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  • Broadcast Journalism Update – Back to School Edition (September 2020)


    Things usually slow down over the course of the Summer. But that wasn’t the case for the NYFA Broadcast Journalism department, or many of our graduates.

    Starting in late July, Evgenia Vlasova and myself co-taught NYFA’s first Moscow Journalism Summer School (JSS). Thanks to support from the U.S. State Department, we were able to offer an intensive three-week course-of-study to early career Russian journalists along with a number of current university students.
    It was a real challenge, seeing as we had to conduct the entire workshop online with participants spread out over seven time zones. While classes started for Genia and me at 7:00 AM in New York, it was 2:00 PM for students in Moscow and 6:00 PM in Siberia. (The Siberian students regularly finished classwork after midnight!)

    The stories the workshop participants created were nothing short of spectacular, covering a wide range contemporary topics. And no two were the same. Everyone approached their topic with their own personal style.
    NYFA alum George Colli, who many of you know from the NYFA website, lent his experience and perspective as well. He spoke from the point of view of someone who knows what it takes to create compelling TV news stories under tight deadlines. (And now he has a beard! A look many of you reading this know I always find fashionable…)
    Other grads graciously agreed to “drop in” on our Zoom sessions as guest speakers. Among them was Karen Hua, who “called in” while covering an out-of-control wildfire in Southern California for KGET in Bakersfield.

    Starla Sampaco is a news anchor at KCTS, the PBS station in Seattle as well as an entrepreneur building her own digital platform.

    And Gillian Kemmerer, who has firsthand experience working in Russia covering sports, business, and the business of sports.
    Other NYFA Broadcast Journalism grads have been busy too. Isabella Faria is now a reporter at CNN Brasil. She came to New York to learn to shoot and edit, used those skills to get a job in the video department of Brazil’s largest newspaper, was hired by CNN as a producer, then  promoted to an on-air position. She wrote to me: “You know I can’t thank NYFA enough for all the incredible classes. They sure helped me to get where I am now 😊
    Congratulations, Isabella!
    And speaking of Brazil (OK… BrasilLivia Fernanda got a challenging assignment back in August. She had to explain the U.S. Presidential Election — in particular, “political conventions” — to her viewers.
    On a far more serious note, Celina Liv Danielsen covered the violent reaction to the recent shooting of an African-American man multiple times by a white police officer in Kenosha, Wisconsin for TV2 in Denmark.

    Georgia Hammond is working on a series of video essays about the people of Strathbogie Shire, in the Australian state of Victoria, and their efforts to combat the loneliness and isolation that accompanied the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Finally, Turkish alum Esra Ozturk is an example of how, after you study how to make TV news, you might find yourself in a job in which you are interviewed on TV news. In this case, on TRT World, the global English-language service of Turkish Radio and Television.

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  • NYFA Broadcast Journalism: June Updates

    This Spring’s graduation was a graduation like no other. Not just here at the New York Film Academy, but across the United States and around the world. COVID-19 pretty much changed everything.

    Cover of the May 2020 issue of ‘The New Yorker’

    As you might expect, our grads — working at local, national and international news organizations — are in the middle of covering what is the story of a lifetime. But one Broadcast Conservatory program grad, award-winning investigative journalist George Colli, has been involved in a singularly unique way.

    NYFA Alum George Colli

    George is developing a new, online news platform, but he put everything on “hold” after he spoke to news sources across his home state of Connecticut about what was then a potentially deadly shortage of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Put simply, initially there wasn’t any. George used his reporting skills to not only reveal the depth of this problem, but also find critically needed supplies, then put together an organization to distribute them to the places where they were needed the most. That included literally millions of face masks.

    NYFA alum George Colli (Right) covering shortage of PPE

    While we are proud of all of our grads, there is a special place in our hearts for George Colli. He helped (and continues to help) save countless lives…

    Earlier this year, former NYFA Broadcast Journalism student Sura Ali signed up for one of our short-term Broadcast Journalism workshops. Her “modest” goal was to to do nothing less than change her life. She wanted to reinvent herself. And, based on a recent LinkedIn posting, it looks like Sura found what she was looking for.
    “When I was 28, studying at the New York Film Academy, I was told ‘you are talented, outgoing and lively.’ I did a double take… wait what? They appreciate my voice and activism here? I finally felt at home.”
    Thanks, Sura. We’re glad to know that you found what you were looking for at NYFA.

    As most of you know, I normally spend a lot of time traveling. Over the past three months, beyond weekly trips to the supermarket, I haven’t gone anywhere. But I did have a chance to travel “virtually” to Manila, to participate in an online event tied to World Press Freedom Day. It was great to interact with 125+ journalism students. Thanks to the American Embassy in Manila for the opportunity to participate. (And in the spirit of “Where’s Waldo,” can you find me in the picture below?)

