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  • NYFA’s Graphic Design School Alumni Updates – Where Are They Now?


    New York Film Academy’s (NYFA) Graphic Design School has always been committed to developing the next generation of well-trained and successful designers. These students are prepared for an industry that has grown exponentially since the turn of the century, with more opportunities than ever before for skilled graphic designers to find professional work while also expressing themselves in an artistic, creative fashion.

    Some of NYFA’s very own 1-Year Conservatory Graphic Design alumni have spent the past year since their graduation, continuing to learn and improve upon their skill sets as they each continue to build their impressive portfolios as professional designers.

    Carl Dempsey is currently interning at  Big Star Studio, a digital design firm in New York City that focuses on ground-breaking design and production. Big Star is well known for their creative sequences for Westworld, Game of Thrones and the documentary Free Solo. While Dempsey studied at the Academy, he focused on motion Graphics.

    Carl Dempsey during his Graphic design showcase at NYFA

    Cheryl Lin
     is now a Senior Designer at MTG, a design firm in New York City that provides custom high-level design solutions based on years of experience, creativity, knowledge and understanding of the current competitive climate. During her time at NYFA, Lin explored her passion for print, interactive and motion design. To view her graduation portfolio, click here.

    NYFA Alumni Cheryl Lin’s self portrait design (Courtesy of Cheryl Lin)

    Jose Taira is currently a Designer at FLUZ App, an app that aims to disrupt the global retail shopping experience through various consumer touch points. During his time at NYFA, Taira’s  focus was print, interactive and motion design. To view his graduating portfolio, click here.

    Jose Taira at NYFA’s Graphic Design showcase

    Click here to learn more about NYFA’s Graphic Design School and check out more from our alumni on our Graphic Design Showcase Page.


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  • New York Film Academy (NYFA) Graphic Design and Photography Students Team Up to Design Delicious Food Editorials


    Students from both the New York Film Academy (NYFA) 1-year Graphic Design conservatory and the 1-year Photography conservatory teamed up to conceptualize, art direct, style, shoot, and design magazine editorials featuring fabulous foods.  Graphic Design Photography Food Editorial

    Working in teams of three—one graphic designer, two photographers—students explored different conceptual ideas about food, from imperfect, perfect sandwiches to decadent doughnuts, to marvelous macarons. Teams sourced inspirational photography as a departure point, defined themes, selected colors, objects (food items and props), sketched editorial magazine layouts, and wrote editorial copy to guide them during the shoot.

    During a day of shooting in the NYFA Photography studio, students worked diligently to realize their ideas and see them take shape. Multiple shots were taken for each still-life set up to ensure that layout, color, and composition all worked harmoniously.

    Once the day of shooting was complete, the post-production work began. The teams reviewed and selected finals. Images were worked on in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and then taken into Adobe InDesign for preliminary design. Layouts were finalized and magazine covers were created.

    All in all, the project was a wonderful collaboration and exactly mirrored professional practices, emphasizing the collaborative team aspect of graphic design and photography.


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  • New York Film Academy (NYFA) Graphic Design Graduates Reflect On Their School Year


    The Graphic Design School at New York Film Academy (NYFA) is committed to imparting the expertise and experience necessary to develop the next generation of well-trained and successful designers. Students are prepared for an industry that has grown exponentially since the turn of the century, with more opportunities than ever for skilled graphic designers to find professional work while also expressing themselves in an artistic, creative fashion.

    Through intensive in-class instruction and hands-on education from a seasoned faculty of working graphic designers, students gain a fluency in industry-standard software and equipment that will help them compete across a variety of industries in the design field.

    Three recent graduates of the NYFA Graphic Design School have spent the past year learning and improving on these skill sets, and have built themselves impressive portfolios as they start their professional careers as designers.

    NYFA spoke with these grads—Carl Dempsey, Cheryl Lin, and Jose Taira—about their time at the NYFA Graphic Design School:

    Graphic Design Graduation 2019

    New York Film Academy (NYFA): What drew you to the New York Film Academy Graphic Design program?

    Cheryl Lin (CL): I previously attended NYFA’s 4-week photography program and really enjoyed the courses. After my last year of college, I decided to deepen my knowledge in design, as I had majored in fashion business back in college—I thought graphic design was something that always sparked my interest.

