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  • Adam Nimoy’s ‘For the Love of Spock’ Doc Produced in Association with NYFA

    George Takei with NYFA Instructor Adam Nimoy

    George Takei with NYFA Instructor Adam Nimoy

    The New York Film Academy is proud to announce our involvement in the documentary feature film, For the Love of Spock.

    On June 16 and 17, staff and students of the New York Film Academy Los Angeles helped professional Director and long time directing Instructor, Adam Nimoy, produce a documentary about the character of Mr. Spock from Star Trek entitled For the Love of Spock. Adam and his father, Leonard Nimoy who played the iconic role, decided together that it was time to make a documentary about the beloved character. Unfortunately, Leonard Nimoy passed away before they could start production on the documentary. Adam has taken up the reigns with the intent of finishing the documentary and steering it not only towards an in-depth look at the famous Vulcan, but the man, his father, who made the character famous.


    William Shatner with NYFA crew

    New York Film Academy is lending talent and resources to ensure Adam’s documentary is a success. Earlier this week staff and students were thrilled to join Adam’s production team and help shoot a series of high profile interviews that will make up the spine of the documentary.

    William Shatner (Captain Kirk), George Takei (Lt. Sulu) and Walter Koenig (Ensign Chekov) were just a few of the impressive names that our staff and students helped interview for the documentary. Zachary Quinto will be providing the narration for the film and the New York film Academy is honored to help produce it.

    love of spock

  • NYFA Rewards Paris Hero Lassana Bathily


    Lassana Bathily

    A hero is often born in moments of selflessness and quick-thinking in situations that require immediate action. Earlier this year in Paris, Malian-born Lassana Bathily was simply working at a stockroom in a kosher grocery store—a typical day for the young man—when two gunman burst into the store and opened fire, killing four people. Without regard for his own life, Mr. Bathily swiftly hid fifteen customers in the basement of the market, eventually sneaking them out through a back exit to freedom. Mr. Bathily’s heroic act saved those fifteen lives from inevitable doom. It’s likely that without his help, there would have been a massacre at the kosher market.

    What we didn’t know was how Mr. Bathily was temporarily arrested by police immediately after freeing the fifteen hostages. Due to the confusion and chaos around the market, the Paris police had to be very cautious. Fortunately, after surveying the situation, Mr. Bathily was released after an hour and a half, having realized he was not a criminal but rather a hero.

    After reading the story of this courageous young man, New York Film Academy’s founder Jerry Sherlock made a personal commitment to locate Mr. Bathily and provide him with a generous donation as well as offer him a scholarship to NYFA’s Paris Workshops.


    Lassana Bathily with NYFA VP of Strategic Initiatives, Jim Miller

    Earlier this month, we had the privilege of meeting Mr. Bathily at NYFA’s Battery Park campus. Mr. Bathily humbly spoke of his heroic actions on that tragic day in Paris, as well as his hopes for the future. Having received many accolades and generous donations, Mr. Bathily hopes to use his newfound “fame” to better his small hometown in Mali. While the overall attacks in Paris were devastating, it’s touching to know there can be some positives to come out this tragedy.

    We wish Mr. Bathily the best of luck with his future, and hope to someday see him at our location in Paris.

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  • Photography Students Spend a Week in Hawaii!


    Students from the New York Film Academy Los Angeles Photography BFA and One-Year Programs spent a week on the Big Island of Hawaii, engaged in a variety of tours and activities.

    Monday, the students met with Chef Allen, who owns HUGGOS restaurant. Chef Allen was kind enough to let the students shoot in his restaurant from 10:00am until 2:00pm, where they shot models (from Premiere Modeling Agency) in the restaurant. The restaurant is on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The rest of the day was spent organizing the week.


    Tuesday was the Circle Island/Volcano Excursion. The all day tour took them to the island’s most popular sight seeing locations. They visited Kilauea Volcano, Hilo Town (the floral center of the islands), a stop at Akatsuka Nursery and Big Island Candies (known for its chocolates). From there, the photography students went to Rainbow Falls and past sugar cane fields to Parker Ranch, which takes up approximately 250,000 acres of the island. Parker Ranch is also one of the nation’s largest cattle ranches.

    Wednesday the students met and worked with the Focus Model & Talent Agency. They sent a toddler, teenager and an adult. Everyone met on the beach, and the challenge for the students was a location they had never seen before with outdoor conditions and a time restrain. While on the beach, the locals were friendly and gave out excellent advice on where to eat and shop!


    On Thursday, they participated in a tour that began at Kona, along the beautiful coast of Hawaii, wandered through ancient lava fields, and ended at Mauna Kea Summit — over 13,000 feet altitude and has 13 telescopes from over 11 countries. High above the cloud cover, students photographed the stunning views at sunset, then traveled down to the Mauna Kea Visitors Information Station for a Star Gazing party, learning about the night sky and constellations while being treated to home made brownies and hot chocolate.

    Friday was spent going to Kole Kole beach, where a fresh water river meets a saltwater ocean. Although the water is clear and there are rocks on the bottom, they all joined in swinging off the rope from the cliff and into the water.

