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  • Los Angeles Photography & Documentary Students Visit Arizona

    grand canyon

    Students from the Documentary and Photography Departments from New York Film Academy’s Los Angeles campus recently gathered before the crack of dawn to catch a flight to Phoenix, AZ on a six- day film and photo expedition led by Documentary Chair Barbara Multer-Wellin, and Photo Instructor Amanda Rowan.

    After landing in Phoenix and a scenic bus ride, the first filming location was the Orpheum Theater in Flagstaff, AZ where a line-up of Native American musicians and activists gathered to perform at RUMBLE ON THE MOUNTAIN II, an event held to protect tribal water rights. The concert included blessings by tribal elders, a traditional dance performance and a dynamic set by the Navajo brother/sister punk rock duo Sihasin. It was a long day filled with excitement, entertainment, and great opportunities for capturing on film a beautiful cultural experience.  

    nyfa arizona
    On Day Two, the NYFA team was granted access to the kiva exhibit at the Museum of Northern Arizona. A Kiva is a traditional sacred space. There they filmed artist and musician Ed Kabotie whose father painted the historical mural on the walls of the Kiva. Ed spoke about the meaning of the mural’s images and the native people’s ongoing fight to protect their ancestral lands. Later, Jeneda and Clayson Benally, of Sihasin, arrived for a joint interview about their efforts to combine traditional music with hard edged rock and roll with their message of “Sihasin” (a Navajo word meaning “Hope”). Day Two ended with a sunset tour of the magnificent Grand Canyon.
    canyon records
    NYFA LA’s Documentary and Photo expedition left the beautiful Flagstaff, AZ to head back to Phoenix. In Phoenix, NYFA students were welcomed at Canyon Records, the oldest and biggest record label devoted to Native American music in the United States. First, the NYFA students filmed and photographed Canyon Records artist, Tony Duncan. Duncan is both a renowned Native American flute player and a World Champion hoop dancer. Dressed in traditional regalia, Tony Duncan performed a ceremonial hoop dance at the label’s insert stage for NYFA’s cameras. Duncan then went into the studio to record a passage for his new album on three different traditional flutes. The day ended with sit down interviews with Duncan and Canyon Records owner Robert Doyle. After wrap, everyone hopped on the bus and headed to downtown Phoenix for a little exploration and recreation!
    pony express
    The NYFA bus left Phoenix for a scenic drive through cacti, pine and scrub brush to the historic old West town of Holbrook, AZ. Holbrook is the starting point for the Hashknife Pony Express, an annual recreation of the legendary delivery of the mail by horseback. For 58 years, men from the Hashknife Search and Rescue Team have ridden the 200 miles from Holbrook to Scottsdale, AZ.  The NYFA team arrived to film and photograph the Hashknife riders, all on horseback, being sworn in as official carriers of the U.S. Postal Service at the old Navajo County Courthouse in Holbrook. That night, the NYFA team met the riders and people from the town of Holbrook at the send-off dinner held at the local Elks Lodge.
    pony express
    NYFA’s Documentary and Photography students met the Hashknife Pony Express riders at 7:00 AM at the stables in Holbrook to film them mounting up and to take a group portrait. The 200-mile ride is run like a relay race. Teams of two riders and two horses work together. The first man rides one mile, carrying a canvas bag of mail. The second rider waits at the mile marker, where they must exchange the heavy bag from horse to horse with the cry of “Hashknife!” (A hashknife is a curved blade used by chuck wagon cooks to tenderize meat.) The NYFA filmmakers and photographers were split up among the various teams to document the event from many different angles and points of view. The ride ended for the day when the riders arrived in formation at the Payson, AZ post office to deliver the mail. They were greeted by post office officials and an enthusiastic crowd.
    On the last day of NYFA Los Angeles’ Arizona adventure, documentary and photography students spent the morning downloading footage and editing the photographs taken during the past five days. After lunch, they met up with the Hashknife riders as they made camp at the Verde River just outside Scottsdale, AZ. The students took portraits of and interviewed the riders. As the riders and horses settled in for the night and the cooks fired up the barbecue, the NYFA team said their good-byes, packed their gear for travel, and rode the bus to the Phoenix airport for the flight back to Los Angeles. Now the work of cutting short documentaries out of the great material gathered in Arizona begins.
  • New York Film Academy Café Opens in Amsterdam

