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Production Resources

The New York Film Academy offers top-of-the-line equipment for students seeking a truly immersive hands-on experience. Students take on roles such as Director or Cinematographer in professional-level productions, taking their projects from inception to the final cut. Using RED cameras, HPX, HVX, Canon 5-D cameras, 35 mm and 16 mm, students will have the opportunity to shoot on location and on the Universal backlot, with access to full lighting & grip packages, Fischer 11 dollies and Chapman dollies. Students will also experiment with green screen technology, allowing them to push the boundaries of fantasy and imagination to execute their final vision.

Student Production Center

The New York Film Academy offers a Student Production Center designed to assist students with film shoots. The purpose of the Center is to ensure that all student productions are executed in accordance with all school, municipal, and industry regulations, in a way that brings to life the students' creative vision.

The Student Production Center is a resource for casting, location scouting, props and wardrobe, and other assets or labor needed for productions.

The Student Production Center helps students complete the following:
  • Acquire and complete Location Agreements for all shooting locations
  • Secure Insurance Certificates for each location
  • Secure Filming Permits issued by the agency with jurisdiction for each location
  • Complete SAG signatory paperwork if the filmmaker is using SAG actors
  • Draw up Cast and Crew Releases and Deal Memos
  • Obtain a Stunt Authorization Form, outside liability insurance, and an approved Stunt Coordinator if the student's film includes stunts, prop weapons, and/or special effects

Universal Backlot

NYFA students have the special opportunity to shoot on the Universal backlot, where upcoming blockbuster The Amazing Spiderman and legendary films such as Back to the Future, Jaws and Pirates of the Caribbean were shot. Here, the students will travel back to the old West, stroll down the cobble-stoned streets of Europe, or chase through the harsh alleys of classic New York. Working in teams and guided by industry professionals, students will experience filming in the stomping grounds of world-renown directors, including Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and Ron Howard.

Special Events

The New York Film Academy guest speaker series brings in leading industry professionals for screenings, lectures and discussions with our students. Past speakers include Steven Spielberg, Richard Dreyfuss, Ron Howard, Robert Towne, Buck Henry, John Carpenter, William Friedkin, Christopher Weitz, Garry Marshall, Glenn Close, Ben Kingsley, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Doug Liman, Ben Stiller, Dennis Hopper, Henry Winkler, Mira Nair, Joel Schumacher, Jon Voight, Philip Noyce, Jason Alexander, Jon Favreau, Tippi Hedren, John Landis, Jan de Bont, and many others. These events are free for all students and alumni, and are held several times per month.

The events team also organizes mixers each semester, so students have the opportunity to network with faculty and students in other programs.


The New York Film Academy helps students from all over the globe find suitable housing options, keeping in mind that many of our students are brand new to Los Angeles. NYFA is affiliated with several housing complexes and can help students find housing in nearby neighborhoods, particularly for those who wish to live within walking distance of the campus.

For any questions regarding housing at New York City locations please call 212-674-4300 or email us at

For more information about Housing for the Los Angeles campus, please contact us at 818-333-3558 or

For more information about housing for our South Beach campus, please contact us at 305-534-6009 or

Collaboration Board

The New York Film Academy runs a collaboration board for students looking for colleagues interested in joining forces on projects. On this interactive board, students will post ads for various cast and crew positions. This centralized location eases the process of filling key roles (i.e., producer, screenwriter, editor, cinematographer, etc.).

Career Services and Industry Outreach

The Career Services and Industry Outreach Center is a resource for students as they take the next step in their careers. The Center helps students polish their resumes, cover letters and other business correspondence; helps students perfect verbal pitches for projects; provides students information on internship, volunteer, and job opportunities; and helps students create their own “brand” as they market themselves as professionals upon graduation.

The Center also brings professionals from the entertainment industry in to speak with students, as well as arranges field trips to studios, production companies, and guild and union headquarters.

For more information about the NYFA Career Services and Industry Outreach Center, please contact Barbara Weintraub, Director of Industry Outreach and Professional Development at

Community Projects

The New York Film Academy offers community service and outreach opportunities to students who want to put their skills toward supporting humanitarian and cultural effort through non-profit organizations. These school-wide film, new media and documentary projects bring together students from different departments in a professional collaborative experience. Among other projects, NYFA students have created films for Art Walk, the Foundation for World Arts, the World Festival of Sacred Music, the Young Storytellers Foundation, and the Getty Foundation's Pacific Standard Time: Art in LA 1945-1980.

International Student Affairs

The New York Film Academy's International Student Office aims to help students meet their academic and professional goals and to make the most of the NYFA experience. NYFA offers an International Student Orientation in the first week of class for all new international students. The orientation will help students learn about student life at NYFA and explain U.S. immigration requirements as well as school-wide policies and procedures.

The International Student Office also provides information regarding Optional Practical Training (OPT) and employment options for international students post-graduation.

For more information on the International Student Office, please contact

Writing Resource Center (WRC)

The Writing Resource Center offers support for students seeking assistance with writing skills, and provides services for non-native speakers seeking English language assistance.

The Writing Resource Center is administered by Karen Ogle. Karen has an MA in Linguistics from Ohio University and a BA in Spanish from Ohio State University. Karen served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Guatemala and has worked as an instructor and administrator in the field of English language instruction for many years in and outside the United States.

For more information on the LA Writing Center, please contact:

Student Government

The New York Film Academy has a Student Government that meets with the administration to improve students' college experience. Students are elected by their colleagues to represent the voice of the student body. Collectively the Student Government and administration work to address various areas of development and enhance student life on campus. Through regular meetings, events, screenings, and mixers, the NYFA Student Government also serves as a professional learning and networking environment for students and alumni.

Veterans Services Office

The New York Film Academy appreciates and honors all active-duty and veteran soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines for their service to our country. The Office of Veterans Services can assist in veterans' transition to the New York Film Academy. We have many departments and individuals who are available to help veterans adjust to civilian and campus life.

The Veterans Office is available to assist veterans with:
  • Simplifying VA benefits, including the Post-9/11 GI Bill
  • Choosing the program that best suits veterans' personal and professional goals
  • Assisting with post-deployment transition issues
  • Referrals to community-based organizations and the Department of Veterans Affairs.
The Office of Veterans Services is administered by John Powers. John graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a bachelor's degree in psychology and continued his education at Rhode Island College, earning a master's degree in counseling. In 2005, after seeing a close childhood friend struggle to readjust back into civilian society after a deployment to Afghanistan, his journey as a civilian veteran's advocate began. He formed a support network to assist veterans in New England transitioning from the military into higher education. Currently, Powers assists veterans in their transition into college, while working to improve services and programs for veterans.

The New York Film Academy Office of Veterans Services is located at the NYFA-Los Angeles location. For additional information or to make an appointment, contact John Powers, (818) 333-3558 or

Student Health

The New York Film Academy is committed to the health and welfare of its students. To this end, the Film Academy can refer students to off-site physical and mental health providers. We encourage students seek assistance when they recognize patterns of behavior or crisis situations amongst themselves or their peers.

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