• Recap: New York Film Academy (NYFA) at IFP Week 2018


    This year, New York Film Academy (NYFA) was honored to help IFP Week celebrate its 40th anniversary. A leader in the independent media community, Independent Filmmaker Project (IFP) champions the future of storytelling by connecting artists with essential resources at all stages of development and distribution. NYFA was a co-sponsor for the second consecutive year. The week-long event took place at IFP’s state-of-the-art Made in NY Media Center in DUMBO, Brooklyn. A leading voice in the independent film industry, IFP also runs Filmmaker Magazine and the prestigious annual Gotham Awards.

    Andrea Swift moderated an essential #MeToo panel on Saturday. The all-women panel took on difficult but necessary questions about the present and future of the industry in the wake of the #MeToo movement. The panelists discussed what needs to be done both on screen and through media activism. Filmmaker and panelist Shruti Rya Ganguly perceptively said, “The #MeToo movement is not necessarily something new, but a different way of having that conversation.”

    The #MeToo Panel at IFP Week (photo provided by IFP)

    The panel discussed the power of strong journalism and the exact role of social media. They also emphasized the importance of women of color in the aftermath of the #MeToo reckoning. Adding to that, Anne Carey, President of Production at Archer Gray said, “I would hope that the takeaway from this conversation is create a space of safety so people who feel threatened have a place to talk, push to tell the best stories with the best people telling them.”

    NYFA Producing Instructor Krysanne Katsoolis moderated the Looking Abroad panel. This panel discussed the how-to’s and why-not’s of utilizing international co-productions and tax incentives. Katsoolis has significant multi-platform experience in content creation, financing, and distribution. She has produced over 60 films and series, and has worked with Academy and Emmy Award-winning directors. Recently Katsoolis built a media venture (Liquid Media Group) with actor Joshua Jackson, which is now public on NASDAQ.

    NYFA Documentary Chair Andrea Swift (photo provided by IFP)

    In addition to panels and screenings, IFP Week presented Spotlight On Documentaries, a mix of 72 documentary features, non-fiction series, and audio stories ranging from an early financing stage to those nearing completion. NYFA Screenwriting Chair Randy Dottin’s work-in-progress film The Chicago Franchise was selected for a prestigious slot in the Spotlight. The unfinished film was produced

    Veranika Nikanava, NYFA Screenwriting Chair Randy Dottin, and Revital Iyov at IFP Week

    by Randall Dottin and Angela Tucker, and executive produced by Cynthia Kobel. After the city of Chicago tore down its high rise public housing towers in 2011, the murder rate continued to climb. The documentary explores the complicated relationship between gun violence, poverty, and residential segregation — and how they’re all interconnected.

    The New York Film Academy would like to thank IFP and the Made in NY Media Center for inclusion, yet again, in such a fantastic and thought-provoking week. We look forward to IFP Week 2019!

  • New York Film Academy (NYFA) Sponsors Prestigious IFP Week 2018: Faculty Featured on Panels, NYFA Discounts, and More


    The New York Film Academy (NYFA) is once again a proud sponsor of the famed industry gathering IFP Week 2018, in Brooklyn from September 15th through 20th. At this year’s event, NYFA faculty will be featured on two separate IFP panels. Additionally, NYFA Screenwriting Chair Randy Dottin’s work-in-progress film The Chicago Franchise was selected for a prestigious slot in IFP Week’s Spotlight on Documentaries.

    NYFA Documentary Chair Andrea Swift and Producing Chair Neal Weisman explain that IFP Week is an essential industry gathering —whether you’re a director, producer, documentary filmmaker, screenwriter, It is as important for launching and maintaining careers as Sundance, and people fly in from all over the world to attend. IFP Week is the only multiple-platform, international co-production market for projects in the United States. This year is particularly exciting as IFP is celebrating its 40th anniversary with the independent media community.

