• Texas Photographic Society Call for Entries


    Texas Photographic SocietyThe New York Film Academy came across another terrific opportunity for our photography students. The Texas Photographic Society, a non-profit organization that celebrates the photographic arts, inspires the creative development of its members, and provides opportunities to engage with diverse audiences, has announced their latest Call For Entries through their Alternative Processes Competition.

    TPS is currently looking for imagery derived from alternative photographic processes and historical printing methods including but not limited to: Albumen, Anthotype, Argyrotype, Athenatype, Bayard Direct Positive, Calotype, Carbon, Casein, Chrysotype, Cyanotype, Dusting-On Process, Gum Bichromate, Gumoil, Herschel’s Breath Printing, Inkjet Photopolymer Gravure, Ivorytype, Kallitype, Mordancage, Platinum/Palladium, POP, Solarplate Intaglio, Van Dyke Brown, Wet Plate Collodion, Whey Process, Ziatype and all photographic image making techniques that incorporate the integration of traditional mediums such as printmaking, ceramics and painting. Conventional, unmodified digital inkjet prints are not acceptable for entry.

    The exhibition is open-themed, and submissions from artists of all levels are encouraged now through January 19. 2015. The entries will be judged by Christopher James, an artist, photographer, professor and renowned author of The Book of Alternative Photographic Processes.

    Artists are invited to submit 5 images for $30, or up to 10 images for $6 each. The show offers cash awards, up to $500. You do not have to be a member of TPS to enter. However, you may join TPS at the time of entry.

    If you have images that you feel can win this event, please visit their website for submission details. If you have direct questions regarding the competition, you may contact TPS President Amy Holmes George at


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  • Celebrity Photographer and Co-Founder Jeff Vespa Visits NYFA


    jjeff vespa

    The New York Film Academy Los Angeles was honored to welcome celebrity photographer and co-founder of, Jeff Vespa, for a viewing of his work and Q&A. Mr. Vespa has recently released his first coffee table book, The Art of Discovery (Rizzoli Publications). It’s a book of 100 portraits of celebrities along with quotes about an important moment of discovery in their lives. The event was moderated by producer Tova Laiter and NYFA photography instructor Astor Morgan.

    Jeff Vespa is most widely known as co-founder of the photo agency website, which was sold to Getty Images for $207 million. He is the official photographer of the Sundance Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. Jeff joined forces with Paris Hilton to create the NY Times Bestselling books Confessions of an Heiress: A Tongue-in-Chic Peek Behind the Pose in 2004 and its sequel in 2005. Vespa was the Editor-at-Large of the before launching Verge (, a web magazine dedicated to discovering new talent.

    jeff vespa

    While showcasing his recently published book, which included portraits of celebrities such as Seth Rogan, Nicole Kidman, and George Clooney to name just a few, Jeff discussed the transition of his career path from producer to full-time photographer and how he initiated the WireImage company which later sold to Getty Images. Early on, Jeff attended graduate school for producing and began working at a film studio. He realized, however, that his true passion was away from a desk and working in a much more immediately creative capacity. At the time photography was just a hobby, but he tinkered with the idea of getting paid to take pictures and started snatching up whatever small gigs he could get. His employers saw Jeff’s obvious talent in capturing a moment on film and his opportunities became larger and larger until he soon became the go-to guy for the world’s largest film festivals.

    Mr. Vespa’s advice focused mainly on taking your destiny into your own hands — no matter what career path you are on. Whether it was becoming the official photographer for the Sundance Film Festival, co-founding, or being one of the prolific and respected celebrity photographers in the world, Jeff has achieved everything because he decided to make it happen and never gave up. Jeff’s entrepreneurial achievements are as impressive as his photographic artistry. He’s the type of person who just makes things happen and refuses to be a victim of bad luck or difficult circumstance. Jeff’s empowered spirit is truly infectious.

    Jeff also generously shared details about his lighting technique and directing his subjects. Students were eager to hear stories about how he got the shots that have made him a successful photographer. He encouraged students to stick with what they are passionate about rather than following trends and to keep shooting — a lot!


