Since 1996, the New York Film Academy has built a reputation as one of the premier summer film and acting camps in the world. Offering a wide variety of programs for high school teens and tweens between the ages of 10 and 17, students gather from all over the world for a fun-filled summer where they can pursue their passion in visual and performing arts.

Students will work with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities while receiving hands-on instruction from award-winning faculty. Students will also collaborate with other programs and attendees to enhance their learning experience and gain extensive exposure to all valuable roles in the production of a film.

Voted a Top 20 Summer Camp in the U.S., the New York Film Academy attracts an extraordinarily diverse student body and is proud to have educated the sons and daughters of Hollywood icons such as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Al Pacino, Robert Downey Jr., Jamie Foxx, Jodie Foster, Kevin Kline, Susan Sarandon, and others.

Blending an exciting hands-on approach to teaching with a challenging project-based curriculum, the New York Film Academy creates a captivating learning environment suitable for everyone.

New York Film Academy's reputable hands-on Film Camps teach the next generation of filmmakers the fundamental elements of visual storytelling. Each student writes, shoots, directs and edits his or her own films. Combining in class instruction and on-set production, students will immediately learn how to use the Arriflex 16-S or a 24P digital video camera while learning proper loading, operation and maintenance of the camera.

Each student directs a series of films in crews of four and rotates between principal film crew positions. After directing their own films, students will learn to edit the films on digital editing software.

Our film camps range from one to six weeks in length, while still preserving the core elements from our adult programs. It's no wonder students return year after year to advance their skills and pursue their passion for filmmaking.

Course Topics Include:
  • Intensive study in camera, writing and directing
  • Story structure, theme, character, tension and conflict
  • Fundamental elements of visual storytelling
  • Hands-on camera training
  • Take a story from initial idea to a finished script
  • Post-production
  • Editing films with digital editing software
High School Teen Filmmaking Camps
(ages 14-17) include:
  • 1 Week Digital Movie Camp
  • 1 Week Music Video Camp
  • 3 Week Filmmaking Camp
  • 3 Week Digital Filmmaking Camp
  • 3 Week Advanced HD Filmmaking Camp
  • 4 Week Filmmaking Camp
  • 4 Week Digital Filmmaking Camp
  • 4 Week Advanced HD Filmmaking Camp
  • 6 Week Film & Digital Filmmaking Camp
  • 6 Week Advanced HD Filmmaking Camp
  • 12 Weekend Digital Filmmaking Camp
  • 2 Day Film Holiday Camp
Tween Filmmaking Camps (ages 10-13)

  • 1 Week Introductory Filmmaking
  • 1 Week Intermediate Filmmaking
  • 2 Week Introductory Filmmaking
  • 2 Week Intermediate Filmmaking
  • 12 Weekend Introductory Filmmaking
  • 12 Weekend Intermediate Filmmaking

Across all of New York Film Academy's Acting Camps, students are immersed in a hands-on educational experience that is fast-paced, entertaining and interactive.

Glee, The Middle, Parks and Recreation, The Feature Film, and This Must Be the Place are just a few of the countless film and television productions that have casted our talented acting camp graduates.

Acting camp students will learn: how to adjust performance in accordance with the type of shot the director chooses, how to shoot out of sequential sequence, and how to function with focus and relaxation in the midst of the chaos of a film set. The comprehensive curriculum applies the vital areas for studying the acting craft.

Course Topics Include:
  • Hands-on acting in front of the camera
  • Acting for Film
  • Acting Technique
  • Film Craft
  • Scene Study
  • Monologues
  • Voice and Movement
  • Audition Technique
  • Improvisation and the Business of Acting
High School Teen Acting Camps (ages 14-17) include:
  • 1 Week Acting Camp
  • 3 Week Acting Camp
  • 3 Week Advanced Acting Camp
  • 4 Week Acting Camp
  • 4 Week Advanced Acting Camp
  • 6 Week Advanced Acting Camp
  • 12 Weekend Acting Camp
  • 2 Day Acting Holiday Camp
Tween Acting Camps (ages 10-13) include:
  • 1 Week Introductory Acting
  • 1 Week Intermediate Acting
  • 2 Week Introductory Acting
  • 2 Week Intermediate Acting
  • 12 Weekend Introductory Acting
  • 12 Weekend Intermediate Acting

New York Film Academy's school of Musical Theatre enables students to develop the necessary skills needed in musical theatre including dance, voice, acting and performance skills. This unique hands-on environment provides musical theatre students with the opportunity to hone their skills by learning from distinguished faculty with Broadway experience.

Students will be well-versed in a variety of dance styles and effectively learn how to interpret scripts and songs. They'll also be taught how to present themselves professionally in performance situations--either at auditions, on stage or on film. All students will present a final performance including song, dance and non-musical scenes for family and faculty.

Course Topics Includes:
  • Acting Techniques
  • Ballet, Tap, Jazz & Theatre Dance
  • Voice Studio Lab
  • Scene Into Song
  • Performance Lab
In addition to extensive, hands-on training, students will receive a tour of Times Square and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts where they will learn about the vibrant history of Broadway and view a Broadway musical including a backstage tour and talk-back with members of the company.

High School Teen Musical Theatre Camp (ages 14-17) includes:
  • 4 Week Musical Theatre Camp (NYC only)

Want to develop the fundamental skills needed to capture awe-inspiring images? From day one, New York Film Academy's Digital Photography Camps immerse students in the art and craft of still photography. Students will research, compose, and capture digital photographic projects while expanding their repertoire of techniques with light and shadow as they work with professional lighting and grip hardware.