    Bringing an authentic combination of both the past and present features of New York City, the New York Film Academy Café in Amsterdam allows you to immerse yourself into a lively atmosphere that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. The cosmopolitan hangout offers a place for everyone, from business to leisure and local to tourists. So, if you’re looking for that New York feel in Amsterdam, you’ll definitely want to check out the New York Film Academy Café, which is open every day from dusk until dawn.

    nyfa cafe

    “The New York Film Academy is thrilled to be part of the wonderful restoration of this landmark building,” says NYFA Senior Executive Vice President, David Klein. “The New York Film Academy Café in the historic Beurs van Berlage is a wonderful place for the people of Amsterdam and tourists, alike, to gather for great food and spirits. The new café is also a wonderful opportunity to introduce the city to the New York Film Academy‘s fine arts courses. Just beneath the café, we have some terrific classroom space and, in the very near future, we will be holding our world-renowned, hands-on workshops in filmmaking, acting for film and other subjects.”

    david klein

    NYFA Sr. Executive Vice President, David Klein toasting to the NYFA Café Grand Opening

    The Beurs van Berlage is a Dutch national monument, located at the Damrak and Beursplein, the tourist gateway to Amsterdam. The Beurs van Berlage is among the Top 100 of Dutch UNESCO monuments. The architecture of the Beurs van Berlage, designed by Hendrik Petrus Berlage, has a story of its own.

    nyfa cafe
    On December 16th, 2015, the NYFA Café held a launch party with Mr. Klein, which wound up being a wonderfully successful night, introducing the neighborhood to the new destination.
    “It was a great night, and a terrific party to launch the café,” recalled Klein. “We plan to hold many cultural events in this great space. Seeing it now in all its restored glory, it’s hard to believe it was left empty for so long.”
    For more information or a look at the menu, please visit the official website at

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  • NYFA Screenwriting Graduates Celebrate with Industry Pitch Fest Event

    On January 21st, 2016, graduating MFA and BFA New York Film Academy Screenwriting students attended their culminating Industry Pitch Fest Event, held at the penthouse ballroom of the Andaz Hotel up on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood.

    andaz hotel

    A catered event and mingling opportunity for the students, executives, and faculty alike, this capstone event celebrated the New York Film Academy’s graduating Screenwriting students, offering them a professional outlet to jumpstart their careers by pitching their thesis projects to industry executives.

    These writing students spent their final semester in their Business of Screenwriting III class, working with Business of Screenwriting instructor David O’Leary and Pitching instructor Ashley Bank, preparing and fine-tuning their pitches for their thesis film and TV projects. And they shined on this pinnacle evening, leaving with new professional contacts and a wave of interest in the scripts they’d worked so hard on all year.

    pitch fest

    Considered by the school to be their first night as professional screenwriters, this group of bright students brought their A-game, as they pitched agents, managers and production company representatives in a relaxed, round-table environment. The Screenwriting Department faculty who’d worked with the students all year came out to support them in this important and successful evening.

    Organized and hosted by O’Leary, the event featured representatives from various Hollywood companies, including literary agencies, management companies, and TV and Film production companies.

    Attendees included: BenderSpink, Bright Whale Entertainment, Blumhouse, The Coalition Group, The Dino De Laurentiis Company, Elevate Entertainment, ICM Partners, Kaplan/Perrone, Madhouse Entertainment, Magnet Management, Manifest Talent Group, Next Level Entertainment, No Bull Script, Original Film, Quadrant Pictures, RatPac Entertainment, Reel FX, Scenario Entertainment, Super Vision Entertainment and Writ Large Entertainment.

    pitch fest nyfa

    NYFA wishes to thank all of its participants, particularly our industry guests, without whom this evening could not have been possible. Also, we’d like to extend a big congratulations to all of our Fall’14 MFA and BFA graduates!

    We can’t wait to see what you do next.