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  • Watch NYFA Documentary Instructor’s Award-Winning ‘Baja Secret Miracle’


    baja's secret miracle

    Once again, we’d like to point out a member of our esteemed faculty, Documentary Instructor Eliana Alvarez Martinez, whose film won the Viewster Audience Award and $20,000 for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project. Among the festival rounds were the BLUE Ocean Film Festival and Conservation Summit, where it received two honorable mentions and won the Best Foreign Film award. The BLUE Ocean Film Festival is considered to be the most renowned ocean conservancy festival in the world. Every year ocean leaders, filmmakers, photographers, scientists, explorers, entertainment executives – and the general public – gather between Monte Carlo, Monaco and Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg, Florida to honor the best in ocean filmmaking, to learn more about the issues facing our oceans, and to open discussions for possible collaboration on improving the future of our oceans and humanity.

    The entire project began when, earlier last year, Eliana wrote a message to her favorite ocean photographer, Octavio Aburto, never expecting to receive a response. “A few days later, we had a Skype conversation and he invited me to join him to attend one of his expeditions,” recalled Eliana. “For things out of our control, I ended traveling alone with a group of scientists and made a 12-minute film of my visit to the area.” Thus, the birth of her award-winning film.

    Baja’s Secret Miracle tells the story of Mario Castro, a fisherman that decided to change the destiny of his community. The film takes us in a journey of decades, to understand how the town of Cabo Pulmo, Mexico created the world’s most robust marine reserve.”

    Never before has ocean filmmaking been at its greatest, in a time of climate change, our oceans have undergone massive environmental damage, and our students in the one-year intensive documentary program have shown to be more and more interested in covering topics about the oceans & the environment.

    For the next 6 days, the film can be seen at the VIEWSTER Film Festival (#VOFF4) and after that it will go private again to keep continue the rounds at film festivals across the world.


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  • International Photography Award: Emergentes dst


    emergentes photographyHere is a unique opportunity for New York Film Academy photography students and alumni to win an award for their portfolio. The International Photography Award Emergentes dst is an initiative of Domingos da Silva Teixeira group, organized by Encontros da Imagem, with a monetary prize to be granted to the best 2014 Contemporary Photography Portfolio. The Photography Prize Emergentes dst will be awarded after the Portfolio Review which gives photographers the opportunity to showcase their work to commissioners, gallery owners and expert editors, thus establishing solid foundations for the promotion of their work.

    NYFA students and alumni interested in applying to the Emergentes dst Award should follow these rules:

    Every creator who uses photography as main expression may apply, regardless of nationality, gender or age.
    2. PRIZE
    The Photography Award Emergentes dst grants a prize money of 7,500 euro and an individual exhibition at the Festival Encontros da Imagem – 2015.

      • At this step, each applicant must submit no more than 20 digital images (b&w or color). It must be an original and recent portfolio.
      • Deadline for the submission is August 15, 2014. The pre-application fee is 10€.
      • A pre-selection from a committee of experts will select 80 photographers who shall be invited to submit their portfolio to further review from specialists and photography and visual arts analysts.
      • Ranking shall be based on interest, originality and coherence of the projects, as well as on the conceptual quality of the work. Finalists shall be notified of the results until September 1.

    The second step consists of the choice of 8 experts for the portfolio reading, by each of the selected candidates. Deadline for this choice is September 8. Portfolio analyses will take place during the Festival Encontros da Imagem, on September 17 and 18. The winner will be announced on September 20 in a special ceremony at Theatro Circo, Braga. Every selected candidate will have a 20 minute session with the assigned reviewer. All the finalists must pay a 140 € registration fee, which will also entitle them to the Encontros da Imagem 2014 catalogue. Every selected entrant must upload a chosen digital image (eligible photographs must be size 40×50 and 300dpi resolution) that will be exhibited at the opening session of Encontros da Imagem at September 19.
    During the critical review of Portfolios, each expert shall elect the best portfolio and one photograph to be produced in a format chosen by the author. There will be an exhibition of the whole set of photographs selected by the judges, at the ceremony of the announcement of Emergentes dst Award. The author of the Photography Award Emergentes dst will be elected from the selected portfolios. On September 20, the prize winner of Emergentes dst shall be announced in a formal ceremony where the entitled Prize will be handed out and during which a presentation of the portfolios of the finalists shall also take place. The exhibition of the awarded photographer’s works shall be on display at the official section of Encontros da Imagem 2015.
    The finalists agree on the reproduction of images from the portfolios that were sent
    for the contest, either to display or to promote the prize. The prize winner is to give the sponsor two pieces produced and exhibited to the venue in 2015. Any other use will be agreed between the Festival and authors.
    Fill in the application form available online at You must send the receipt of the application fee along with your portfolio.