    Andrea Swift will moderate an important #MeToo panel on Saturday, September 15th at 12:30 p.m. The all-female panel will explore difficult but necessary questions and discuss how we can shape the future of the #MeToo movement on screen and through media activism. NYFA Producing Instructor Krysanne Katsoolis will moderate the Looking Abroad panel on Monday, September 17th at 2 p.m. This panel will discuss the how-to’s and why-not’s of utilizing international co-productions and tax incentives.

    IFP Week 2017 

    Additionally, NYFA Screenwriting Chair Randall Dottin’s film The Chicago Franchise was selected for a prestigious slot in IFP Week’s Spotlight on Documentaries. The documentary explores the complicated relationship between gun violence, poverty, and residential segregation in the nation’s third largest city. Learn more about the full project slate here.

    The New York Film Academy is proud to help sponsor IFP, and is very pleased to share that IFP has extended a 20% discount to our students and alumni using special code IFP20! Click the following panel titles to purchase tickets for the #MeToo and Looking Abroad.

  • NYFA Students & Alumni to Exhibit Work at Brooklyn’s Photoville


    Photoville, the popular photo festival at Brooklyn Bridge Park, is returning for its sixth consecutive year. The event will take place between September 13-17 & 21-24 and will again include an exhibition of art taken by 23 different New York Film Academy Photography students and alumni who represent a diverse range of cultural identities around the world.

    “White is My New Green” by Nipun Nayyar

    The alumni and student work conveys a wide range of emotions and aesthetics from beauty and sensuality to pain and hardship. It also serves as an example of the variety of ways NYFA students effectively convey their photographic expression — from fine art to fashion, commercial work to photojournalism.

    Faculty at the photography school is also focused on preparing students to apply what they have learned in class and their coursework to the real world.  With the support of the faculty and their peers, our students have created a public art exhibit of exceptional freshness, quality, and breadth.

    Alongside traditional treatments of portraiture and still life, this group of artists has also experimented with abstraction, digital manipulation and a number of other possibilities. These experiences enrich their versatility and vision as they work to find their own distinct styles within the world of photography.

    “The Twins Identity” by Ana Paula Tizzi

    NYFA alumna Ana Paula Tizzi’s work was selected for the second consecutive year. “The Twins Identity” focuses on the relationship between the Brazil native’s mother and aunt, Denise and Dayse, who are identical twins. Tizzi was drawn to “our inability to distinguish, accept, and celebrate our differences.” Over the years, a certain mythology and mystery surrounded the relationship between the two, and Tizzi, a current teaching assistant at NYFA, sought to capture this.

    As an artist always striving to find personal connections and sync personal feelings with whoever she’s shooting, her close family made for ideal subjects. In many ways, Tizzi feels she has been shooting this particular series her whole life. Finding commonality was a key theme and inspiration as the artist shot “The Twins Identity” and this is brilliantly conveyed throughout each photo in the series.

    “Untitled” by Nitin Doppalapudi

    Los Angeles BFA student Nitin Doppalapudi will be showing a nature-inspired piece of Mount Everest. During a 20-day trek up and around the majestic peaks, Doppalapudi said patience was essential due to the unpredictable nature of the climate at such heights.

    “As an artist, my goal is to visually capture the essence of the environment and communicate my vision of the natural world by transporting the viewer to the destination.” The series shows clean near silhouettes of the towering peaks taken at various times throughout the course of day and night.

    “Bodily Confessions” by Natalia Rudenko

    NYFA LA 1-year MFA alumna Natasha Rudenko’s series “Bodily Confessions” explores the artist’s femininity, national identity, and gender politics as a Russian-born, white woman living in the United States.

    “Through Bodily Confessions I place myself into the feminist discourse,” the artist explains. “These images are sort of evidence of self-empowerment and of regaining control of my absence and presence, my past, my identity and my representation.”

    “Untitled” by Arthur Hylton

    NYFA 1-year student Arthur Hylton’s series is all about where the artist is mentally in the moment. “My artwork is about giving the viewer a look into the my mind as i am evolving as a person,” Hylton states.