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  • MFA Photography Graduate Exhibition

    The graduating MFA Photography class had its Gallery Opening at 4565 Santa Monica Blvd. on Saturday, January 23, 2016. There were over 75 guests that came and reviewed the New York Film Academy students’ work. If you weren’t able to attend the Gallery Opening, the work will continue to be on display from Monday-Saturday until February 6th.

    mfa photography

    The five graduating students are from diverse cultural backgrounds from around the world. They completed their Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program in Photography with full-time study over the course of four semesters.

    Parth Sutaria finds the connection between nature and our human bodies through his project, Our Intimate Connection with Trees. This series reminds us that the key to our existence is nature.

    Khulud Muath’s thesis project, Under The Microscope, is about her experience living as a Muslim woman in the United States. This artwork explores the notion that terrorism does not belong to any religion or country.

    Hadeel Alahmari has created her thesis about the fashion and style of Saudi Arabian women after they leave their home country. Her work illustrates six different versions of the Hijab and Abaya worn by Muslim women here in the United States.

    Hongbin Dai’s thesis project, Self, explores Hongbin finding her place within her personality and identity in relationship to the rest of the world. Finding “oneself” is the purpose of this project.

    Zhuoqun Jiang created and made all the props and accessories in her beautiful series, Non-Breath Creature. As non-breathing objects, her stained glass inspired props are the centerpiece of the project and they represent immortal creatures.

    The New York Film Academy provides a creative setting with which to develop, challenge and inspire the talents of prospective photographers in a totally immersive, professional environment. By combining seminars and lectures with intense, hands-on classes, students acquire a sound understanding and appreciation of still photography and learn to integrate knowledge and professional experience.

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  • NYFA Conducts Workshops for Military Soldiers

    On January 9, The New York Film Academy Los Angeles campus facilitated a unique day of workshops for more than twenty-five soldiers from the 201st and 222nd Public Affairs detachments.

    With the support of the New York Film Academy’s Foundation, the College was honored to have the opportunity to work with this exemplary group of servicemembers.

    nyfa military

    201st and 222nd Public Affairs Command group photo.

    The 201st and 222nd units are both based out of Bell, CA and consist of public affairs officers, combat photographers, combat correspondents and broadcast specialists who are involved in creating, filming, reporting, hosting and editing news and entertainment radio and television program.

    These groups are primarily responsible for participating in and supervising the operation of audio or video news for the American Forces Network (AFN), The Pentagon Channel or Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS). Combat Correspondents, or broadcast journalists in the 222nd prepare scripts and news copy for radio and television programs and participate as hosts, announcers, masters of ceremonies, and actors in radio and television broadcasts. The 222nd has a long, proud history of telling soldiers’ stories as they serve all over the world. Most recently, the 222nd supported the public affairs mission with two yearlong tours of duty in Baghdad, Iraq.


    Soldiers of 201st and 222nd experience hands-on training with filmmaking instructor.

    The classes were taught by NYFA instructors in the College’s Filmmaking Department, who have decades of experience in the industry. Documentary Chair, Barbara Multer-Wellin led the program. The first workshop provided an overview on essential interview techniques and how to formulate intriguing interview questions, which were then used to dialogue with special guests John Henry and Nick Searcy.

    John Henry is the co-founder of Purple Star Veterans and families, a non-profit created to assist struggling transitioning veterans and their families, and Nick Searcy is a renowned actor who has starred on productions such as: Tigerland, Castaway, The Fugitive, and most current ongoing TV series (Justified). The soldiers interviewed the gentlemen utilizing the techniques and interview skills they procured through the workshop.

    nick searcy

    Group photograph with soldiers and actor Nick Searcy.

    After the interview techniques session the participants divided into two groups for instruction on camera and lighting techniques and how to properly light a set for an interview and on the importance of sound and how to achieve the best sound quality for a high quality interview. Lance Fisher (Filmmaking Instructor) instructed one group and the other was taught sound by James Coburn (Filmmaking Instructor).

    At the end of the intense training day, Christopher Cardoza, a Specialist assigned to the 201st Public Affairs Detachment stated, “This experience was without a doubt, one of the most honorable moments of my military career. I was able to practice the proper tools of Networking, Building Relationships, and having a Rolodex of greatness!” In addition to his service at the 201st, Specialist Cardoza is a BFA student at NYFA and assisted the College’s Veterans Service staff in putting this successful event together.

    military crew

    201st and 222nd public Affairs soldiers interview John Henry Co-founder of non-profit Purple Star Veterans and families.

