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  • Netflix Announces Premiere Dates for Orange is the New Black and Wet Hot American Summer


    wet hot american summer

    Already binge-watched all of House of Cards’ season three and find yourself scrambling for more streaming content to devour? Don’t worry—Netflix has you covered. The media giant announced this week the announce dates for three of their original series, as well as several other projects.

    The first premiere announced is June 5 for Sense8, the anticipated series by The Matrix creators Andy and Lana Wachowski, which recently made headlines with news that it would be incorporating footage of live births. It will be followed by Orange is the New Black—Netflix’s critically and audience-adored original series that isn’t House of Cards—which will overload FCC-protected bandwidths on June 12. Shortly after that, appropriately amidst a hot summer, a star-studded series sequel to Wet Hot American Summer will debut on July 17.

    Netflix has been making waves for some time now in its push to become a major league original content creator on the same level as television networks and even movie studios. It looks to be living up to that potential already this year with these original series as well as the Canadian thriller Between, the comedy specials Chris D’Elia: Incorrigible and Jen Kirkman: I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine), and the documentary What Happened, Miss Simone. With a ton more content currently being produced by Netflix, it’s only a matter of time before every week brings about a new premiere, so clear your schedules while you can.


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  • Got Your 6 Campaign Launches New Certification For Veteran Films


    6 Certified

    A panel of entertainment industry leaders, joined by First Lady Michelle Obama, announced today a new certification program to promote a fair portrayal of veterans in film and television.

    The Got Your 6 advocacy group created the “6 Certified” label, which can be earned by works that depict veterans in a balanced way. The work must meet at least one of six pledges:

    1. Research or consult with veterans, family members, or experts on the topic.
    2. To cast a veteran in the project.
    3. To have a veteran as a writer on the project.
    4. To portray a veteran character in the work.
    5. To tell the story of a veteran in the project.
    6. Or, to use veteran(s) as a source during the writing process on set.

    “Got Your 6” comes from the military term that means “got your back.” The campaign aims to help with the reintegration of military veterans into civil life. And the organization, in partnership with other nonprofits and Hollywood, recognizes that the portrayal of veterans in mainstream media and entertainment has an impact on the reintegration process.

    The “6 Certified” label aims to promote works that tell stories of veterans in a more representative and accurate way, and prevent extreme stereotypical representations of veterans as either just “heroes” or just “victims.”

    The two headliners of the event have had plenty of experience working to promote veteran stories.

    The Got Your 6 campaign was launched in 2012 shortly after Michelle Obama’s Joining Forces initiative called for more positive representations of veterans.

    Along with doing USO events for over 8 years, Bradley Cooper recently starred in the hugely successful and award-nominated American Sniper (which would no doubt earn the 6 Certified distinction).

    This seems like a great step for the entertainment industry, as it is a push towards better storytelling and away from stereotypical portrayals. And, more importantly, this could represent a positive change in the public perception and reintegration of veterans back into civilian life.


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  • Chris Pratt: New Indiana Jones or Wishful Thinking?


    chriss prattIt seems that an Indiana Jones revival is inevitable, as Disney bought rights to the franchise in 2013. And now rumors are swirling about who the new Indy might be.

    As of right now, it looks like Chris Pratt is the front-runner for the role. However, this is all speculation. Neither Disney nor Pratt’s representatives had anything to comment on the rumors. And Bradley Cooper’s name has also come up in rumors regarding who the new leading man will be.

    While the rumors may just be fan-casting at this point, it would seem to be a match made in heaven. Pratt’s comedic prowess would lend itself well to the role. Seeing him in Guardians of the Galaxy showed us that he should have no problem pulling off a scene where he pulls a gun on a sword-wielding enemy:

    Pratt has been on a hot streak of late, being the 2nd highest grossing actor last year. And his involvement in a project like this could revive the legendary franchise, as he has no shortage of adoring fans that are sure to pour into theaters to watch his rendition of the iconic character.

    It’s also worth mentioning that Guardians was distributed by Disney. So the studio and leading man have a fairly successful history of working together.

    And if you’re having a hard time imagining what Chris Pratt might look like as the archaeologist/adventurer, this image from a DeviantART user from back in August might just do the trick (it might have also been what sparked the fan-casting to begin with).

    It’s still too early to tell if there is anything solid behind these rumors. But there’s also enough reason to speculate that this could happen – mostly because everyone wants it to.


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  • Screening of ‘Donnie Darko’ with Producer Adam Fields

    Adam Fields NYFA LA

    Producer Adam Fields

    New York Film Academy Los Angeles students were treated this month to a screening of the cult smash hit Donnie Darko at Warner Bros. studios. Following the screening was a Q&A with the producer Adam Fields, moderated by Tova Laiter.

    Although there may be mass confusion as to the meaning behind Donnie Darko, most people can agree that, for one reason or another, they love it. This was the case for producer Adam Fields when he first read the script and decided to spearhead the project. Adam didn’t know exactly what the story was about, but he was deeply drawn to the project. Most notably, the dialogue of the struggling high school students felt more real and moving than anything else he had ever read in that genre. So Adam followed his gut and took on the project. Before he had secured any financing, he went out on a limb and announced a future shooting date in the trade papers. Agents began calling and asking to read the script, their clients loved the material, and soon everyone was interested. This momentum attracted money and eventually Drew Barrymore, who helped complete financing. By believing the project was definitely happening and acting as if it were, Adam Fields manifested the reality he desired.

    The value of “trusting your gut” was an important theme of the night. Trusting his gut is also something Adam did when deciding to produce the film Ravenous. Similar to Donnie Darko, this film was obscure and didn’t fit perfectly into any one particular genre like Hollywood likes, but Adam loved it. Without Adam’s enthusiasm for this offbeat script with cannibalistic content and humorous undertones, Ravenous would never have seen the light of day. He was eventually able to convince a studio executive to read the script. Although the executive told Adam that he “hated it,” he didn’t give up. While courting the executive over breakfast, he learned that he was a vegetarian, which explained to Adam why he wouldn’t like a script about cannibals. However, Adam cleverly spun the project as a “pro-vegetarian” piece. Adam was able to help the executive see what he saw in Ravenous and the project was green-lit.

    Adam Fields rise to the top was definitely an unorthodox approach. He didn’t care about what was popular or trending and simply pursued those projects that he connected with. His successes, (that he has either produced or supervised) — An American Werewolf in London, Six Weeks, Missing, Endless Love, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Great Balls of Fire, Ali, Brokedown Palace, Blue Crush, and Limitless with Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro — were all the more satisfying because of this. This was an important lesson that Adam taught NYFA students.

    We wish Adam Fields the best of luck with his future projects such as Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, The Wedding Ringer, a TV series based on James Mangold’s Copland, and Gone Baby Gone from author Dennis Lehane.


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