    My love for art and design really inspired me to enroll in the course. I always enjoyed beautifully designed things so I was able to collect a collection of wrappers throughout the years. I really wanted to create products and designs that people want cherish for a long time.

    Carl Dempsey (CD): I actually found the program when searching for accelerated graphic design programs. It seemed most fitting after [NYFA Chair of Graphic Design] Debra Drodvillo and I spoke on the phone and I saw it would be tailored to my needs. 

    NYFA: How has your experience been in the program?

    Jose Taira (JT): More than I expected, the teacher were great, you can see that they know about the field. 

    CD: I’ve learned an immense amount of varied skills. It has changed my entire perspective on the world. It sparked interests in me that I did not have before. 

    CL: The program is amazing! I’m very happy I was able to keep up and grasp so many design concepts and strategies in a short amount of time.

    Graphic Design Graduation 2019

    NYFA: How would you describe the NYFA Graphic Design faculty?

    CL: The teachers are fantastic! They are really helpful and give us the right amount of feedback. They always manage to leave room for our minds to be creative and explore new ideas.

    CD: Experienced industry professionals who understand what is needed to succeed in the industry. They all are really good people who want the best for you. 

    JT: It’d a small faculty, but they have all the knowledge of what you need to be successful in the graphic design field. 

    NYFA: What were some of your favorite projects in the Graphic Design program?

    CD: My favorite projects we worked on: book covers, climate week posters, and the “how to” video. 

    JT: Elaborate a magazine, animation, and branding.

    CL: One of my favorite projects has to be the editorial design project; designing a magazine from scratch and curating your own selection of images really trained my eye and taught me to pay extreme attention to detail.

    NYFA: Has the program exposed you to the larger Graphic Design industry in New York City?

    JT: Yes, we went to several companies like Lippincott, Gensler, and Penguin, and we also met Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilić, two of the greatest graphic designers in New York.

    CL: Yes, definitely. I didn’t know there were so many design firms in the city; I also was not aware that graphic design is such a broad field. It’s amazing!

    CD: I’ve been introduced to events and people I would have never been able to have met outside of the program. It’s broadened my perspective.

    Graphic Design Graduation 2019

    NYFA: Do you feel prepared to enter the Graphic Design industry?

    CD: One hundred percent. I know my capabilities and what is expected. I am excited to get the ball finally rolling. 

    JT: Yes I do, they teach us everything that’s trending in the graphic design field.

    CL: I definitely feel excited to get out into the field and start creating … I’m one hundred percent ready to face all the obstacles ahead of me.

    NYFA: What are your goals upon completion of the NYFA Graphic Design 1-year conservatory?

    JT: Get a good job and keep learning,

    CD: Hopefully get a job in motion graphics and continue to do what I love to do. 

    CL: Getting a chance to work at MoMA or 2×4 is on my list of goals. I also really would love to create a book cover for an author of any sort, as well as partner with filmmakers to design their title sequence and movie poster.

    New York Film Academy congratulates the graduates of the NYFA Graphic Design 1-year Conservatory and wishes them the best of success as they grow and expand their careers and artistic horizons!


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  • New York Film Academy (NYFA) Graphic Design Students Meet with Famed Designer Milton Glaser


    New York Film Academy (NYFA) Graphic Design students recently had the opportunity to meet famed graphic designer Milton Glaser and visit his New York studio.

    Milton Glaser

    Milton Glaser is an American graphic designer behind one of the most widely recognized logos in the world. In the 1970s he was commissioned to design something that would attract more tourists to New York City, resulting in the iconic “I ♥ New York” logo. His other famous works include logos for the Brooklyn Brewery, Stony Brook University, and the DC Comics logo used between 1977 and 2005.

    In 2009, Glaser became the first graphic designer to receive the illustrious National Medal of Arts. That same year a documentary film based on his life, To Inform and Delight: The World of Milton Glaser, released.

    NYFA Graphic Design instructor Jee-eun Lee worked with Glaser for many years. The 1-year Conservatory students of NYFA’s Graphic Design school were welcomed by Glaser, got to check out his work first hand, and speak with him on in a small intimate setting.

    New York Film Academy thanks legendary and award-winning graphic designer Milton Glaser for welcoming our Graphic Design students and sharing his expertise with them!