    “One of the greatest hands-on training that our unit has performed, in the time I’ve been with the 201st,” remarked SPC Kris Wright.

    These workshops were tailored for our 201st and 222nd guests, and based on the New York Film Academy’s mission to provide the most hands-on instruction in the world and the participating members from the 201st and 222nd Public Affairs Detachment soldiers were very thankful for the trainings, which provided the opportunity to gain a large amount of knowledge that will be instrumental in the growth of their careers.

    nick searcy

    Soldiers with the 201st and 222nd conduct interview with actor Nick Searcy.

    The New York Film Academy, the world’s largest and most prestigious visual and performing arts private institution, is a certified and award-winning Military Friendly School committed to supporting this newest generation of veterans. NYFA is proud to serve military veterans and servicemembers in their pursuit of a world-class education in filmmaking—and related disciplines—through its Veterans Advancement Program Chaired by Colonel Jack Jacobs, Medal of Honor recipient.

    The 201st posted this article after attending our workshop on January 9th. You will have to be logged in to Facebook in order to view. Please click here to check it out.

    -Michael Kunselman and Eric Brown

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  • Cinematography Chair Anthony Richmond Remembers David Bowie from “The Man Who Fell to Earth”

    “I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human.” Over the span of sixty nine years, the recently deceased legend of music, art, film, theatre and pop culture, David Bowie was indeed as extraordinary as he set out to be. Always setting the trends and breaking the boundaries as an artist, the entertainment icon and pioneer of glam rock’s legacy will live on forever.

    david bowie

    David Bowie on set of “The Man Who Fell to Earth”

    “He was a major, major artist,” said New York Film Academy Cinematography Chair, Anthony Richmond, who was Director of Photography on the Nicolas Roeg film The Man Who Fell to Earth, which starred Bowie as a humanoid alien who comes to Earth to get water for his dying planet. “He just kept reinventing himself.”

    The 1976 British sci-fi film, which was actually shot in New Mexico, was originally cast for Peter O’ Toole. However, those who know the movie—which maintains its strong cult following due to its use of surreal imagery and unforgettable Bowie performances—know that it wouldn’t be nearly the same without him. “I don’t think there was another person who could play that part,” said Richmond. “Bowie was a bit like an alien himself—bringing his own artistry to the film.”

    The British film was Richmond’s first film in which he spent the entire shoot in America. While on set, Richmond and director Nicolas Roeg would play some of Bowie’s hits, especially “Young Americans,” which was one of his more recent songs that Richmond was quite fond of.

    Bowie would spend almost eight hours each morning getting into his alien costume. In fact, it was Richmond’s wife at the time who spent all morning dolling up Bowie.

    “Unlike most rock stars, Bowie was incredibly professional,” said Richmond, a man who is no stranger to working with rock legends. Richmond was responsible for photography on the seminal British music scene of the late 60’s. He shot The Rolling Stones classic, “Sympathy For The Devil” for Jean-Luc Godard, and then collaborated with Michael Lindsey Hogg on The Rolling Stones’ “Rock And Roll Circus” and the Beatles’ “Let It Be.” His other rock and roll credits include: The Who’s “The Kids Are Alright,” as well as the Documentary “Glastonbury Fayre.”

    bowie and richmond

    David Bowie, Nicolas Roeg and Anthony Richmond

    Like most of us, Richmond was a huge fan of Bowie’s work and would frequently see him in concert and listen to his music whenever he could.

    “I was deeply saddened when I read the news this morning. We lost one of the most extraordinary artists of our time.”

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  • NYFA Welcomes China Zhejiang Film and Media Group

    The China Zhejiang Film and Media Group recently visited the New York Film Academy’s 17 Battery location to get an exclusive behind the scenes tour of the New York City campus.

    chinese students

    Dean of Asian Students Joy Zhu, President Michael Young and Senior Executive Vice President David Klein

    The international group was introduced to the visual and performing arts school by Dean of Asian Students Joy Zhu, as well as President Michael Young and Senior Executive Vice President David Klein.