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  • Welcome Aboard NYFA Los Angeles Photography Students!

    hollywood boulevard

    Last week, new students enrolled in New York Film Academy photography courses at the Los Angeles campus attended a Shooting Lab on Hollywood Boulevard. Weekly shooting labs involve a roster of rotating instructors and students are able to further explore what they learned in class. Elements of composition and lighting such as using portable flash on location are just some examples. Shooting Labs are just one of many courses which include visits to exciting Los Angeles locations (Santa Monica Pier, Getty Center, Griffith Park, Hollywood), world-class museums, galleries – AND the Universal studios backlot – as well as guest lectures and portfolio reviews by leading photojournalists, artists, and curators.

    New NYFA photography students come from every part of the world. Right now, we not only have students from the US, but also from Paraguay, Brazil, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Bolivia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia! Welcome everyone!


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  • LA’s Trendy Silverlake Plays Host to MFA and 2-Year Photography Grad’s Exhibition


    MFA Photography showcase

    Congratulations to the new MFA and 2 Year Certificate in Photography graduates from New York Film Academy! The graduates celebrated with an exhibition at the New York Film Academy’s pop-up gallery in the heart of the trendy Silverlake area in Los Angeles. Featuring new work from Joseph Bornilla (MFA), Nicole Campbell (MFA), Liam Hayes (2YR) and Christopher Tandoc (2YR), the opening reception was a great success with a large turnout.

    Students of the New York Film Academy Master of Fine Arts in Photography program and the Two-Year Photography program finish their education in four short semesters at the school’s Los Angeles campus. Their instruction includes visits to world-class museums, galleries, and studios, as well as guest lectures and portfolio reviews by leading photojournalists, artists, and curators. All long term students also receive a free Canon or Nikon DSLR camera!

    The MFA Photography graduate exhibition runs through June 14 at 4565 Santa Monica Boulevard, LA 90029. The gallery is open Thursday to Saturday from 1PM – 6PM.


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  • One-Year Photography Grads Celebrate with Photo Exhibition

    Sept Photography

    Students from the September 2013 One Year Photography program celebrated their graduation with a final exhibition on the 4th floor of the New York Film Academy Los Angeles building in Burbank. Family, friends and fellow students joined Matthew Gonzalez, Sharman Neilson, Steven Rolon, Muneesh Sharma and Brad Walters , as they showcased their work at the LA campus.

    The exhibition is open through June 16 with the work on view during school hours, 9am until 9pm, Monday through Friday and 10am to 5pm on Saturday and Sunday.

    The address is 3300 W. Riverside Drive, 4th Floor, Burbank 91505. We hope to see you there!


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  • Photography Students Keep Their Own Canon or Nikon HDSLR


    photographyThe starting point for any photographer is to purchase a quality camera. While it is not the only aspect of photography that will yield quality work, it is clearly an essential tool in the field. As such, the New York Film Academy aims to provide students with the very best cameras in the market today. Not only that, we feel the camera should, in a sense, become your ‘baby’. That’s precisely why students enrolling in New York Film Academy’s MFA, BFA, Two-Year or One-Year Photography program, will receive and get to keep a state-of-the-art Canon or Nikon HDSLR camera (his or her preference). Each camera gives students the option to shoot stills and HD video. So, students in our photography program will even have the option of experimenting in digital filmmaking — perhaps even creating his or her own short film.

    The New York Film Academy provides hands-on, intensive training for photographers, providing them with real world, professional experiences in an incomparable urban environment with millions of photo opportunities on a daily basis. We guarantee you, that you can walk out the building and discover something unique. We also encourage students to find their niche in order to separate themselves from the competitive world that lies ahead.

    If you’re interested in learning more about NYFA’s Photography Programs, whether it be a degree or certificate program, CLICK HERE for more information.




