Yueh-Tzu “Robby” Sun is a Taiwan-born filmmaker and writer with professional experience as a director and editor. She has edited many feature & series trailers such as “The Falls” (2021) directed by Chung Mong Hong, “What The Hell Is Love” (2022) directed by Arthur Chu, and “My Best Friend’s Breakfast” (2022) directed by Ryan Tu.

Her short film A-Tien (2020) was selected as the winner of the Fine Cut Film Festival and Sun and was screened at the Emerging Filmmakers Showcase at the American Pavilion in Cannes in 2022.

You can follow her upcoming work on her Instagram profile @robbyywork.

Program Studied at NYFA: Filmmaking
Program Type: BFA
Year Graduated: 2020
Location: California


NYFA Alumni Films at The American Pavilion

NYFA Alumni Films at The American Pavilion

May 26, 2022 Once a year, every year, the south of France becomes the premium destination for filmmakers and producers to gather at various film festivals like the Cannes Film…