    The Chinese film students were able to get a firsthand look at the breathtaking views that Battery Park has to offer, which includes New York Harbor, Ellis Island and The Statue of Liberty. The tour included some of our classrooms, which were uniquely designed from scratch to meet the specific needs of the hands-on programs, including state-of-the-art production studios and sound stages with courses focusing on filmmaking, acting, musical theatre, screenwriting, 3D animation, producing, photography, broadcast journalism, and more.

    “It was a pleasure meeting the China Zhejiang Film and Media group,” said NYFA’s Director of Chinese Social Media, Nancy Shen. “NYFA is proud to serve the high-end Film and Television training program members in their pursuit of a world-class filmmaking education.”

    Indeed it was a thrill welcoming budding young talent from China, and we hope to meet with them and other international students in the near future!

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  • Anthony Richmond Holds Crane and Jib Workshop

    During their third semester, the MFA Cinematography students at New York Film Academy have a full schedule of workshops to keep them busy. With the Master’s Lighting Workshop, the Underwater Camera Workshop and the Alexa Workshop, the students are given an opportunity work with advanced professional tools and learn how to integrate them into a narrative film production.

    anthony richmond

    NYFA Cinematography Chair Anthony Richmond with his students

    In addition to these courses, the week-long Crane & Jib Workshop gives students the opportunity to work with a variety of camera movement systems from a broad range of the top manufacturers including J.L Fisher, Chapman/Leonard, and Service Vision. Cinematography department chair Anthony Richmond, ASC, BSC led the class, introducing the students to a range of practical techniques for using both remote cranes and jib arms to construct powerful, dynamic shots. Richmond pushed the students to develop their operating skills using both the traditional geared head and the remote crane heads that are based on this classic design.


    For the last day of the workshop, the class put their new set of skills to work on the Crane & Jib Practicum. They used the 45-foot Scorpion Crane, equipped with a Scorpion Remote Head, a RED Epic Dragon digital cinema camera, a Cooke zoom lens and a remote focus and iris system. With the camera flying on the crane throughout the shoot, the class captured a wide variety of moving shots designed to tell the story in a dynamic style.

    By the end of the workshop, the MFA Cinematography students had a greater understanding of how to design visually stunning shots, and how to use professional tools to execute their ideas. As they look forward to next semester, these cinematographers will have a new set of skills to take their films thesis films to the next level.

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  • Joe Lisi and Col. Jack Jacobs Host Acting & Filmmaking Workshop for Military

    joe lisi

    Guest Instructor, retired NY Police captain and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Joe Lisi takes questions from participants after a day of filming.

    In the spirit of the Holiday Season, the New York Film Academy believes giving back to those who served and continue to serve our country in the military is of great importance. That is why NYFA founder, Jerry Sherlock, himself a veteran, was delighted that so many members of our nation’s armed forces have taken the opportunity to study and develop their passion in the visual and performing arts at NYFA’s campuses in New York City, Los Angeles, and South Beach, Florida.

    To further the College’s commitment to supporting our nation’s servicemembers on a broader scale, NYFA and the NYFA Office of Veterans Services developed a new program offering multiple free 1-day Master Classes—taught by media and entertainment industry luminaries—to veterans and active duty military members. This ongoing program will take place at all three NYFA domestic campuses.

    canon 5d

    A participant receives instruction on the Canon 5D camera system from one of NYFA’s classroom instructors.

    On December 12th, 2015, veterans and active duty military members from the Tristate area attended an exclusive 1-day Acting & Filmmaking workshop at the New York Film Academy’s beautiful campus in downtown Manhattan. In addition to the intensive hands-on master classes, the invited guests also had the privilege of an intimate sit-down lunch with the Chair of the Veterans Advancement Program, Medal of Honor recipient and NBC/MSNBC on-air personality, Colonel Jack Jacobs. As a finale for the day of instruction and filming, the students met with the renowned film and television actor—and U.S. Marine veteran— Joe Lisi for a critique of their films and a discussion about the industry and career paths.

    The ambitious goal of teaching participants the basics: framing the “shot,” rehearsing lines, directing actors, and filming—all in one day—was successfully implemented by NYFA faculty, Blanche Baker (Acting), Jonathan Whittaker (Filmmaking) and Bart Mastronardi (Cinematography) who each relied on the proven method of “hands-on,” learning by doing.

    joe lisi

    Masterclass guests pose with Medal of Honor Recipient and NYFA Veteran Advancement Program Chair, Colonel Jack Jacobs.