    Opening night for Photoville will be on September 13th from 4 to 10pm. NYFA will be in container #15.

    The full list of the students and alumni exhibited:
    Nilangana Banerjee
    Juliane Buensche
    Pierre Crosby
    Karyna Dobrykava
    Nitin Doppalapudi
    Stephany Fernandez
    Pernille Brekke Hanssen

    Jon Henry
    Arthur Hylton
    Adam Kasali
    Rutvik Katuri
    Di Wu
    Qingjian Meng
    Manuela Montenegro
    Nipun Nayyar
    Natalia Rudenko
    Monika Sedziute
    Marshall Sharp
    Hanno Schatz
    Adi Tarkay
    Ana Paula Tizzi
    Huimin Zhang

    Vote for the People’s Choice Award below!


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  • NYFA Alumni to Showcase Photography Work at Brooklyn’s Photoville


    UPDATE: Photoville was a tremendous success, with thousands of photography enthusiasts on-hand for the five days of exhibitions. Be sure to check out the photos from our event, HERE.


    Brooklyn’s waterfront photography exhibition, Photoville, which is free and open to the public, will be returning for its fifth year. The event will take place between September 21-25 and will include an exhibition of artwork from New York Film Academy Photography alumni, representing a variety of countries and cultural identities from all around the world.


    The alumni’s work will not only occupy a unique space in culture and time, but will also testify to the expansive range of approaches to photographic expression that NYFA students explore — from fine art to commercial photography (not forgetting the fine line in between).

    NYFA’s faculty actively works with the students to develop and broaden their diverse interests, preparing them to emerge as contemporary image-makers in a rapidly changing and ever-expanding field. With the support of the faculty and their peers, our students have created a public art exhibit of exceptional freshness, quality, and breadth.

    Alongside traditional treatments of portraiture and still life, this group of artists has also experimented with abstraction, digital manipulation, staged photography, and a host of other possibilities. These experiences enrich their dexterity and vision as they work to discover their unique voices within the world of photography.

    ana paula tizzi

    “Open Doors” by Ana Paula Tizzi

    “My project is called ‘Open Doors,'” said NYFA alumna, Ana Paula Tizzi. “Early in 2015 I spent three days driving around the Dominican Republic in order to get to know about the people and their life. While I was exploring the area, I realized how open they were with me — even though many of them had never even seen a camera before. This project is about how beautiful life can be; it only depends how you see it. ‘Open Doors’ taught me to put colors in my life, even when everything seems to be black and white.”

    sana abedi

    “Abstraction in Isolation #5” by Sana Abedi

    Another photograph that will be on display is Sana Abedi’s “Abstraction in Isolation #5,” a photographic exploration through abstraction of bridges. “Bridges represent balance, structure and connectivity,” says the former NYFA photography student, Sana Abedi. “The project draws a simile between the bridge and social norms. The bridge is synonymous with rigid social structures. From a certain perspective both seem daunting and imposing. However, an examination of both from more intimate perspective reveals intricacies.”

    The photograph ‘Abstract in Isolation 5’ is schematic, inviting viewers to enter a space of speculation. The immense scale and physicality of the bridge is fractured into smaller constituent fragments. The visual narrative is structured through the formal element of texture, line, color and shape.

    tatyana prisco

    “Elements” by Tatyana Prisco

    NYFA alumna Tatyana Prisco’s “Elements” piece was taken within a mall, which she recalls at the point in time where she knew she wanted to become an Architectural Photographer. Prisco now owns a photography business in Colorado.