    This week I am “virtually” attending the Cannes International Film Festival, in support of my indie feature film Invisible Love. While I’d love to share it with you’ll have to wait until Spring 2021 for its release. But I can share with you the preview/trailer. A period piece, this China/Vietnam/U.S. co-production takes place during the 1930’s in what was then known as French Indochina. Today, it is Vietnam.

    For the time being, we are only offering our 4-Week Broadcast Journalism workshop onlineYou can find more information here.

    Stay Tuned,
    Bill Einreinhofer
    Chair, NYFA Broadcast Journalism Department
  • A 2018 Kickoff From the New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism School


    Welcome to the first NYFA Broadcast Journalism update of 2018!

    Here in New York City, the biggest news story of the new year is the weather. At times, accurate weather reporting can be a matter of life and death. Convincing often cynical audiences that a storm is big, bad and deadly can be challenging. That’s when we need to use all of our skills to first gain the attention of, then maintain engagement with, our audience.
    NYFA grad George Colli — who is with News8 in New Haven, Connecticut — was a great example last week of both traditional news gathering techniques as well as cutting edge “broadcasting” technology.

    George lives at the beach, which most of the year is pretty fabulous. But when the recent mega-snow storm hit the East Coast, George wasn’t going anywhere, including work. So he set up shop right outside his house, and used his iPhone and a fast internet connection to feed his stories to News8.

    Besides reporting “on air,” George was also reporting “online.” At all times, but especially during emergencies, people turn to social media to find out what is going on. And there was George, streaming live on Facebook. One of the advantages of social media is that it is interactive. The “audience” is no longer passively consuming information, but can participate and contribute as well.

    George’s stories were up on the News8 website too. That’s him, up to his knees in floodwater as a storm surge-boosted high tide spills over the beach and the down the street. If a picture is worth a thousand words, that video is worth a million…

    Of course, some of our grads work in places that have been far warmer this month. One of them is Anita Efraim, who is in Brazil. She was just hired to work at a new news radio station being started in Rio de Janeiro. (No icy flood waters there!) The station is part of the dominant Globo media group, a good company to be working with if you want to establish a career path.

    Congratulations, Anita!

    Finally this week, all of the NYFA graduates who receive this update will know exactly what Elina Mukhersee (now of South Asia TV USA) is doing in the image below. It is a long-time NYFA Broadcast Journalism tradition, where new students “sign in” to the program. For the incoming 1-year, 8-week and 4-week students, this is a preview of what you will be doing in a few weeks. And for our alums, it is a visit to “memory lane.”

  • New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism School Weekly Update Dec. 4

    This week we are going to take a look at what some NYFA Broadcast Journalism graduates are doing…
    George Colli at News8 in Connecticut reported a truly frightening story last week about the sale of realistic looking toy guns. Unfortunately, this is the type of story that local news departments end up running all too often. It would be easy for police officers to assume that some of these toys are actual weapons. The results could be tragic.
    Note that this online version of the story, in addition to full motion video, also has links to various digital platforms. Increasingly, news operations are depending on their audience to “share” postings with their friends. That’s because a story shared by a known and trusted source is far more likely to be read than something “pushed” by a news publisher. People are becoming increasingly skeptical of news reporting. But if a story is “endorsed” as it were by a friend, they feel it is much more credible.
    NYFA alumna Viviane Faver was a member of my first class of 1-Year Broadcast Journalism students. And while she loves her home country of Brazil, she was determined to find a place for herself her in New York. Which she certainly has done…
    Part of what she does here is report for various Brazilian publications. The most recent example is a story about women entrepreneurs, which I discovered through Viviane’s Facebook page.
    Nice work, Viviane!
    Staying in Brazil…
    Press IDs are utilitarian, but within the journalism community they also confer status. I will never forget when I got my first NYPD Working Press card — the one that said I could cross fire lines. (That card is buried in a box, somewhere in my attic. One of my Emmy Awards is somewhere up there too.) All of which is to say “congratulations” to NYFA grad Daniel Rebelo Fideli on getting a press ID for the 2017 Brazil Formula One Grand Prix. Daniel is with, and apparently he was very busy over race weekend.
    Georgia Hammond was one of Viviane’s classmates and she, like Daniel, was working recently on a story relating the F1 racing. Only in her case, it is the story about how Guide Dogs Australia is the official charity for the 2017 Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix.
    Now, all of my current and former students have heard me talk about “little kids and animals,” and how viewers always respond to both. (Unfortunately, however, neither the animals or the children do what you want them to do when you want them to do it.) Georgia did a puppy story, and by the looks of this video it must have been quite an adventure…
    Finally, it looks to me like NYFA grad Starla Sampaco was “ready for some football” last evening. Starla is working as a Digital Media Intern at KIRO, the CBS TV affiliate station in Seattle, Washington. I don’t know how the home team did, but Starla seems to have everything under control. Here is a wonderful report she did about Filipino Nouvelle Cuisine back when she was a Broadcast Journalism student here in New York.
  • NYFA Broadcast Journalism Grad George Colli to be Honored with 2017 duPont Award


    New York Film Academy Broadcast Journalism graduate George Colli, along with the investigative team at NBC-Connecticut, has been honored with a 2017 Alfred I. duPont-Columbia University Award. This is one of the most prestigious honors in American journalism, and we are so proud of what George has accomplished!

    george colli

    In July 2015, Colli and his team broke the story about dozens of homeowners in Hartford, Tolland and Windham Counties who discovered their concrete foundations were deteriorating. The homes with faulty basements were all built between the early 1980s and the early 2000s and most began to show signs of deterioration between ten and 20 years after construction. Their investigation was the catalyst for the State of Connecticut to launch its own multi-agency probe into the cause and scope of the problem.