    Since 1992, the New York Film Academy, an accredited and military friendly school, has been offering the world’s most hands-on, intensive programs in Filmmaking, Acting, Game Design, 3D Animation, Screenwriting, and many more. Our faculty is comprised of industry professionals, many of which are still active creatively in their chosen fields! For assistance beginning your education in the visual and performing arts, please visit or contact our Veterans Admission Team at

    -Jim Miller & Chris Paparis

  • Highlights from the 2015 NYFA Broadcast Journalism School

    You have probably noticed that, as the holidays approach, many news programs are offering “year in review” stories. There are two reasons for this… First, from a news perspective, things are slow. Even the President of the United States is taking two weeks of vacation. Second, among those also on vacation are a large number of reporters, producers and anchors who normally staff TV news programs. Retrospective stories require little new shooting, and can be done well prior to their air date.

    In that great tradition, here is a look back at the year 2015 and what it held for NYFA Broadcast Journalism alumni, as well as our current students.


    George Colli NBC Connecticut

    Among the most recent events is NYFA alum George Colli’s move from NBC-Connecticut to the Washington, DC bureau of Cox Media Group. With 15 stations located across the United States, Cox is a major player in local and regional news. George is going to be in the middle of all the 2016 Presidential year politics. Congratulations, George!
    trt turkey

    Beytullah Bayar on the set of his sports show on the TRT network in Turkey

    Meanwhile, Beytullah Bayar looks great (as usual) on the set of his sports show on the TRT network in Turkey. The network has just gone over to HD, to better feature Beyt’s collection of fine ties. He is also doing a weekly radio sports show.
    Celine Liv Danielsen

    Celine Liv Danielsen

    Celine Liv Danielsen was co-host of the “alternative” coverage of Denmark’s recent national elections.
    Emilie Olsson

    Emilie Olsson

    While Emilie Olsson is working with TV 4 in Stockholm, Sweden.
    Andras Takacs

    Andras Takacs

    Andras Takacs was honored, along with his production partner, for their series On The Spot at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Andras — who is from Budapest, Hungary — credits the camera, editing and reporting skills he learned at NYFA for the success of the series.
    nicole cross

    Dr. Nicole Cross is now at the ABC affiliate in Monroe, Louisiana

    Closer to home, Dr. Nicole Cross is now at the ABC affiliate in Monroe, Louisiana. She co-anchors the morning news, and anchors the noon news, for a station that covers portions of three states. And she is all over social media. You go, Nicole!
    liz rose

    liz rose

    Videographer/editor/producer Liz Rose spent her Summer on the high seas, working with Celebrity Cruise Lines. After a mountain climbing trip with her mother, I understand she will be off to the Rio Olympics next year.
    Flavia Renata Perez

    Flavia Renata Perez

    And speaking of Brazil, Flavia Renata Perez proves that you don’t always have to “dress up” to have on-camera impact. (Plus she was nice enough to wear a t-shirt honoring one of the rock bands of my teenage years!)
    patricia saad

    Patricia Saad

    Patricia Saad was very au courant as she shot a roof-top stand-up earlier this month. (Proving, just like in New York, “black is the new black” when it comes to fashion.)
    Paula Varejao

    Paula Varejao

    And Paula Varejao obviously is having no problem getting “air time.”
    Nour Idriss on CBS Evening News

    Nour Idriss is working on the CBS Evening News

    Over at the CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th Street here in Manhattan, Nour Idriss is working on the CBS Evening News. And while she isn’t currently anchoring the show, if I were Scott Pelly I’d be looking over my shoulder…
    msnbc with nyfa

    NYFA students at MSNBC

    As for our current students, we were able to get an exclusive “behind-the-scenes” tour of NBC News, and spent time on the MSNBC set.

    NYFA students (and super TA Genia Vlasova) also attended a studio session of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

    A number of students (and super TA Genia Vlasova) also attended a studio session of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. There’s nothing like being in New York…

    Broadcast Journalism Chair Bill Einreinhofer

    That’s a little bit of what took place this year. We look forward to another strong year from both our Broadcast Journalism students and alumni!