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  • Cell Phone Photography Competition


    cell photoDo you have an impressive photo or two on your smartphone that you want to show off to the world? Take a look at the Texas Photographic Society’s Cell Phone III competition where you can win cash prizes for your photos. The contest is open to all levels of photographers from amateurs to professionals. If you’re a New York Film Academy Photography student, this could be a quick and fun way to earn a few dollars. The awards are:

    • First Place: $250
    • Second Place: $150
    • Third Place: $100
    • Up to three Honorable Mentions may be awarded

    There is an entry fee of $25 for up to 8 images. In order to be considered, you must submit your photos by June 1, 2014.


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  • Finding Your Photography Niche(s)


    photographerTo say that photography as a profession has changed somewhat in the past decade alone would be the understatement of the century. While many photographers are still able to run a successful business specializing in one field of photography—be it wedding, fashion, or portraiture—more and more photographers are finding that to succeed as a professional in 2014, they need to be versatile and able to shoot one-of-a-kind photos across a range of genres.

    Since camera photography began in the 1820s, photographers were limited to a particular specialty for well over a century, often shooting locations or portraits. However, with the rapid technological advances in photographic technology and cameras now available on smart phone and tablets, photographers, whether professional or amateur, now have the mobility to dabble in a wide range of styles.

    However, for the aspiring professional photographer, he or she must be well-versed in a wide range of styles and techniques to optimize the number of jobs they are qualified for and to support the field of photography that is their passion. For example, numerous fine art photographers supplement their work with jobs in commercial, journalistic, and fashion photography, including many members of the faculty at the Academy’s Photography Schools at our LA and NYC campuses. As such, our instructors make it a priority to ensure that students are as well-rounded in as many genres as the length of their program or workshop will allow.

    Below is a list of some of the different types of photographic genres available to the aspiring professional photographer. As fashion, fine art, journalistic, and commercial photography are taught across our workshops and programs, we’ve decided to focus on lesser known fields of photography that a professional photographer can practice.

    • Landscape Photography: An historically popular strain of photography, landscape photographers are continually in demand and boast such luminaries as Ansel Adams and Galen Rowell as pioneers in the field.
    • Wildlife Photography: Like zooming in on the landscape, wildlife photographers get up close and personal with nature, often shooting assignments for nature publications.
    • Sports Photography: A field that requires fast reflexes and an ability to get the perfect shot in a matter of milliseconds, sports photographers get a front row seat to the action on the field or court.
    • Wedding Photographer: While the wedding photography industry has declined in recent years with the proliferation of affordable and quality cameras, an accomplished and well-reviewed wedding photographer can still expect to find steady work.
    • Aerial Photographer: For those not afraid of heights, aerial photography has grown in demand as services like Google Earth have created a demand for quality aerial photographers.
    • Event Photographer: While shooting a seven year-old’s birthday party might not be the realization of your artistic ambitions, experienced and qualified event photographers can often find a steady stream of gigs as one positive recommendation can often lead to many others.
    • Concert Photographer: Grab your earplugs and stake your ground in the front of the stage in this exciting yet competitive field. While there is certainly no lack of concert photographers out there, those that can truly take one-of-a-kind images can often find additional work quickly.
    • Family Photographer: If you have the wedding and baby photography market cornered, why not expand your business to take timeless pictures of familial bliss?
    • Scientific Photographer: A field of photography where a degree in science is almost as important as a degree in photography, science photographers take stunningly intricate and breathtaking images and once one has established oneself in the field, one can expect a high demand for work.
    • Food Photographer: Having exploded in popularity over the past couple of decades, now any publication or restaurant simply can’t exist without hiring an extraordinary food photographer.
    • Street Fashion Photographer: An area of photography that is constantly expanding, street fashion photography was popularized by Bill Cunningham in his weekly column in the New York Times, but has become a much more crowded field in the age of blogs and social media.

    Of course, there are many other photographic genres the professional photographer might want to consider including stock, pet, real estate, astrophotography, medical, school, and micro and macro photography. These fields can be explored at New York Film Academy. The fundamental and hands-on experience taught at the Academy focuses on creating versatile photographers who could quickly adapt to these different genres. Best of luck in finding the fields of photography that work for you!


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