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Twelve-Week Evening Photography Workshop

$ 3,600 (USD) *
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The objective of the twelve-week workshop is to develop core photography skills through technical study, a wide variety of shooting assignments, and aesthetic and technical analysis.

The course meets three evenings a week from 7:00-9:30pm in New York City and 7:15-9:45pm in Los Angeles. In addition, some classes may be held on Saturdays.

As students master core elements of the craft through constant shooting, editing, and critique, you are immersed in master works across every genre in the history of the medium. You will also shoot assignments in multiple genres, including fine art, documentary, fashion, street photography, studio and location portraiture, editorial, advertising, and other commercial styles.

The technical intricacies of the medium will be thoroughly demystified, including components of exposure, selecting lenses, mastering depth of field, transforming subjects through the use of shutter speed, and exploring the unlimited possibilities of visual style through digital darkroom tools including RAW processing, adjustment layers, transformations, retouching, and basic compositing using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Location and studio lighting will be covered, including the use of multiple inexpensive off-camera battery powered strobes and collapsible reflector systems to achieve big-light results, professional studio powerpack and head strobe systems, softboxes, ringlights, diffusers, flags, gobos, grip hardware, and more. Contemporary and class lighting styles include portraiture, fashion and beauty techniques, still life, and moving beyond 3-point lighting to dramatic use of shadows, negative fill, reflections, diffusion, bounce, catchlights, and more.

No significant prior experience in photography is assumed. The program begins with the fundamentals and brings everyone to the same level very quickly, filling the inevitable gaps in the understanding of those who have had some prior experience.

Skills learned as a result of successful completion of these programs include:

  • A working knowledge of using digital SLR cameras, lenses and accessories with confident manual control over all aspects of exposure, focus, and composition
  • Working skills using professional studio and portable strobe lighting tools for commercial fashion, beauty, and portraiture assignments; fine art; and documentary styles
  • Working skill in the use of Adobe Lightroom to edit digital RAW files, exporting, and organizing a large image library through flagging, keywording, and the use of filters and collections
  • Research and approach techniques for documentary projects
  • Demonstrated understanding of concept-driven fine art photographic projects
  • Hands-on experience re-creating milestone images from the history of photography
  • Understanding of the significance of cultural and historical context for the photographic image
  • Knowledge of aesthetic theories of photography and experience with its practical application in a variety of genres

Course Descriptions

  • Photo I Photo I is a core technique and aesthetics course, involving demonstration of each concept, shooting on location and in the studio, and critical feedback. Students begin with the components of exposure, address the mechanics of optics, camera bodies, and lighting, and learn time-tested techniques of composition. Students develop a sensitivity to the unique characteristics of light: diffused by atmosphere or light shaping tools, hard, reflected. They get comfortable with their own DSLR camera system, and learn the difference between the role of instant feedback and pre-visualization. Concepts are practiced through assignments done between classes, which are then critiqued by faculty and peers.
  • Imaging I This course is an introduction to Adobe Lightroom as a RAW editor and library management tool, and to Photoshop as the professional’s tool of choice for more complex imaging needs. Students learn professional techniques of color and tonal correction to subtly direct the attention of the viewer and bring the best out of their images.

    Digital workflow is discussed, from RAW capture through layer-based editing and digital output. This course includes lecture and lab time for students to edit their own images with the assistance of professional faculty.
  • Vision & Style I In Vision & Style, students apply their technical skills to develop a unique personal visual style. After analyzing what it means to conceptualize and edit a photographic project, students learn to use the photographic medium to express the ideas that are most connected to their curiosity and passion for the world around them and within them.

    Students conceptualize, shoot, edit, and critique four projects: concept-driven fine art, documentary, commercial, and personal projects. As much about developing critical thinking skills as execution, students will begin a lifelong process of refining a unique recognizable visual style and specific areas of interest, studying master photographer’s work within all three genres as examples.

    The course addresses principles of graphic design, composition, color, editing, sequencing, and presentation as students refine their bodies of work. Writing, journaling, drawing, research, presentation, and photographic assignments give students the level of self-awareness necessary to exploit the richest sources for their projects, and analyze how their images fit into the current cultural and societal climate.
  • Shooting Lab Over the twelve-week span of the course, students go on two field trips to develop real-time photography skills by shooting on exciting locations with live feedback from a master photographer. Covering a wide range of genres along with specific aesthetic, logistical and technical challenges, students will practice the techniques they have learned from Photo I and other classes.

Dates & Tuition


Tuition: $3,600 (USD) +
Equipment + Lab Fee: $250(USD)

Student will incur additional, this varies depending how much of their work they choose to print, and the scale of their projects.

Location & Available Dates

For New York City:
Sep 15, 2014 - Dec 7, 2014
Jan 12, 2015 - Apr 4, 2015
Mar 9, 2015 - May 31, 2015
Jun 8, 2015 - Aug 30, 2015
Sep 21, 2015 - Dec 13, 2015

For South Beach Florida:
Sep 15, 2014 - Dec 7, 2014
Jan 19, 2015 - Apr 12, 2015
Jun 15, 2015 - Sep 6, 2015

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