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Overview of our LA film school

Located in the entertainment capital of the world, our Los Angeles film school provides students with the best of both worlds: a world-class, hands-on education in filmmaking with a location that offers budding filmmakers endless real world opportunities to pursue a career in film. With filmmaking degree programs at every level - MFA, MA, BFA, AFA; as well as one-year conservatory programs and short-term workshops, the New York Film Academy promises an educational experience truly like no other, allowing students with different backgrounds and goals numerous opportunities to immerse themselves in the craft of filmmaking.

Founded on the philosophy of learning by doing, students can expect to find themselves behind a camera from their first day. Whether they are pursuing a Master of Fine Arts Degree, Bachelor's Degree, or in an intensive workshop, students will learn through the experience of making films supported by in-class instruction, supervised hands-on workshops, and the production of a series of film projects. Across our LA film school’s curriculum, students write, produce, direct, and edit their own original films while gaining invaluable on-set experience by serving as crew members on their fellow students’ films. Unlike other schools that focus primarily on the theory of film, our programs are designed with the intent of ensuring that students learn both the aesthetic and technical demands of the medium. After all, one must make films to effectively learn the craft of filmmaking. It is gratifying to see so many of our alumni continuing this process as they forge their own paths as filmmakers in Hollywood and beyond.

Graduation from the New York Film Academy's Los Angeles film school is a thrilling occasion. As students receive their degrees and diplomas, their work is celebrated with a screening of their final films that is open to friends and family and invited industry guests. But perhaps most importantly, they take with them the relationships they have developed working together as film production crews and the hard won experience of the technical and creative challenges and triumphs of being a filmmaker.

Studying Film in Los Angeles

The school’s central administration building, classrooms, and school facilities are adjacent to the Universal Studios backlot and in the surrounding area. Universal Studios sprawls over 390 acres of offices, interior sound stages and outdoor movie sets. In-class production exercises are shot on the world-famous Universal Studios backlot, giving students the incomparable experience of shooting on professional movie sets.

Driving around the lot, one alternately happens across a dusty Mexican villa, an imposing Roman square, a New York alley straight from the 1930s and a street with saloons and wooden sidewalks that would be right at home in an old Western. Nearby, multiple lakes (including the infamous Jaws lake), an old New England street and a Renaissance courtyard make up the landscape of the Studios' backlot.

In addition, for their individual films, students can shoot throughout LA, where a wide variety of locations can be found. Participants in our filmmaking programs or workshops can shoot in gritty, urban neighborhoods downtown; on a beach at sunset in Malibu; on the famed shopping strip of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills; or on the boardwalk of Venice Beach. Students can take their cameras and crews to the hills around the city and to Sunset Boulevard, to the shops of Chinatown, West Hollywood, Korea town, Little Tokyo, and to the ocean cliffs of Santa Monica.

Los Angeles has great weather, a vibrant and culturally diverse population, and inseparable ties to the film industry. Go almost anywhere in Los Angeles and it is apparent that you are in the heart of movie land. You can cruise Sunset Strip and check out the giant billboards for the summer's blockbusters. Stroll down the Hollywood Walk of Fame to see the stars of the film and television universe planted in the sidewalk. Everywhere you go the world-famous Hollywood sign seems to follow you. All are reminders that you, too, can be a part of the exciting world of film and television one day.


Upon enrolling in NYFA’s film school in LA, students can expect to study under our expert faculty who are all successful, working filmmakers in their own right who share a passion and talent for teaching the next generation of cinematic voices. Not only do our faculty impart the technical and aesthetic knowledge that students will learn to apply on set, but they are also able to give students a unique look into the contemporary world of filmmaking, offering unparalleled insight to an ever-changing market.

Furthermore, faculty members walk students through the steps of shooting, writing, directing, and editing film while also providing individual critiques of student projects to help him or her grow as a filmmaker. The Academy’s instructors are not simply teachers, but mentors and sources of inspiration to our students, helping them navigate the business side of filmmaking. Each faculty member is hired with a particular specialty, be it as a director, writer, producer, cinematographer, editor, or actor, to give students the best all-around education.

Programs and Workshops

Another aspect of our LA film school is that we understand that not every student can make a full-time commitment to studying filmmaking, while other students are interested in committing one to three years in order to obtain a degree in filmmaking. As such, we offer degree programs, a one-year conservatory program, and short-term intensive workshops to appeal to aspiring filmmakers of all types and backgrounds.

  • Degree Programs: Students are able to enroll in our BFA, AFA, MA, and MFA programs to acquire a degree in filmmaking from New York Film Academy. The Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program is an accelerated degree program that runs three years and couples an immersive, hands-on education in filmmaking with a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. Our Associate of Fine Arts (AFA) program is a two-year program that allows students to focus solely on their filmmaking studies and projects to best prepare them to enter the industry upon graduation. For students interested in obtaining a degree within a year, our One-Year Accelerated Master of Arts (MA) in Film & Media Production is an ideal way for aspiring visual storytellers to achieve a grounding in the modern production world. Finally, for students looking for a two-year graduate program, our Master of Fine Arts in Filmmaking (MFA) Program provides students with over 2,000 hours of hands-on instruction and on-set production experience while learning to shoot on 16mm film, 35mm film, Hi-Def, Super 16mm, and the Red Epic camera system.
  • One-Year Conservatory Filmmaking Program: For students interested in spending one year receiving intensive, hands-on instruction in filmmaking, our One-Year Conservatory provides students with a strong working foundation in the fundamentals of filmmaking. Students intensely study such aspects of filmmaking as cinematography, directing, screenwriting, producing, and editing while getting extensive experience in writing, directing, shooting, and editing eight original short films. In terms of equipment, students film projects using 16mm film, 35mm film, and Hi-Def. For students who wish to further their studies, they have the option of transferring their one-year conservatory experience and applying to the MFA degree program.
  • Short-Term Workshops: To facilitate students who are unable to make the time commitment to one of our year-long projects, we offer a variety of short-term workshops. Aspiring filmmakers can choose to focus solely on shooting with film or in Hi-Def or both in our 8-Week Film & Hi-Def Workshop. Furthermore, for students unable to make a full-time commitment to a workshop, they have the option to enroll in either our 12-Week Evening Film or Hi-Def Workshops. Many of our students have discovered their passion for filmmaking via one of our workshops and have gone on to enroll in one of our longer programs.
From the quality of hands-on education to our incredible facilities and award-winning staff to the advantages afforded by filming in LA, our film school in Los Angeles offers students the education, technical know-how, and on-set experience that helps them to find success upon completing their time at the New York Film Academy.

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