    “Thank for for all the support and mentorship,” said Colli to Broadcast Journalism Chair Bill Einreinhofer. “I really appreciate everything NYFA did to train me for this career.”

    Every year about a dozen news stories and films are honored by the duPont­-Columbia University Awards for the strength of their reporting, storytelling and impact in the public interest. The winning pieces are selected by the duPont jury from hundreds of entries vetted by a board of screeners.

    This year’s duPont Awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday January 25, at Columbia University’s Low Memorial Library. It will be co-hosted by Lester Holt, anchor of NBC Nightly News, and Jane Pauly, host of CBS Sunday Morning.

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  • Highlights from the 2015 NYFA Broadcast Journalism School


    You have probably noticed that, as the holidays approach, many news programs are offering “year in review” stories. There are two reasons for this… First, from a news perspective, things are slow. Even the President of the United States is taking two weeks of vacation. Second, among those also on vacation are a large number of reporters, producers and anchors who normally staff TV news programs. Retrospective stories require little new shooting, and can be done well prior to their air date.

    In that great tradition, here is a look back at the year 2015 and what it held for NYFA Broadcast Journalism alumni, as well as our current students.


    George Colli NBC Connecticut

    Among the most recent events is NYFA alum George Colli‘s move from NBC-Connecticut to the Washington, DC bureau of Cox Media Group. With 15 stations located across the United States, Cox is a major player in local and regional news. George is going to be in the middle of all the 2016 Presidential year politics. Congratulations, George!
    trt turkey

    Beytullah Bayar on the set of his sports show on the TRT network in Turkey

    Meanwhile, Beytullah Bayar looks great (as usual) on the set of his sports show on the TRT network in Turkey. The network has just gone over to HD, to better feature Beyt’s collection of fine ties. He is also doing a weekly radio sports show.
    Celine Liv Danielsen

    Celine Liv Danielsen

    Celine Liv Danielsen was co-host of the “alternative” coverage of Denmark’s recent national elections.
    Emilie Olsson

    Emilie Olsson

    While Emilie Olsson is working with TV 4 in Stockholm, Sweden.
    Andras Takacs

    Andras Takacs

    Andras Takacs was honored, along with his production partner, for their series On The Spot at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival. Andras — who is from Budapest, Hungary — credits the camera, editing and reporting skills he learned at NYFA for the success of the series.
    nicole cross

    Dr. Nicole Cross is now at the ABC affiliate in Monroe, Louisiana

    Closer to home, Dr. Nicole Cross is now at the ABC affiliate in Monroe, Louisiana. She co-anchors the morning news, and anchors the noon news, for a station that covers portions of three states. And she is all over social media. You go, Nicole!
    liz rose

    liz rose

    Videographer/editor/producer Liz Rose spent her Summer on the high seas, working with Celebrity Cruise Lines. After a mountain climbing trip with her mother, I understand she will be off to the Rio Olympics next year.
    Flavia Renata Perez

    Flavia Renata Perez

    And speaking of Brazil, Flavia Renata Perez proves that you don’t always have to “dress up” to have on-camera impact. (Plus she was nice enough to wear a t-shirt honoring one of the rock bands of my teenage years!)
    patricia saad

    Patricia Saad

    Patricia Saad was very au courant as she shot a roof-top stand-up earlier this month. (Proving, just like in New York, “black is the new black” when it comes to fashion.)
    Paula Varejao

    Paula Varejao

    And Paula Varejao obviously is having no problem getting “air time.”
    Nour Idriss on CBS Evening News

    Nour Idriss is working on the CBS Evening News

    Over at the CBS Broadcast Center on West 57th Street here in Manhattan, Nour Idriss is working on the CBS Evening News. And while she isn’t currently anchoring the show, if I were Scott Pelly I’d be looking over my shoulder…
    msnbc with nyfa

    NYFA students at MSNBC

    As for our current students, we were able to get an exclusive “behind-the-scenes” tour of NBC News, and spent time on the MSNBC set.

    NYFA students (and super TA Genia Vlasova) also attended a studio session of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore

    A number of students (and super TA Genia Vlasova) also attended a studio session of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. There’s nothing like being in New York…

    Broadcast Journalism Chair Bill Einreinhofer

    That’s a little bit of what took place this year. We look forward to another strong year from both our Broadcast Journalism students and alumni!