• New York Film Academy (NYFA) Soccer Program Takes Home Two Trophies


    The men’s soccer program at New York Film Academy’s Los Angeles campus took home two Third Place trophies, now having a total of eight since the program’s establishment in 2014. The program is part of NYFA-LA’s Athletic Department, headed by Director, Elise Cregg.Men's Soccer 2018

    The men’s soccer head coach, Roy Lev-Ari, says both teams have flourished into groups of young men, working individually and collectively towards their academic and athletic goals. “It’s been a pleasure seeing the development of both teams,” declared Lev-Ari, “they’ve really dedicated themselves to each other and the team, keeping each other accountable and relying on one another.” 

    The efforts of the men’s soccer teams have cultivated the program into one of discipline, dedication, and resilience. Coach Lev-Ari works consistently with his players to help strengthen their mental stamina and develop the ability to succeed under high pressure, in addition to teaching them how to effectively communicate and build respect for one another. 

    Men's Soccer 2018“We had a rough start at the beginning, but a few weeks into the season our leaders stepped up willingly and helped unite the group,” added Lev-Ari. “Our Captain Diego Vicenti (MFA Filmmaking Fall 2016) leads the squad with undeniable talent and heart, and another alum, Alessio Mongardi (BFA Acting January 2015), sets the standard in effort and dedication for the new players. Our all-star goalkeeper Michael Sumner (January 2014 MFA Screenwriting) and the tremendously talented Nurmat Sakebaev (Summer 2015 BFA Filmmaking) make invaluable contributions to the team on a weekly basis.” 

    Diego Vicenti, Captain, reflected on the season: “It’s been a lot of fun competing with these guys and growing as a team; for some of us, this team has become another family outside of NYFA and away from home.” He continued, “I’m proud of all the boys! It took a lot of hard work but it’s all worth it.” 

    Men's Soccer 2018

    Coach Roy Lev-Ari is beyond excited and already working towards next season. “The boys are hungry for the championship title. I believe all the work we’ve put forth these past few seasons will come together and give us major success.” 

    The men’s soccer team continues to compete in the Universal Soccer League on Sunday and Monday nights. 


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  • NYFA Athletics Department Hosts “1st Annual Athletics Banquet 2016”


    The New York Film Academy College of Visual and Performing Arts (NYFA) Athletics Department hosted its 1st Annual Athletics Banquet for its coaching staff and athletes on Sunday, August 14, 2016. The Banquet brought together the department in its entirety to recognize and celebrate everyone’s hard work and success. Since the establishment of athletics in 2014, NYFA has created seven athletic teams and two clubs that would go on to earn seven 1st place and 2nd place trophies.

    eric brown

    NYFA’s Athletic Director, Eric Brown, took the podium and delivered a welcome speech elaborating on the department’s history, prospective goals, and plans for the future. Stefan Leach, a BFA Acting Student and men’s basketball player, said, “The banquet had a great atmosphere with lively music and amazing food! We danced, ate, and had a blast with the other athletes!”

    Following Eric’s speech, each coach shared memorable moments and cherished experiences throughout their seasons. The men’s basketball coach, Lucius Allen, talked about his team and the players’ improvement over the past few seasons, along with their consecutive back-to-back championships. Steven Goldstein, head coach of the women’s basketball team, raved about the camaraderie and diligence of his team, overcoming any obstacle, earning two 2nd place trophies. The two-time championship winning men’s soccer team was introduced by their new coach Roy Lev-Ari, who spoke volumes about their commitment and his resolve as their coach. Emily Seidel introduced the co-ed softball team and talked about their improvement and dedication to the program. Elise Cregg spoke about the department and her new position as the Athletics Coordinator, as well as enjoying coaching the men’s and women’s volleyball teams.

    nyfa athletics

    Dinner was provided by Monte Carlo’s Italian Restaurant while the banquet ensued with music by DJ Tuesday. Alessio Mongardi, a BFA Acting Student, said “The first ever NYFA Athletics Banquet went above and beyond in its quest to bring people together for a fun and enjoyable night filled with exciting, rewarding, and inspiring moments shared with teammates and friends.”

    The student athletes and coaches also participated in a raffle, which ranged from Nike gift cards, to classic historic sports movies. The athletics department looks forward to next year’s athletics banquet and celebrating the upcoming sports’ seasons!


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  • Sprinting Toward Hollywood: A Pro Athlete Turned Actress



    As a child in Markham, Ontario, Charlotte Plummer was involved in countless extra-curricular activities: ballet, modern dance, piano, accordion, trombone, horseback riding, acting classes. She did well in all of them, but started aggressively pursuing sports in high school. By the end of her 9th grade year, she was already being offered scholarships for universities in the United States.

    After finishing high school, she accepted a scholarship to New Orleans’ prestigious Tulane University, receiving her BA in Psychology, with a minor in Exercise and Sports Science. She was a conference athlete for the school, an NCAA qualifier, and won at the Penn Relays. She started as a 400-meter hurdler, and ended up as a runner in the 800-meter dash, making it to the Olympic trials for Canada.

    Though she originally planned on going into sports psychology, Charlotte had worked with mentally disturbed adolescents during school, and decided to change her path. As she says, “I asked myself, ‘Do I want to work with pampered athletes, or people who really need help?’” She ended up working with individuals with brain injuries, mostly resulting from car accidents. She helped patients with rehabilitation, speech therapy, psychology, and fitness.

    A series of injuries took Charlotte away from the world of competitive sports, but through her experience in track, she became an athletic model and did a lot of commercial work for Tennis Canada, Nike, and Pfizer. A chance meeting with a New York Film Academy representative led to another scholarship, and soon Charlotte would be pursuing her MFA in Acting for Film. “Doors have opened up, and I have to step into every door that is open to me,” says Charlotte.

    She began her studies at the school’s New York City campus before finishing at the Universal Studios campus in Los Angeles. “I’m glad I did New York and L.A.,” says Charlotte. “New York is definitely more theater based. In L.A. you really get the business side. You learn a lot in production and writing.”

    Just a few weeks before graduation, Charlotte participated in the Acting for Film showcase, produced by Valorie Hubbard. Scores of agents and managers came to see the showcase, and every student received callbacks the following week. Charlotte took 3 meetings, and is currently deciding which agent to sign with. She is also in rehearsals for an upcoming short film, and going on auditions. Of her education, Charlotte says, “You don’t realize while you’re in it how much you’ve learned. Now when I go on auditions I’m surprised at how prepared I am. Because there‘s so many teachers of so many backgrounds, you get so many perspectives.”

    Charlotte looks forward to a career in film, but also hopes to continue with mentorship. “I feel like young people are so lost in this world and have no concept of dreams,” she says. “I’m pursuing my reality. I’ve lived so many dreams. I’m able to make them realities. I’m still striving.”