• Welcome Aboard NYFA Los Angeles Photography Students!

    hollywood boulevard

    Last week, new students enrolled in New York Film Academy photography courses at the Los Angeles campus attended a Shooting Lab on Hollywood Boulevard. Weekly shooting labs involve a roster of rotating instructors and students are able to further explore what they learned in class. Elements of composition and lighting such as using portable flash on location are just some examples. Shooting Labs are just one of many courses which include visits to exciting Los Angeles locations (Santa Monica Pier, Getty Center, Griffith Park, Hollywood), world-class museums, galleries – AND the Universal studios backlot – as well as guest lectures and portfolio reviews by leading photojournalists, artists, and curators.

    New NYFA photography students come from every part of the world. Right now, we not only have students from the US, but also from Paraguay, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Bolivia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia! Welcome everyone!


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  • LA’s Trendy Silverlake Plays Host to MFA and 2-Year Photography Grad’s Exhibition


    MFA Photography showcase

    Congratulations to the new MFA and 2 Year Certificate in Photography graduates from New York Film Academy! The graduates celebrated with an exhibition at the New York Film Academy’s pop-up gallery in the heart of the trendy Silverlake area in Los Angeles. Featuring new work from Joseph Bornilla (MFA), Nicole Campbell (MFA), Liam Hayes (2YR) and Christopher Tandoc (2YR), the opening reception was a great success with a large turnout.

    Students of the New York Film Academy Master of Fine Arts in Photography program and the Two-Year Photography program finish their education in four short semesters at the school’s Los Angeles campus. Their instruction includes visits to world-class museums, galleries, and studios, as well as guest lectures and portfolio reviews by leading photojournalists, artists, and curators. All long term students also receive a free Canon or Nikon DSLR camera!

    The MFA Photography graduate exhibition runs through June 14 at 4565 Santa Monica Boulevard, LA 90029. The gallery is open Thursday to Saturday from 1PM – 6PM.


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  • One-Year Photography Grads Celebrate with Photo Exhibition

    Sept Photography

    Students from the September 2013 One Year Photography program celebrated their graduation with a final exhibition on the 4th floor of the New York Film Academy Los Angeles building in Burbank. Family, friends and fellow students joined Matthew Gonzalez, Sharman Neilson, Steven Rolon, Muneesh Sharma and Brad Walters , as they showcased their work at the LA campus.

    The exhibition is open through June 16 with the work on view during school hours, 9am until 9pm, Monday through Friday and 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

    The address is 3300 W. Riverside Drive, 4th Floor, Burbank 91505. We hope to see you there!


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  • Photography Students Keep Their Own Canon or Nikon HDSLR


    photographyThe starting point for any photographer is to purchase a quality camera. While it is not the only aspect of photography that will yield quality work, it is clearly an essential tool in the field. As such, the New York Film Academy aims to provide students with the very best cameras in the market today. Not only that, we feel the camera should, in a sense, become your ‘baby’. That’s precisely why students enrolling in New York Film Academy’s MFA, BFA, Two-Year or One-Year Photography program, will receive and get to keep a state-of-the-art Canon or Nikon HDSLR camera (his or her preference). Each camera gives students the option to shoot stills and HD video. So, students in our photography program will even have the option of experimenting in digital filmmaking — perhaps even creating his or her own short film.

    The New York Film Academy provides hands-on, intensive training for photographers, providing them with real world, professional experiences in an incomparable urban environment with millions of photo opportunities on a daily basis. We guarantee you, that you can walk out the building and discover something unique. We also encourage students to find their niche in order to separate themselves from the competitive world that lies ahead.

    If you’re interested in learning more about NYFA’s Photography Programs, whether it be a degree or certificate program, CLICK HERE for more information.




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  • Cell Phone Photography Competition


    cell photoDo you have an impressive photo or two on your smartphone that you want to show off to the world? Take a look at the Texas Photographic Society’s Cell Phone III competition where you can win cash prizes for your photos. The contest is open to all levels of photographers from amateurs to professionals. If you’re a New York Film Academy Photography student, this could be a quick and fun way to earn a few dollars. The awards are:

    • First Place: $250
    • Second Place: $150
    • Third Place: $100
    • Up to three Honorable Mentions may be awarded

    There is an entry fee of $25 for up to 8 images. In order to be considered, you must submit your photos by June 1, 2014.


