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  • And the Winners of the New York Film Academy 48 Hour Film Challenge Are…


    Last month, New York Film Academy (NYFA) held a 48 Hour Film Challenge for its students. The objective of the contest was to create a short public service announcement (PSA) about the importance of voting. 

    With the midterm US elections quickly approaching and representing a watershed moment in modern American politics, NYFA felt it was important its students had a voice and worked together to communicate with one another about the democratic institution.

    The goal of the challenge was to create something that would motivate and inspire people to vote in the upcoming US elections. The midterms are held every two years in the middle of a presidential term, and are often given less news coverage and weight than a presidential election, focusing on smaller elections as well as the entire 435-seat House of Representatives. However, with the country severely fractured politically and culturally and following a close presidential election with an unexpected outcome, 2018’s midterms have been taken more seriously by politicians, the media, and voting citizens alike.

    With only 48 hours to film and edit their PSAs, the challenge wrapped in the evening of September 23. Students could then watch and vote for their favorite from the top three videos. Voting ended at 11:59 p.m. (EST) on September 28.

    With the most votes, the winner of the Vote PSA 48 Hour Film Challenge is…


    …and the winning students who worked on the PSA are…

    Winnie Wang, Xu Cheng, Thor Renner, Carla Hancock, Nino Kvaratskhelia, King Wong, and Nikolaos-Nikias Galatis

    While the winning students certainly earned their votes and the top prize, everyone involved should be commended for the hard work they put into a very worthy cause.

    Student Life and Title IX Coordinator Carlye Bowers, who helped organize the event, stated, “It was very inspiring to see students, who have never met each other, get together and create such powerful messages — all within 48 hours!”

    This year, Election Day in the United States will be held on November 6. The New York Film Academy congratulates the winners of the 48 Hour Film Challenge and encourages everyone who is eligible to go out and vote!


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  • Broadcast Journalism Students Cover Election Day


    election day

    There were certainly a lot of surprises last week on Election Day. And New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism students were on-the-scene to chronicle the amazing events. Both our short-term and long-term students participated, with production teams sent to the Trump and Clinton HQs, as well as Times Square to capture public reaction.

    interview election

    It was an opportunity to shoot stand-ups for their Resume Reels that reflected their participation in a story that had national, even international implications. It also meant working way past midnight, as the Presidential election wasn’t “called” until the early hours of Wednesday morning.

    “The NYFA brand carries credibility,” said Broadcast Journalism student, Amanda Salvato. “Many other notable news channels noticed and networked with us.”

    “It was a great opportunity to watch history being made,” added Broadcast Journalism student, Farai Makoni. “We had great equipment and we had to seize the right moments. I feel very privileged to be a part of it.”


    If there was an award for persistence, it would go to Patrick Simmons. Patrick didn’t get to sleep until 6am Wednesday. But his hard work paid off, with an exclusive interview with Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway. Given the number of media outlets looking to talk with her, this accomplishment is nothing short of amazing. Once more, NYFA News is on-the-scene of a major story. Great work, Patrick!


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