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  • NYFA Screenwriting Graduate Adinia Wirasti


    Adinia Wirasti, a 2008 graduate from the New York Film Academy one year screenwriting program in Los Angeles, is going from staring in movies to writing them.

    Wirasti is a household name in Indonesian film scene. Her success as an actress in Indonesia has earned her…
    – Best Supporting Actress in Indonesian Film Festival 2005 for film Tentang Dia
    – Best Supporting Actress in Bandung Film Festival 2005 for film Tentang Dia
    – Nominee for Best Actress in Indonesian Movie Awards 2008 for film 3 Days to Forever
    – Nominee for Most Favorite Actress in Indonesian Movie Awards 2008 for film 3 Days to Forever
    – Nominee for Most Favorite Couple in Indonesia Movie Awards 2008 for film 3 Days to Forever

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  • He Khan Do It


    Imran Khan in Luck

    Following the success of the 2008 film, “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na”, New York Film Academy graduate and Bollywood’s newest star, Imran Khan will soon be starring in his third feature film, “Luck.”

    Khan attended film school at our Universal Studios, Hollywood location and ironically studied directing. He even worked briefly as a director in Los Angeles before being cast in his break out role. He recalls that before starring in his first film he thought he was being called in as an assistant director, but “Over the course of the meeting, I realized that he actually wanted me to act in the film.”

    His second film, “Kidnap” is set to come out this July. The film is described as an action suspense thriller and is directed by Sanjay Gadhvi. When asked if Khan was looking to direct again anytime soon he said, “I feel like I’m not mature enough to direct a film. I’ve directed several short films, but that takes less from you. I want to wait, get a little more experience, and get to a place where I think I’m ready to do it.”

    No matter what direction his career takes him in, the whole NYFA team is proud of Imran’s achievements, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this promising alumnus.


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  • Spielberg’s Son Gets Behind Camera at NYFA Film School


    From BBC News – The eldest son of director Steven Spielberg has completed work on his first film, a short thriller about a couple caught up in a string of murders.

    Max Spielberg, 17, wrote, produced, directed, filmed and edited the movie, entitled Snap Shot, during a filmmaking workshop run by the New York Film Academy.

    He attended the four-week course, held at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, over the summer.

    The film focuses on a tourist couple whose camera becomes mixed up with that of a serial killer, drawing them into the investigation when their photos turn out to be of his victims.

    There are no plans for the film to be given a public screening in the near future.

    “It will be for his own personal use when he pursues other avenues in the industry,” said a spokesperson for the New York Film Academy.


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