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  • Finding Your Photography Niche(s)


    photographerTo say that photography as a profession has changed somewhat in the past decade alone would be the understatement of the century. While many photographers are still able to run a successful business specializing in one field of photography—be it wedding, fashion, or portraiture—more and more photographers are finding that to succeed as a professional in 2014, they need to be versatile and able to shoot one-of-a-kind photos across a range of genres.

    Since camera photography began in the 1820s, photographers were limited to a particular specialty for well over a century, often shooting locations or portraits. However, with the rapid technological advances in photographic technology and cameras now available on smart phone and tablets, photographers, whether professional or amateur, now have the mobility to dabble in a wide range of styles.

    However, for the aspiring professional photographer, he or she must be well-versed in a wide range of styles and techniques to optimize the number of jobs they are qualified for and to support the field of photography that is their passion. For example, numerous fine art photographers supplement their work with jobs in commercial, journalistic, and fashion photography, including many members of the faculty at the Academy’s Photography Schools at our LA and NYC campuses. As such, our instructors make it a priority to ensure that students are as well-rounded in as many genres as the length of their program or workshop will allow.

    Below is a list of some of the different types of photographic genres available to the aspiring professional photographer. As fashion, fine art, journalistic, and commercial photography are taught across our workshops and programs, we’ve decided to focus on lesser known fields of photography that a professional photographer can practice.

    • Landscape Photography: An historically popular strain of photography, landscape photographers are continually in demand and boast such luminaries as Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell as pioneers in the field.
    • Wildlife Photography: Like zooming in on the landscape, wildlife photographers get up close and personal with nature, often shooting assignments for nature publications.
    • Sports Photography: A field that requires fast reflexes and an ability to get the perfect shot in a matter of milliseconds, sports photographers get a front row seat to the action on the field or court.
    • Wedding Photographer: While the wedding photography industry has declined in recent years with the proliferation of affordable and quality cameras, an accomplished and well-reviewed wedding photographer can still expect to find steady work.
    • Aerial Photographer: For those not afraid of heights, aerial photography has grown in demand as services like Google Earth have created a demand for quality aerial photographers.
    • Event Photographer: While shooting a seven year-old’s birthday party might not be the realization of your artistic ambitions, experienced and qualified event photographers can often find a steady stream of gigs as one positive recommendation can often lead to many others.
    • Concert Photographer: Grab your earplugs and stake your ground in the front of the stage in this exciting yet competitive field. While there is certainly no lack of concert photographers out there, those that can truly take one-of-a-kind images can often find additional work quickly.
    • Family Photographer: If you have the wedding and baby photography market cornered, why not expand your business to take timeless pictures of familial bliss?
    • Scientific Photographer: A field of photography where a degree in science is almost as important as a degree in photography, science photographers take stunningly intricate and breathtaking images and once one has established oneself in the field, one can expect a high demand for work.
    • Food Photographer: Having exploded in popularity over the past couple of decades, now any publication or restaurant simply can’t exist without hiring an extraordinary food photographer.
    • Street Fashion Photographer: An area of photography that is constantly expanding, street fashion photography was popularized by Bill Cunningham in his weekly column in the New York Times, but has become a much more crowded field in the age of blogs and social media.

    Of course, there are many other photographic genres the professional photographer might want to consider including stock, pet, real estate, astrophotography, medical, school, and micro and macro photography. These fields can be explored at New York Film Academy. The fundamental and hands-on experience taught at the Academy focuses on creating versatile photographers who could quickly adapt to these different genres. Best of luck in finding the fields of photography that work for you!


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  • NYFA Photography LA Co-Presents Q&A with Prominent Industry Creatives: Tierney Gearon and Charlie Hess

    Photo LA Q&A

    MOPLA‘s closing event last Sunday evening was Vision & Visionaries: A Conversation Series About Inspiration and the Creative Process, a co-presentation between NYFA Photography Los Angeles and the Lucie Foundation.

    Held at historic Mack Sennett Studios in Hollywood, acclaimed photographer Tierney Gearon and design director Charlie Hess discussed Tierney’s early family portraits, her move from advertising to fine art photography and her recent short films for the New York Times magazine (where Charlie discovered her work). The studio was packed to capacity, the audience comprised of NYFA Photo LA students and instructors as well as members of the art community.