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  • A Closer Look at NYFA’s Graphic Design Program


    New York Film Academy’s Graphic Design program utilizes contemporary design thinking within the context of the school’s film program. This unique curriculum offers special focus on areas of design practice relating to communication, narrative structure, storytelling, motion graphics, and the integration of design and film. Emphasis is placed on acquiring design fundamentals, understanding client design briefs, generating ideas, sketching, refining, prototyping, and production. Guided by a world-class faculty of respected and active professional graphic designers, 1-Year students develop a diverse design portfolio, professional fluency in industry standard software, and in-depth knowledge of graphic design.

    Graphic Design Student Work

    Graphic Design Student Work

    The Graphic Design Program at NYFA, located in New York City — the epicenter of all things design — afforded the recently graduated students many opportunities to visit museums, attend lectures, participate in design discussions with world famous graphic designers, and attend design show openings. Students got to see first hand how design studios run, what design work environments are like, and to hear how the vision and design philosophy of the studios is conveyed through the work. A few notable events, museums and lectures include:

    • Studio visit and discussion with Milton Glaser
    • Studio visit and discussion with Mirko Ilic
    • Studio visit and discussion with the Creative Director of Penguin Books, Paul Buckley
    • Design Opening: The Type Directors Club/TCD63/The World’s Best Typography
    • AIGA/American Institute for Graphic Arts/The Hillary for America Design Team
    • Posters and Patriotism and Propaganda by Design/The Museum of the City of New York/Lecture and exhibition
    • Art Deco Walking Tour of Lower Manhattan with NYFA Design Historian Keith Godard
    Type Directors Club Event

    Type Directors Club Event

    Student Success Stories

    Elle Hasanli uses her art as a tool for social justice. The self-proclaimed human rights activist is inspired by abstract patterns in everyday life and uses many of these elements in her design work. The Graphic Design alum has already landed an internship with Mirko Ilić Corp., an internationally recognized designer in NYC. “The mentors at NYFA made sure to provide us with practical skills so that we could enter the world of design,” Hasanli said. “In 8.5 months, I learned how to use InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects.” Because these programs are essential skills to get work, Hasanli felt more than equipped to enter the job market and learning them has clearly already paid off for her. She sums up the program as such: “I needed the basic skills and I needed the inspiration. I got both of them. The course promised to be very intensive and it was just what it promised. The program taught me how to communicate my ideas effectively through graphic design.”

    Baskerville Book Couple

    Baskerville Book Couple

    Graphic Design includes numerous feature projects including Motion Graphics: Personal Visual Identity, which involves a personal visual identity that reflects aspects of the student designer (i.e. Kevin Zhang’s love of music and dance). The Design for Interaction: Cross Platform Publication also deals with students’ personal areas of interest. For example, Elle Hasanli chose to focus on the symbiotic relationship between art and fashion, both past and present. Madrid Light City: Poster Competition (pictured below) invited all graphic designers to take part in an open poster exhibition supported by the Business Forum for Madrid, DIMAD, and the Madrid City Council.

    Madrid Light City


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  • NYFA Graphic Design Alum Elle Hasanli Discusses Her Work

    New York Film Academy’s Graphic Design program in New York City combines in-class instruction, hands-on education, and extensive coursework, resulting in a challenging and rewarding experience with plenty of real-world application. Students enrolled in the program have intensive classes five days a week, with many evenings and weekends spent working on original projects. Talented alum Elle Hasanli, who recently completed the 1 Year Graphic Design program at NYFA, has been successful both in and out of the classroom.
     Elle Hasanli Evoke

    Elle (short for Günel) uses her art as a tool for social justice. The self-proclaimed human rights activist is inspired by abstract patterns in everyday life and uses many of these elements in her design work. The Graphic Design alum has already landed an internship with Mirko Ilić Corp., an internationally recognized designer in NYC. “The mentors at NYFA made sure to provide us with practical skills so that we could enter the world of design,” Hasanli says. “In 8.5 months, I learned how to use InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and AfterEffects.” Because these programs are “essential skills to get a job,” Hasanli felt more than equipped to enter the job market and learning them has clearly already paid off. She continues, “Faculty dedicated time and energy to work on our resumes, explained to us how to carry ourselves at a job interview, and gave us tips on how to build a professional network.” Hasanli also came out of the program equipped with a portfolio and website, two tools absolutely necessary for any designer in the field. Guests from the design world to attend portfolio reviews daily so students have opportunities to make valuable connections.