This hands-on four week camp is comprised of a fun yet challenging curriculum dedicated to educating today's aspiring photography students including a shooting lab to learn professional techniques on locations and in the studio, digital imaging to learn Photoshop, Lightroom, Digital Photo Pro and other applications, history and theory, and documentary photography and fine art.

Prior experience in photography is not needed to enroll in this camp. Students will receive an abundant of assignments throughout the camp, but are not limited to the following: color correction by the numbers, adding depth to images using layers, night photography, preparing a web portfolio, examining reputable photographers, discovering the city, pattern and rhythm, city lights, environmental portraits and style in the street.

Course Topics Include:
  • Shooting Lab
  • Digital Imaging
  • Photoshop, Lightroom and Digital Photo Pro
  • Light and Shadow
  • History & Theory
  • Documentary and Fine Art
High School Teen Photography Camp (ages 14-17) include:
  • 4 Week Digital Photography Camp (NYC only)

Students enrolled in the New York Film Academy's intensive Screenwriting Camp will be introduced to the craft and tools of dramatic film writing. The camp combines in class instruction with 8-16 hours per week in supervised writing labs. The final project can take shape of a rough draft of a feature film, a draft of a shootable short, or an outline and treatment of a feature or TV project.

In addition to in class training, students are required to utilize outside class time to write and complete goals made throughout the camp.

Course Topics Include:
  • Story Generation
  • Writing Workshop
  • Elements of Screenwriting
  • Screenplay Analysis
  • Film Craft
  • Acting
  • Production Workshop
  • Open Writing
High School Teen Screenwriting Camp (ages 14-17) include:
  • 4 Week Screenwriting Camp

Music Videos are one of the most accessible and hands-on ways that individuals can begin a career in directing that is free of the many constraints of standard narrative filmmaking.

In today's market, no band or recording artist puts out an album without an engaging music video. The video should capture the style, essence and music of the band; and many bands use videos as calling cards to get gigs and major label interest.

The comprehensive curriculum, taught by professional music video directors, is derived from the most essential elements of making a music video. Students enrolled in this camp will shoot with HD digital cameras and edit with digital editing software. Each student edits his or her own version of a short music video.

Course Topics Include:
  • Choosing the right band and the right song
  • Creatively visualizing the look of the video and its overall aesthetic style
  • Planning with storyboards
  • Learning how to shoot
  • Keeping film in synch with the lyrics and beat
  • On-set shooting techniques
  • Pacing & Editing
  • Adding visual special effects
  • Post-production
High School Teen Music Video Camp (ages 14-17) include:
  • 1 Week Music Video Camp

3D Animation is more popular than ever and the field of 3D animated video, computer, and interactive games has grown remarkably and continues to expand.

Students in the New York Film Academy's hands-on 3D Animation Camps write, animate, direct and edit their own computer animated short films. All animation camps are designed for students with little or no experience in animation, however, studio art or computer experience is helpful. 3D Animation demands exceptional focus and discipline.

Throughout the camp, students will learn the principles of animation (i.e. movement, timing, weight, character development, etc.) using Maya - the industry standard for high-end 3D computer animation. Students progress through basic modeling, motion and rendering exercises en route to the completion of a short 3D computer animated film (with sound) of their own design by the end of the camp.
Course Topics Include:
  • Modeling
  • Motion
  • Character Construction
  • Color & Texture
  • Rendering
  • Weight and secondary action
  • Squash and stretch
  • Rubber hose, full, and limited animation
  • Exaggeration vs. subtlety
  • Doping sound and lip sync
  • Sound-image relationship
High School Teen Acting Camps
(ages 14-17) include:

  • 3 Week 3D Animation Camp
  • 4 Week 3D Animation Camp
Tween Filmmaking Camps
(ages 10-13) include:

  • 1 Week 3D Animation
  • 2 Week 3D Animation

The New York Film Academy's hands-on accelerated one week Video Game Design Camp submerses students into the extremely popular world of Game Design. Students will learn what makes games stand out above the rest by playing, deconstructing, and analyzing hit games.

Created and taught by industry professionals, the video game design curriculum incorporates Maya 3D art and enables students to assume the role of the writer and designer.

After completing the fast-paced one week camp, students will have an in-depth understanding of how to design a great video game and a basic portfolio of the art they've created in the game art lab.

Course Topics Include:
  • Writing and designing video games
  • Playing, deconstructing, and analyzing hit games
  • Maya 3D Art
  • Role of the writer/designer
  • Building a basic portfolio
  • Taking the game from "big idea" to "finished product"
High School Teen Video Game Design Camp (ages 14-17) include:
  • 1 Week Video Game Design Camp

Gain pivotal techniques and hands-on practice that will mold today's generation of aspiring Broadcast Journalists.

At the New York Film Academy's broadcast Journalism Camp, students are trained on the fundamental principles, techniques and craft of broadcast journalism through a combination of lectures, demonstration, hands-on production and individual work.

Students will assume the role as producer and identify and make arrangements for their subjects, choose and secure locations, and make final technical checks. Each student produces two projects, shot with single-camera set-ups and edited on digital editing software.

Projects to be completed are: a field report in crews of two or three where each students directs, produces, writes, shoots and edits a short field report between 30 seconds to one minute. Students will also produce and edit a single camera interview of one to two minutes including open-ended questions asked by the student.

Course Topics Include:
  • Fundamental principles of news-gathering and digital production
  • Producing and directing single camera shoots
  • Research, ethics, and broadcast standards
  • Hands-on Camera
  • Hands-on Audio
  • Digital Production Workshop
  • Editing
  • Sound Design
  • Production Meetings
High School Teen Broadcast Journalism Camp (ages 14-17) includes:
  • 4 Week Broadcast Journalism Camp (NYC only)

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