Digital Editing

Editing is an art form unto itself. As such, the Digital Editing School’s section provides invaluable resources for the aspiring or working digital editor to gain insight into particular techniques, industry trends, and realities faced by working professionals through Q&A’s and interviews, articles on current trends in digital editing, and helpful how-to guides.

  • Taurus-Final-Reel-1-Avid-MC-TimelineA Beginner’s Guide to Film Editing Vocabulary
    December 15, 2016
    It was Francis Ford Coppola who said, “The essence of cinema is editing.” If you’re an aspiring film  editor, you know your craft matters — ...
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  • Nice dissolve from SpaceballsHow To Use Dissolves
    January 14, 2015
    What are dissolves?
    A dissolve is a classic editing technique used to transition between shots, typically shots that bridge two scenes together. As opposed to a straight ...
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