    Students treked to Waipio Valley, childhood home of King Kamehameha, where they hiked down the lush valley with local birds and bugs (and no cell phone service) to Hillawe Falls. When hiking back up, a tropical rain soaked them all!

    nyfa hawaii

    Saturday, there was a modeling agency workshop with the Focus Modeling Agency owner, Swan. The “new face” models were there to meet Peter Baratti, Hollywood guest photographer, and the students were invited to join and shoot with him.

    Saturday night they all went back to the hotel to enjoy the local poke (fish salad) and get ready to head home.

    All in all, the photography students first one-week exotic trip was a huge success! We look forward to providing the same experience to our next group of students.

  • NYFA Awards Brooklyn Film Festival’s Best Director

    michael young

    NYFA President Michael Young congratulates Robert Gregson

    The New York Film Academy is proud to be a Supporting Sponsor at the 18th Brooklyn Film Festival. This year, the festival received 2,331 films coming from 114 countries and selected 109 film premieres coming from 26 countries.

    “Our film competition has been incredibly successful,” said Brooklyn Film Festival Director, Marco Ursino. “The great thing is that our audience, professionals or not, truly enjoyed all of the films.”

    As part of our sponsorship, NYFA’s President Michael Young was on hand to present a tuition scholarship to the Best New Director Award-Winner, Robert Gregson, for his film The Refrigerator. The Brooklyn-based filmmakers’s film focuses on the lives of Howie and Mark, two broke friends who happen to find a refrigerator on the street. Inside the fridge, they discover the way to another dimension. Greed, drunkenness and hilarity ensue.

    We’d like to congratulate Mr. Gregson, as well as the other winners and competitors in the festival. Mr. Gregson’s scholarship entitles him to attend an 8-Week Workshop to one of our many locations around the world. For a full list of this year’s winners, visit the Brooklyn Film Festival’s official website at

    We look forward to supporting next year’s Brooklyn Film Festival!

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  • NYFA Hosts Special Event for Wounded Warriors

    wwp at nyfaAs a nationally accredited and degree granting college, the New York Film Academy has been privileged over the last few years to enroll hundreds of veteran students at our campuses in both New York City and Los Angeles. To further give back to our veteran and military community, the New York Film Academy in Battery Park held an event exclusive for veterans from the Wounded Warrior Project.

    The mission of Wounded Warrior Project is to enlist the public’s aid for the needs of injured servicemembers, to help injured servicemen and women aid and assist each other, and to provide unique, direct programs and services to meet their needs.

    The daylong event began with a speech from Colonel Jack Jacobs, NYFA’s Chair of the NYFA Veterans Advancement Program. Jacobs has served as a platoon leader in the 82nd Airborne Division, executive officer of an infantry battalion in the 7th Infantry Division, and commanded the 4th Battalion 10th Infantry in Panama. A member of the faculty of the US Military Academy, Colonel Jacobs taught international relations and comparative politics for three years, and he was a member of the faculty of the National War College in Washington, DC. He was in Vietnam twice, both times as an advisor to Vietnamese infantry battalions, and he is among the most highly decorated soldiers from that era, having earned three Bronze Stars, two Silver Stars and the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest combat decoration.

    Jacobs spoke in depth about the importance of veterans in Media and Film, and joined the Warriors for lunch after his inspirational speech. After that, the Warriors were given two truly hands-on workshops in both filmmaking and acting for film.

    “It was an honor and privilege doing this event for the Wounded Warrior Project,” said Director of Performing Arts Enrollment, Roger Del Pozo. “They did a fantastic job in the workshop, and they were very inspiring — it was an amazing experience.”

    wounded warriors

    An award-winning Top Military Friendly School, the New York Film Academy is dedicated to helping veterans achieve their educational and career goals. Many of NYFA programs are approved for the Post-9/11 GI Bill and the New York Film Academy proudly participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

    For more information about NYFA’s Veterans Benefits, Resources and Alumni, please visit

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  • Urban Possibilities and New York Film Academy Team Up For Spoken Word Performance and Story Encounter

    urban possibilities

    New York Film Academy students worked with survivors of homelessness to present a spoken word and musical performance at the NYFA Theater at the Los Angeles campus in May. Urban Possibilities is a nonprofit organization dedicated to inspiring the homeless and working poor. Urban Possibilities’ alumni performed spoken word pieces about their lives developed during one of UP’s writing workshops. NYFA Acting students Fernando Sambora and Roman Arnaize performed a musical interlude for the full house of enthusiastic NYFA students and faculty.

    urban possibilities

    The next day, NYFA screenwriting, filmmaking, and documentary students participated in a unique daylong workshop facilitated by Urban Possibilities. NYFA students were paired with Urban Possibilities students to interview one another and share their personal stories. After an hour of heart-to-heart conversation, each person was asked to write a profile of the person they’d been speaking to. Touching, surprising and sometimes extraordinary bonds between the pairs were revealed. One NYFA student called it “an unforgettable day of learning and feeling and writing a truly original piece.” Another said, “I loved it. It was enlightening, inspirational, transformational and eye-opening.”

    urban possibilities

    Eyvette Jones Johnson, Founder and CEO of Urban Possibilities said, “When we exchange our stories, bonds are created and biases begin to melt away no matter what our zip codes may be. That’s important in a world often violently divided by race and class — one that our students navigate daily.”

