Anastasia Coon

  • NYFA Instructor Wins Big at Fringe Theater Festival


    New York Film Academy instructor Anastasia Coon, who teaches voice in the acting program and Public Speaking in LAS, scored big time at the recent LA Fringe Theatre Festival for Gracie and Rose. Gracie and Rose live off the land love off the grid in 1950′s Wyoming – where wild horses run free and appearances are deceiving. Gracie lives as George so she and Rose can be together. The play brings about the question, is true love in the body worth the cost of living a lie in the world?
    Here are some of the accolades for Gracie and Rose:

    Winner | Best of Fringe Extension
    Nominee | Best Solo Show (Top 5 out of 45 solo shows)

    gracie and rose
    • “Her Gracie and Rose makes Boys Don’t Cry look like children’s theatre!” Kristina Wong, Award Winning Solo Performer
    • “Poetry returns to the theatre. Don’t miss Gracie and Rose, this is what theatre is meant to do.” -Sheana Ochoa, SLAM
    • Ms. Magazine’s Top 3 Picks of the Fringe
    • “This is a timely play about a current issue that is only now being resolved – 50 years after the time the play is set. I highly recommend this play for everyone who believes in equality.” -Bob Leggett,
    • “A great script, a powerful performance rooted in strong character work, and visceral imagery merge into a tour de force production that exemplifies what one-person theatre should be.” -Gregory Crafts, Managing Director of Theatre Unleashed 

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  • NYFA Instructor in New One-Woman Show


    anastasia-headshotNew York Film Academy acting instructor, Anastasia Coon is bringing her one-woman show, Gracie & Rose, to the Art of Acting studio in Hollywood as part of the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The festival takes place in venues throughout Hollywood during the month of June, and promotes groundbreaking work in small venues. As Anastasia says, “A huge part of Fringe is the social aspect. You see a show, hang out with actors, and have a drink with them.”

    In Gracie & Rose, Anastasia portrays multiple characters living in Wyoming in the 1950s. The character of Gracie has to deal with the intense demands of the land, caring for animals, and running a ranch. She also disguises herself as a man so she and Rose can be together.

    Inspired in part by Anastasia’s time living on a farm in France, the play was cultivated over the past dozen years. “It’s a good story. Old-fashioned storytelling. And it’s a love story about living authentically by any means necessary,” she says.

    While Gracie & Rose is not based on a specific true story, Anastasia says, “It’s based on true stories of women through our history that we never hear about.” In fact, there are many well-documented incidents of women living as men for various reasons throughout history – in Aboriginal communities, throughout the Middle East, and during the American Civil War. Anastasia continues, “Because we’re deprived of those stories, there are huge omissions in American history, the history of the Western states, and women around the world.”

    For more information, visit the official website or Facebook page and be sure to check out the trailer below.


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