    Below are all of the photographs that will be on display:


    Alexandra Schaede

    Amina Al Huqail

    Amina Al Huqail

    Andreas Poupoutsis- Hidden Identities

    Andreas Poutpoutsis


    Ana Paula Tizzi


    Becca Howland

    Becca Howland


    Copy of _VIK8981-Edit

    Viktor Klimenko

    Copy of c-Zjiang-13

    Zhuoqun Jiang

    Copy of Copy of Brown_S_Andaz_01

    Sean Brown


    Copy of Kimico Chen

    Kimico Chan


    Copy of Meza_A_Thesis_002

    Arturo Meza


    Daniel Muccigrossi_a

    Daniel Muccigrossi


    Hanna Cowart 2

    Hanna Cowart



    John Tona


    Joohee Han-3

    Joohee Han



    Lotta Lemetti



    Lotta Lemetti



    Maciej Stachowicz


    Mark_Brennan copy

    Mark Brennan


    Meng Meng_Lu

    Meng Meng Lu


    Polina_Krasovicka copy

    Polina Krasovicka


    Sana_Abedi3 copy

    Sana Abedi


    Sayana Cairo


    Tatyana Prisco


    Zhuoqun Jiang

    Internationally renowned photographer Ralph Gibson, Chair of NYFA Department of Contemporary Photography, will be making a special appearance on Friday evening from 6pm-8pm and on Saturday from 12pm-4pm!

    Join us and celebrate our students’ work at Photoville, Brooklyn Bridge Plaza, from Wednesday, Sept. 21 to Sunday, Sept. 25!


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  • NYFA Grad Interviewed on SHOT 97 to Discuss Her Documentary ‘Legacy’


    The culture and tradition of Cowboying is alive and well…in Brooklyn. And it’s as Black as it ever was. This was the subject of New York Film Academy documentary graduate Amy Wright‘s film, Legacy, which recently premiered at DOC NYC, along with four other NYFA films.


    Wright’s journey with the Federation of Black Cowboys, from urban Brooklyn to rural Virginia, reveals the nuanced intersection of Black culture and American iconography.

    “These cowboys have character in every sense of the word, from their quiet integrity to their colorful personalities,” said Andrea Swift, Chair of the NYFA Documentary Department. “Seen through the lens of Amy Wright’s camera, scions of the American West like Captain Lee, Rabbit, Momma, Bug, Magic and Mountain Man fill the screen and the imagination with an unconventional vision of life on the range — if the range were Brooklyn.”

    This week, Wright was interviewed by SHOT 97 radio and, for those who missed it, we got you covered!


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  • NYFA Graduate Releases Children’s Book “B is for Brighton Beach”


    b is for brighton

    Former New York Film Academy Digital Filmmaking student and current pre-K teacher Michael Salita has recently released the children’s book B Is For Brighton Beach, which provides a loving tribute to Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach. The pre-K level book includes illustrations by Elena Stekacheva, and cleverly engage students with the alphabet while preparing them to read.

    Similar to Salita’s life, the story is also about a Brooklyn resident who emigrated from Ukraine and has embraced his new home in Brighton Beach. In the book, every letter manages to tell a story. Given Salita’s filmmaking background, he wanted to create a book that looks just like the movies.

    “My book [is] an alphabetical journey of Brighton Beach with a social studies component. Children, parents, grandparents, teachers and others can learn about the beautiful, bustling, beachfront neighborhood of Brighton Beach from a young child’s point of view,” said Salita. “And tourists and visitors can take advantage of the map and explore Brighton Beach from A to Z.”

    Thus far, Salita’s book has already received wonderful reviews from the New York Post, Bay News, and Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

    Salita’s next project will be another alphabet book O is for Odessa, which will focus on the city where he was born and provide an introduction to that city for U.S. children and educators.

    If you’re interested in purchasing B is for Brighton Beach, please CLICK HERE.


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  • NYFA Awards Brooklyn Film Festival’s Best Director

    michael young

    NYFA President Michael Young congratulates Robert Gregson

    The New York Film Academy is proud to be a Supporting Sponsor at the 18th Brooklyn Film Festival. This year, the festival received 2,331 films coming from 114 countries and selected 109 film premieres coming from 26 countries.

    “Our film competition has been incredibly successful,” said Brooklyn Film Festival Director, Marco Ursino. “The great thing is that our audience, professionals or not, truly enjoyed all of the films.”