  • NYFA South Beach Open House with Ralph Gibson and Col. Jacobs

    ralph gibson

    Ralph Gibson with editor of Nuestro Magazine, Alida Hernandez

    In a full room of prospective students, the New York Film Academy South Beach hosted an Open House with award-winning photographer Ralph Gibson and Medal of Honor recipient Colonel Jack Jacobs. Both Mr. Gibson and Colonel Jacobs have recently joined NYFA — Gibson as Chair of its Department of Contemporary Photography and Colonel Jacobs as Chair of Veteran’s Advancement Program.

    Mr. Gibson spoke intimately, offering his advice and beliefs on photography as an art form, as a career and as a philosophy on how it relates to society and culture. He commanded the room for two hours while taking questions from students who were looking for insight and opinions from the prolific Mr. Gibson. He also spoke candidly about trends in photography like the popularity of instagram and shooting from your iPhone. In his own charismatic way, Mr. Gibson provided a fresh prospective on the techniques and style that will last as long as still photography remains a popular form of expression.

    col jacobs

    Colonel Jacobs with Mr. Scoleri, Veterans Service Officer

    “It was great to have Mr. Gibson speak so candidly to prospective students about the world of photography and how our programs here at NYFA teach you in an immersive and practical environment — as oppose to the traditional, sit, listen and watch approach,” said NYFA Photography Enrollment Advisor, Evan Leone.

    Colonel Jacobs, who spoke one-on-one with prospective veteran students, emphasized his belief that military men and women are the most competent and hard-working individuals in society, and that hiring a veteran is not an act of charity, as many feel, but a benefit to the employer. Colonel Jacobs was able to provide each student with his own first-hand experience of transitioning from the military to a career in the media. This was Jacobs’ third NYFA campus visit, as he previously spoke at NYFA’s Los Angeles and New York City locations.

    Next on the Open House tour for Gibson are Los Angeles and New York City. Ralph Gibson will be conducting his special “Natural Light Portraits” Workshop at NYFA Los Angeles on June 20th from 1:00pm-2:30pm. Following that will be a New York Open House on July 11th at NYFA Battery Park, located at 17 Battery Place in Manhattan, from 12:00pm – 2:00pm.

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  • FILM: To Keep Kids on Drugs?

    After the overwhelming response from the New York Film Academy’s infographic on gender inequality in film, we decided to touch on another film related topic that deserves a similar debate. Do movies and television influence drug use? Through a narrated videographic, the New York Film Academy brings viewers on a journey through the years, analyzing how film and television has shaped our perception of drugs, as well as its possible effects on the viewing audience.

    Enjoy our video below and let us know what you think in the comments below!


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  • NYFA to Create Promo for Teens Take the Met

    teens take met

    New York Film Academy will send a crew of top graduates to the Metropolitan Museum tomorrow to create a documentary/promo of their signature teen event, TEENS TAKE THE MET.

    The event, which starts tomorrow, Friday, June 5th and runs from 5:00-8:00pm, is sponsored by dozens of arts-related non-profits, and of course the New York Film Academy. The evening is expected to draw at least 4,000 local teens from all around the New York City area.

    Teens Take the Met is free and open to all teens 13+ with a middle or high school ID. No RSVP—just show up!

    And while you’re there, be sure to look out for our talented documentary filmmaking students!

  • New York Film Academy Photo Shoot at Bloomingdale’s Miami

    miami bloomingdales

    The New York Film Academy South Beach Photography department, led by Photography Co-Chair Paul Sunday, held a “Movie Madness” event with Bloomingdale’s Miami in The Falls. The photography event created a movie-like atmosphere in the cosmetics department, giving ladies the opportunity to feel what it’s like to be prepped before a photo shoot. Many of the people we met were naturals and shined behind the camera!

    “I’ve collaborated with Bloomingdale’s many times over the years.  It’s always been fun and inspiring,” said Co-Chair of NYFA’s Photography Program, Paul Sunday. “The Hollywood makeup event at the Falls was no exception. The beauty team at Bloomies was stellar. They embodied what we teach our photography students; vision, style and professionalism are ingredients for success.”

    nyfa bloomies

    Since 2013, the 10,000 square ft. South Beach location, with facilities on the second floor and in the Penthouse Suite of 420 Lincoln Road, has quickly become a desired home for aspiring photographers, actors and filmmakers to truly hone their craft in a hands-on learning environment.

    Catered to all levels of expertise, the NYFA South Beach Photography program offers short-term, long-term and degree programs. Each curriculum is designed to allow students to develop their own unique voice so that they can build a photography portfolio that is immediately recognizable as their own.

    If you’re interested in learning more about the New York Film Academy South Beach Photography School, visit

    To view more photos from our event, please visit our Facebook Album by clicking here.