• NYFA Welcomes President of Entertainment at Fox Broadcasting, David Madden


    On Wednesday, November 30, David Madden, President of Entertainment at Fox Broadcasting, held a Q & A for students perusing degrees in Acting, Directing, and Filmmaking. Madden has helped bring shows like “The Americans,” “The Killing,” “Burn Notice,” “The Shield,” “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “Pitch,” and the forthcoming “Star” from Lee Daniels to televisions in living rooms around the country.

    david madden

    Hollywood Producer, NYFA Director of Industry Lecture Series, Tova Laiter hosted the evening alongside NYFA Screenwriting Instructor, David O’Leary, whose script, “Blue Book,” was just purchased by the History Channel and will be produced by Robert Zemeckis’ ImageMovers.

    Madden’s role at Fox is multifaceted. Scripted programming, alternative entertainment and casting all fall under his jurisdiction. In the past, he worked for Paramount Pictures based Madden Company where he produced more than twenty films.

    “We have 15 hours of primetime programming every week, 52 weeks a year. Pretty much everything is original whether it’s scripted or reality,” Madden explained. “Every single program that goes on the air in prime time, I oversee. I read every script of the scripted programs. I watch every episode of the reality shows. I watch every cut of every show. I’m responsible for the development and I’m responsible for the casting. My job is simply to make the shows.”

    david madden

    When asked about the current state of network television in the age of streaming and premium cable, Madden didn’t feel that broadcast was facing any trouble. While, yes, they compete with these new service providers, economically, broadcast has to reach a wide audience in the millions. Madden doesn’t feel that means sacrificing quality. “Being populist and being good are not mutually exclusive,” he said. Also, historically, Fox has always been more subversive and positioned in between traditional networks and cable.

    One student asked, “With the number of TV shows being produced now do you believe the quality of actor being hired is less, in order to fill roles?”

    “I sure hope not,” Madden said. With most shows green-lit during pilot season in January, landing the right actor for the right role during this time can be very challenging. The upside is that new actors are afforded more opportunities than ever (as well as writers). “We are always looking for material and new talent, but they have to, legally, come to us via the right channels.”

    The New York Film Academy would like to thank Mr. Madden for taking the time to speak with our students.


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  • HBO Will “Now” Be Available Without Cable Service


    HBO Now

    Streaming services like Netflix and Hulu have been growing rapidly over the past few years. With such demand for streaming content, HBO doesn’t want Netflix to have all the fun.

    The International Business Times reports that HBO will be launching their own standalone streaming service. The service now has a name, a prospective launch date, and a price.

    The service will go by the name HBO Now. Scheduled to be available in April, just in time for the new season of the wildly popular Game of Thrones, the service will cost $15/month.

    HBO has had a long-standing relationship with paid content, so it is no stranger to the business model. It also already has a streaming service in HBO Go. However, up until now, viewers had to have a bundled cable package to access the content. What sets HBO Now apart is the ability to access HBO media without having to sign up for any other channels you don’t want.

    The company hopes to gain exposure with demographics that have no desire (or ability) to buy expensive cable packages, and those that just prefer to stream content on demand.

    There are also talks that HBO will partner with Apple to provide access on Apple TV. This should not come as a shocker, as HBO Go is already an option for Apple’s streaming device.

    With HBO’s extensive current lineup and history of in-demand series and films, this should prove to be a successful venture. And if nothing else, this yet again points to the change in how people consume their entertainment and media.


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  • New York Film Academy’s Crystle Stewart On Her Way With Tyler Perry


    Crystle StewartActing for Film graduate Crystle Stewart has kept a busy schedule since her recent graduation. She stars on the TBS show For Better or Worse, which was just picked up for another 35 episodes. Last year, it was named basic cable’s #1 sitcom, and was the most-watched show on any network for African-American adults.

    Crystle is a former pageant winner, claiming the title of Miss Texas USA before winning Miss USA 2008. She went on to represent the US in the Miss Universe competition. Soon after, she decided to pursue a career in acting by studying at New York Film Academy. In a phone interview, Crystle said, “I wanted to give it a try and decided to move to Los Angeles. I really enjoyed it. The teachers were fantastic! To me, you either have experience or you get an education. New York Film Academy totally prepared me for my role.”

    Crystle landed the role after a chance meeting with Tyler Perry. “I was eating at a restaurant in Beverly Hills and he came in. My boyfriend introduced me and Tyler said, ‘Have a seat. Are you an actress?’ The next day, I got a call from his casting director!”

    She soon booked the part of Leslie on For Better or Worse. She explains, “I love the character. She’s the peacemaker on the show. I’m more the mellow person that calms everyone down. I speak the truth to them, even if they don’t want to hear it. It’s more of a drama, but it’s not Tyler Perry if there’s not some comedy thrown in!”

    Crystle also had a small role in the film Good Deeds, which is currently in theaters. She spoke glowingly about working with the stellar cast that included Phylicia Rashad, Thandie Newton, Rebecca Romijn, and Gabrielle Union.

    After news that the show was renewed, Crystle says she is ready to get back to business. “I’ve never been so excited to go back to work!” she said. “We start shooting this month and new episodes should be airing in the fall.”


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