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Musical Theatre programs are offered at our New York Campus only

The New York Film Academy's Musical Theatre School offers aspiring musical theatre actors a one-of-a-kind opportunity to develop their singing and movement abilities with Broadway level faculty. Unlike any other program, students enrolling in the Musical Theatre School's 1-Year Conservatory, 2-Year Musical Theatre and Film Conservatory, or 4-Week Workshop work directly with instructors who have appeared in numerous Broadway and touring productions, learning a wide variety of dance styles and how to properly interpret scripts while receiving real world training to achieve success in the industry.

Attracting aspiring musical theatre actors from around the world, the New York Film Academy's Musical Theatre School gives students the opportunity to study their craft in the central hub for launching musical theatre careers -- New York City. Students attending the Musical Theatre School work with an elite faculty of professional performers whose experience includes Broadway, Broadway touring companies, top-rate regional theatre, opera, hit movie musicals, and television shows. Students learn and hone their skills in acting, singing, and dancing in world-class facilities that include voice and practice rooms, state-of-the-art dancing studios, and professionally equipped recording and shooting studios.

Programs and Workshops Offered by the Musical Theatre School

Students wave their hands performing Chicago The New York Film Academy's Musical Theatre School provides aspiring musical theatre actors with a range of intensive workshops and programs that will immerse them in the fundamentals of musical theatre. Program and workshop students should have singing and movement abilities, but do not necessarily require previous experience on a musical theatre stage. Furthermore, students at the Musical Theatre School will learn how to successfully present themselves in auditions and the business of musical theatre to best prepare them for life after NYFA's Musical Theater School.

  • 1-Year Musical Theatre Conservatory Program: The Musical Theatre School's 1-Year Musical Theatre Conservatory Program is an intensive two-semester program located at our New York location. During the two semesters, students will workshop musical scenes and songs that they will perform for their classmates and instructors at each semester's end. Students will receive a thorough education in the multiple technical aspects that are essential to a professional theatre career, including makeup techniques/design, costume appreciation, wardrobe, hair/wigs, sound technology, and more. Additional subjects include the Art of Improvisation, Textual Analysis, Shakespeare, Sanford Meisner's Acting Technique, Musical Theatre Scene Study, Stage and Film Combat, the Business of Acting, Musical Theatre Audition Technique, and Viewpoints and Movement.
  • 2-Year Musical Theatre Conservatory Program: A musical theatre program like no other, the Musical Theatre School's 2-Year Musical Theatre Conservatory blends our Musical Theatre School and Filmmaking School curriculums so that students who have an interest in both fields are able to explore each in depth with a focus on movie musicals. The New York Film Academy's renowned filmmaking courses introduce students to the essentials of film theory and practices. Through the Academy’s philosophy of "learning by doing," students receive hands-on experience in all aspects of performing on film, preparing them to enter into the field of musical moviemaking. By undergoing a thorough course of study, students learn to discover their authentic selves while developing their instrument to complete the kind of technical, emotional, and physical work that film acting requires. The program culminates in students performing in a short musical film production and/or live stage presentation under the guidance of the Musical Theatre School's expert faculty.
  • 4-Week Musical Theatre Program: Designed to give aspiring musical theatre actors a comprehensive education in the fundamentals of musical theatre, the Musical Theatre School's 4-Week Program provides students with instruction in the necessary skills to achieve success in musical theatre. Many of the students who enroll in the 4-Week Program ultimately choose to do additional study at the Musical Theatre School, and all 4-week students have the opportunity to be considered for our 1- and 2-Year Conservatory Programs.

Audition Requirements for the School of Musical Theatre

Prospective Musical Theatre School applicants for the 4-Week Program are expected to prepare a 1-minute monologue from a published American play or film along with two brief contrasting musical theatre songs. Applicants applying to the Musical Theatre School's 1- and 2-year programs must prepare a 2 minute-monologue alongside the aforementioned two songs. Applicants who choose to audition in person must provide their own accompaniment either in the form of a CD or digital music player for their choice of music. In selecting material for the audition, it is crucial to choose pieces that are age and type appropriate and to familiarize oneself with the entirety of the play, screenplay, or libretto before the audition. Applications should be completed online or turned in prior to scheduling an audition. Applicants have the option to schedule an appointment for a particular time at our New York or Los Angeles campus. After completing the audition, an Admissions Representative will contact you with an admissions decision.

If an in-person audition is not possible, applicants may submit an audition on DVD or via private YouTube links. Please make sure your name, the program name, and start date for which you are applying is clearly written on the DVD or YouTube information.

Learning the Essentials at NYFA's Musical Theatre School

Regardless of the program or workshop in which students enroll at the Musical Theatre School, they will receive training in the fundamentals of musical theatre performance. Prospective students can expect to receive the following essential education across all of our programs:

  • Introduction to Meisner Technique: In this course, students are exposed to a variety of essential acting techniques, but the concentration is on the more applicable and established methods reflective of the work of Sanford Meisner. Students learn the basics of talking and listening, releasing natural impulses, freeing their creative energies, and living truthfully within imaginary circumstances.
  • Theatre Dance (Ballet, Jazz, Tap): Students are given an overview of different dance methods, forms, and techniques used in musical theatre while concentrating on ballet, jazz, and tap dance essentials. Students in the Musical Theatre School learn how to apply the different skills to styles pioneered by such greats as Bob Fosse, Michael Bennett, and Jerome Robbins.
  • Music Theory & Sight Singing: Through an introduction to the essentials of musical theory such as note values, identification of cadences and basic phrase structures, scales, intervals, harmony, key, chords and reading proficiency, students of the Musical Theatre School obtain a basis in the fundamentals of musical performance. These fundamentals provide students with a strong foundation that is necessary for and strengthened in subsequent classes.
  • History of Musical Theatre: Though the history of musical theatre stretches as far back as ancient Greece, this course focuses on the unique path that American musical theatre has followed to establish its own singular identity. Taking the watershed debut of Showboat's integration of book and score and dramatic themes expressed through music, setting, movement, and dialogue as a starting point, Musical Theatre School students receive a thorough education in the development of the American musical theatre tradition. Through an exploration of such classics as Porgy and Bess, Oklahoma!, West Side Story, and modern touchstones like Rent and Wicked, students experience and analyze the evolution of the musical play and musical comedy as an artistic and commercial institution.
  • Voice Studio Lab & Private Instruction: In this hands-on course, students work in both groups and one-on-one with instructors to develop proper singing practices and learn the precise physiology of the voice. By focusing on the fundamentals of breath support, diaphragmatic control, natural articulation, and relaxation of the neck, face, and jaw, students in the Musical Theatre School receive an essential grounding in proper singing practices and improve upon current skills. In addition, subjects such as chest voice (belting), falsetto/head voice, and tone are all covered.
  • Song Interpretation: It is one thing to sing lyrics and melodies from a script, but a good performer must also imbue them with his or her own personal character and simultaneously retain the original vision of the musical's composer. Students in the Musical Theatre School learn to apply the lessons learned in all acting and vocal production classes to songs with an emphasis on text to take command over their performances. This course exposes students to the script, score, and character analysis required for successful song interpretation. Students study a wide range of genres that include Musical Comedy, Operetta, Golden Age Musical Drama, Contemporary Pop Opera, Contemporary Musical Theatre, Rock Musicals, and Pop/Rock.
By immersing oneself in these fundamental courses, under the instruction of the Musical Theatre School's professional faculty, students emerge from the New York Film Academy's musical theatre programs and workshops with the skills and professional know-how to embark on a career in musical theatre, film, television, opera, and much more.

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