    “We’re honored to have Tierney and Charlie at this inaugural event,” commented NYFA Photography LA Chair, Bobbi Fabian, “and look forward to hosting other prominent creatives in the series. Both Tierney and Charlie pushed students to shoot, shoot, shoot, work on their style and stick with it. I hope that many of our students take up Tierney’s generous offer to contact her for feedback on their work. It’s an invaluable offer of assistance from a renowned photographer!”

    This Q&A is the first of a series of conversations between photographers and their collaborators. The event was filmed and will be available soon on both the NYFA and Lucie websites.


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  • MFA Photography Student Joseph Bornilla Exhibits at Photo Independent


    joseph bornillaMFA photography student, Joseph Bornilla, exhibited his work last weekend at Photo Independent in Los Angeles. Joseph’s final New York Film Academy thesis project entitled, Chaotic Beauty, is a series of documentary images on the aftermath of the tsunami on the City of Tacloban, in the eastern Philippines. On 8 November 2013, the city was largely destroyed by Super Typhoon Yolanda and Joseph travelled there to photograph during December 2013/January 2014.

    Joseph states, “How is beauty possible when incidents like this have left us with so much destruction? These images will not only be a reminder of finding beauty everywhere in the face of upheaval but also give hope, lead us to contemplation and give us strength. One strong characteristic of the Filipinos in such difficult times is resiliency molded by their yearly visitors including tsunamis, storm surges, and earthquakes among others, that made them stand strong.”

    Sales from the series will go to the tsunami relief fund. Donations can be made through Joseph’s website:

    Joseph Bornilla

    photo by Joseph Bornilla


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  • Earth Day Photography Contest

    Yash Dagra

    photo by Yash Dagra

    With Earth Day approaching this upcoming April 22nd, the New York Film Academy Photography School in LA would love to share student photography that best captures our precious planet. Given NYFA‘s locations all around the world, we’re anxious to see various parts of the globe from each and every one of your distinctive point of views.

    We will be sharing the best photos on NYFA social media including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram, providing exposure for your work. We will, of course, credit the photographer and plug whatever portfolio you wish to share.

    This competition is open from now until April 16th. Please be as creative as possible and send as many photos as you’d like.

    Send all photos to with your name, location and title of the photo if you have one. We look forward to your entries!

    Happy Earth Day!


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  • Organ Vida Photography Festival Now Open for Submissions


    NYFA PhotographyHere is an interesting opportunity for New York Film Academy photography students. The International festival of photography Organ Vida, which is set to launch its sixth edition this year, has initiated the annual contest for contemporary photography on the theme reflections. The contest will be open from March 30, 2014 to May 25, 2014, and the finalists will take part in a grand exhibition which serves as the centerpiece of the Organ Vida festival. Lauba – people and art house will be the central festival location and the exhibition venue. Unlike the previous week-long editions, this year’s exhibition will be open for two weeks.

    A particularly strong jury consisting of six eminent names from the local and international photography scene will choose the best projects. The jury will include leading Dutch educator Corinne Noordenbos, award-winning Swedish photographer and former member of the prestigious world photography agency Magnum Kent Klich, Financial Times Weekend Magazine photo editor Emma Bowkett, prominent British photographer George Georgiou, photographer and professor at New York’s International Center of Photography Irina Rozovsky and award winning local photographer and  filmmaker Ana Opalić.      

    The theme of this year’s sixth edition of International festival of photography Organ Vida is reflections. The theme encompasses the field of artistic documentary photography and will be problematized within the festival program. Reflections are a significant source of knowledge, cognition and understanding of oneself and the world. Since the world we live in today is facing tremendous changes along with ethical and economic challenges, we want to inspire photographers to face them and reflect upon them through the medium of photography. You can read more about the festival theme here.      

    The jury will announce the finalists in early July – ten finalists and five commended authors will display their works at the final exhibition during the festival week, and will be published in the festival catalogue.

    Complete biographies of the jury members can be found here. The application can be found on the Organ Vida website

    Organ Vida is an annual international festival of contemporary photography which has been promoting and researching modern photography disciplines in Croatia and on the international scene since its foundation in 2009. The platform through which Organ Vida connects artists, institutions, associations and collectives spans over 80 countries. So far, we have had over 150 artists showcase their work. Aside from a grand exhibition of the festival finalists, the festival also includes lectures, conferences, panels, artist talks, creative workshops, associate presentations and concerts.


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