week Filmmaking Workshop gives students the opportunity to immerse themselves in the fundamentals of making films while receiving hands-on experience as you write, direct, shoot and edit five original short films and working on fellow classmates' projects in addition to learning the ins-and-outs of shooting with HD cameras and portable lights. The Eight-Week Workshop is offered at our New York, Los Angeles, South Beach, Australia, Abu Dhabi, and Florence locations.
  • Six-Week Filmmaking Workshop: Offered during the summer at multiple NYFA film school locations, the first three-weeks of the program focuses on extensive course work—covering directing, writing, cinematography, production, and editing—alongside students working on their own original projects using HD cameras. The second three weeks of the workshop focuses on students directing and editing a more extensive film project.
  • Holiday Filmmaking Workshop: Each year the Academy offers aspiring students the chance to go to film school at significantly reduced tuition. Following a similar curriculum as our Six-Week Filmmaking Workshop, our Holiday Filmmaking Workshop in New York City and Los Angeles offers students the holiday period to fully immerse themselves in the craft of filmmaking, completing three original films while attending classes in directing, writing, cinematography, production, and editing in a supportive, hands-on environment
  • Four-Week Filmmaking Workshop: For many students, this workshop is the touchstone for their dream to become filmmakers. It is offered year-round at all NYFA film school locations including Harvard University, Disney-Studios, South Beach, Paris, Florence, Abu Dhabi, Australia, and in our U.S. campuses in New York City and Los Angeles. The Four-Week Filmmaking Workshop offers students the chance to learn the foundations of filmmaking while creating three original short films. Students learn through doing by using HD cameras, portable lighting packages, and digital editing systems.
  • Rolling Stone Music Video Workshops: In partnership with Rolling Stone Magazine, the New York Film Academy's film school offers Four- and Eight-Week Music Video Workshops that familiarize students with the fundamentals of filmmaking while educating them in the particular demands of the music video genre, with each student completing a final music video project. Music video has served as a launching pad for countless successful directing careers.
  • Three-Week Filmmaking Workshop: Offered over the Summer at Harvard University, Disney Studios, Florida, and Kyoto, Japan, the Three-Week Filmmaking Workshop is a full-time program in which students learn the basics of filmmaking—including directing, camera and lighting instruction, digital editing, and sound recording—while creating two original film projects shot on HD.
  • One-Week Filmmaking Workshop: This workshop is an intensive introduction to the fundamentals of writing, directing, shooting and editing. Each student completes his or her own short film project on HD. Students who graduate from this workshop often go on to enroll in on our longer workshops or programs to further their film education.
  • One-Week Music Video Workshop: One-Week Music Video Workshop serves to introduce students to the world of filmmaking by exposing students to the many aspects required to make a music video. Students who graduate from this workshop often go on to enroll in on our longer workshops or programs to further their film education.
  • Twelve-Week Filmmaking Workshop: Offered at our New York City and Los Angeles campuses, and at our overseas locations in Abu Dhabi and Australia. The Twelve-Week Filmmaking Workshop is the perfect option for students who wish to receive hands-on education and experience in filmmaking while balancing other responsibilities. Students split their time between classroom instruction and production workshops where they apply the lessons learned in class to create original short films using HD cameras, portable lighting packages, and digital editing systems. The Evening Workshop is the only part-time course of study at the Film Academy. It meets three evenings per week with weekends reserved for film production.


In all of the New York Film Academy's hands-on intensive programs each student writes, directs, shoots and edits their own films while gaining extensive on set production experience on their classmates' films. To support this extraordinary volume of production, we have designed the best and most suitable camera, lighting, sound and production packages for each program. Depending on the length and level of the program or workshop, these range from revolutionary HDSLR cameras like the Canon 5D to super high resolution Red Dragon Cameras and PANAVISION 35mm cameras depending on the curricula. Lighting packages range from portable RIFA lights to Kino-Flos and HMI Fresnel lights. As students progress into our longer programs, they use more advanced support like Fisher Dollies and multi-track mixers. To edit and finish their films, all students use digital editing platforms from FCP to Avid, After Effects, Protools, and Resolve depending on the course in which they are enrolled. The Academy is constantly upgrading its equipment to keep pace with the latest innovations in image technology.

Film Screening and Student Portfolios

Upon completing any of our film school's workshops or programs, each student's final film is shown to the public so that family and friends can see his or her hard work on the big screen. In addition, students retain all their original footage and copies of their completed films as examples of their work which they may use in their portfolio. Finally, students that meet the requirements for completing a workshop or program receive a diploma from the New York Film Academy.

Regardless of which program or workshop a student enrolls in, he or she can expect an experience at our film school like no other where the emphasis is placed on learning by doing and students are behind a camera from their first day. At the New York Film Academy's film school, we prepare students to pursue their own path in the every growing field of film and the visual arts.

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* All MFA, BFA, BA, MA, and AFA degree programs are offered only at the New York Film Academy Los Angeles campus.