    As part of our sponsorship, NYFA’s President Michael Young was on hand to present a tuition scholarship to the Best New Director Award-Winner, Robert Gregson, for his film The Refrigerator. The Brooklyn-based filmmakers’s film focuses on the lives of Howie and Mark, two broke friends who happen to find a refrigerator on the street. Inside the fridge, they discover the way to another dimension. Greed, drunkenness and hilarity ensue.

    We’d like to congratulate Mr. Gregson, as well as the other winners and competitors in the festival. Mr. Gregson’s scholarship entitles him to attend an 8-Week Workshop to one of our many locations around the world. For a full list of this year’s winners, visit the Brooklyn Film Festival’s official website at

    We look forward to supporting next year’s Brooklyn Film Festival!


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  • NYFA Grad to Screen ‘On the Spot’ at Rooftop Films


    Andras TakacsThe New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism program attracts students from across the United States and around the world. NYFA grad Andras Takacs is returning to New York in early July for a film festival screening of his video On The Spot: Gaza – Chronicles of a Conflict.

    Andras, who comes from Budapest, tells me that he took the skills he learned at NYFA and used them to build a powerful first-person video series. He, along with collaborator and On The Spot co-founder Eszter Cseke, has traveled far from his native Hungary. (Currently the two are shooting in Thailand.)

    At NYFA, we train multimedia journalists. Being able to “do it all” makes our grads valuable contributors at American networks like CBS and NBC, as well as Agence France-Presse, TRT (Turkey), Ten Network (Australia) and Glitz (Brazil). It also gives them the skills necessary to embark upon bold, independent productions.

    The On The Spot series has won numerous awards, including one at the Monte Carlo Television Festival. On The Spot: Gaza – Chronicles of a Conflict will be shown as part of the Rooftop Film series in Brooklyn on Friday, July 2. (Isn’t everything in Brooklyn, these days?)

    Tickets are available online and at the door. Both Andras Takacs and Eszter Cseke will be at the screening, as will I and several current NYFA students.


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  • Passenger Bar Short Film Competition


    passenger bar

    We’ve stumbled across a terrific opportunity for our New York City filmmaking students, especially those who are living in Brooklyn. Starting November 10th, Passenger Bar in Williamsburg, will be running monthly movie/short film competition nights to screen short independent films and music videos created by local artists and students.

    They’re aiming to have 6-10 shorts a night to screen, per week, and the best shorts of the night can win prizes!

    The first screening night is Monday, November 10th, so students are asked to submit their films by November 8th.

    Interested student filmmakers should email a YouTube or Vimeo link of his or her short to for consideration.

    Students will then need to bring the .mov file, nothing too large, for viewing the night of the event.

    You can also view the Facebook event link here.


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  • NYFA’s Jeremy Xido to Premiere ‘The Angola Project’


    jeremy xido nyfa

    Filmmaker Jeremy Xido will be premiering a live performance/film production The Angola Project. New York Film Academy students can buy discounted tickets to this unique live event.

    The Angola Project 
    by Jeremy Xido/CABULA6

    as part of Performance Space 122’s COIL 2014 Festival

    The Angola Project playfully straddles the worlds of live performance and filmmaking – constructing a movie in real time from fragments of film and narrative, only to have it crumble into disarray. A trilogy of solo performances tearing apart the tradition of Travel Lectures from the 19th century, Jeremy Xido leads the audience on a very personal journey into real-life attempts to finance a film and confront the truth of mortality.

    Where: The Invisible Dog Art Center, 51 Bergen Street in Brooklyn

    • Jan 14 – Parts 1 & 2 at 7pm
    • Jan 15 – Part 3 at 7pm and 9pm
    • Jan 16 – Parts 1 & 2 at 7pm
    • Jan 17 – Full Trilogy at 7pm
    Single Parts: $20 General / $15 Students & Seniors
    Full Trilogy: $25 General

    NYFA $5 discount with code “ANGOLA”
    (Making the final cost $10 for a single performance and $20 for the whole trilogy.)

    Bring your NYFA ID!


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