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New York Film Academy in Barcelona Spain

Overview of New York Film Academy Barcelona

New York Film Academy brings its world-renowned 4-week Filmmaking Workshop and 4-Week Acting for Film Workshop to historically gorgeous Barcelona, Spain. With a soul and character that comes from its lengthy history and richly diverse culture, Barcelona has been attracting artists of all types for literally millennia, since it first was created as part of the Roman Empire to its current status as the capital city of Spain.

Today, Barcelona stands out as one of the world's foremost tourist destinations, economic hubs, and home to countless sports and cultural institutions. As such, it is a perfect locale for the New York Film Academy to host its prestigious and challenging filmmaking and acting for film workshops in the heart of the city in state-of-the-art facilities. Students not only get the opportunity to study in a picturesque and gorgeous metropolis, but also are able to shoot throughout the city and explore its many areas and pockets. In short, the Academy's workshops in Barcelona provide students with an unparalleled education and access to a hub of culture and history.


The New York Film Academy has partnered with venerable Spanish production group Bonapassa, whose name means "good step" in the Catalan language. Headquartered in Barcelona with locations around the world, students enrolling in the Academy's workshops study in Bonapassa's state-of-the-art facilities, which feature ample space for students to complete and edit their work. Click here to learn more about Bonapassa.

About the Workshops

Over the course of a workshop at the Academy, students should expect a demanding and hands-on curriculum that combines in-class instruction with extensive hands-on experience in instructor-supervised exercises and student projects. From the first day of the workshop, students find themselves either in front of or behind the camera, gaining the first-hand experience that will help to best prepare them to realize their professional goals.

Film and acting students work together at NYFA Barcelona

Filmmaking Workshop

In the film workshop, students receive a comprehensive introduction to the different facets and demands of filmmaking with an emphasis on mastering both the technical and aesthetic demands of the craft. Students create their own original short films, learning how to write, direct, shoot, produce, and edit original projects while also working in a variety of crew positions to best prepare them for the many demands they will face upon completing the workshop and entering the film industry.

Inside NYFA's workshop at the Bonapassa facilities

Acting Workshop

The Academy's acting for film workshop follows a similar model in which students learn first-hand how to make the transition from acting on the stage to acting on screen, where they must learn how to deal with numerous set distractions while also learning how to perform for the camera. Over the course of the workshop, students will put together a digital reel of their performances on camera which they will take with them upon finishing the workshop.

Across either workshop, the emphasis is on students learning by doing and challenging themselves to handle real-life obstacles that they will encounter in the industry while preparing them to understand how to best navigate the field. On top of studying in one of the Academy’s prestigious workshops, students will get the singular opportunity to study amongst the beauty of Barcelona, creating a truly one-of-a-kind educational experience.

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