    In addition to skills necessary for securing a good job after school, Hasanli learned things such as typography which she had no familiarity with previously, “now I can instantly recognize good typography. “NYFA worked on my existing talent and taught me how to start implementing it in practice.” This is evident in work such as “Virgin” which ties in her passion for social justice with the skills she acquired in her classes at NYFA. She also designed posters for Climate Week NYC and has worked on packaging and art for various other brands.

    Elle Climate Week
    She sums up the program as such: “I needed the basic skills and I needed the inspiration. I got both of them. The course promised to be very intensive and it was just what it promised. The program taught me how to communicate my ideas effectively through graphic design.”
    Hasanli is inspired by a variety of current and historic artists, experimental and otherwise: Alexei Brodovich for editorial design, Milton Glaser, Ai Weiwei and the performance art of Marina Abramovich. In addition to graphic design, she practices conceptual and documentary photography. She also wrote a script for an animation film which is a world she would like to further explore.

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  • NYFA Graphic Design Students Visit Studios of Designers Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic


    This month, New York Film Academy graphic design students visited the studios of Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic. This exciting opportunity was made possible by NYFA faculty Jee-eo​​n Lee, who worked at Glaser’s studio as a young designer.

    The students got a first-hand look at Glaser’s studio and works in progress. They were able to ask questions about the world of design and how Glaser see’s design going forward.

    Glaser is perhaps the most well known graphic designer working today, with an international presence and a reputation as a Renaissance man who has changed the graphic design industry with his uniquely intellectual and creative approach to animation and design. He is the creator of the I (heart) NY logo and was awarded the 2004 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum.

    Students then visited with Mirko Ilic, where they were able to see works in progress and discuss design, activism and protest as seen through the lens of graphic design.

    Ilic’s diverse design career has included holding art director position for Time Magazine International Edition as well as the New York Times Op-Ed pages. He also runs his own firm, Mirk Ilic Corp. His work has been recognized with many awards and in in many collections, including the Smithsonian Museum and MoMA.

    So inspiring to hear such honest insight from both Milton and Mirko,” said NYFA Graphic Design Faculty Member Jee-Eon Lee.


  • Take a Virtual Tour of New York Film Academy Battery Park


    Coming up on it’s second year this July 2015, the New York Film Academy at Battery Park has proven to be an invaluable addition to our students and staff. The campus, located in lower Manhattan at 17 Battery Park South, occupies 72,000 square feet on two full floors and offers breathtaking views of Battery Park and The Statue of Liberty.

    Each classroom is uniquely designed from scratch to meet the specific needs of the hands-on programs, including state-of-the-art production studios and sound stages. Classes are held in Filmmaking, Acting, Musical Theatre, Screenwriting, Producing, Photography, Cinematography, Documentary Filmmaking, Broadcast Journalism, 3D Animation, Graphic Design and Game Design. This summer, we will kick off our renowned summer camp programs for kids and teens, which has been successfully operating since 1996.

    For those of you who are curious about the New York Film Academy and would like to take an introductory tour before visiting us in person, have a look below at our Google Virtual Tour below!


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  • This Dress Is Showing Everyone the Power of Color


    the dress

    By now, the only excuse for not knowing about #TheDress would be if your Internet’s been out for the past twelve hours. While some viral memes are said to be breaking the Internet, this one is breaking people’s brains—a grainy photo of a dress is splitting the world into those who see it as white and gold and those who see it as blue and black.

    Rumor is that the dress is, in fact, blue and black, but those in the white-and-gold camp believe this is some sort of truth-masking conspiracy, like the lone gunman and the moon landing. Wired has even published a scientific account explaining what’s going on here—it involves the cones and rods in our eyes that receive color and translate images in the visual cortex for the brain. Because of this, sometimes our brains can be tricked, which isn’t exactly news—who hasn’t been dumbfounded by optical illusions like this?

    But besides taking attention away from llama drama, #TheDress controversy has another big benefit—it’s showing everyone just how powerful and important the use of color can be in an image. The students in New York Film Academy’s filmmaking school and cinematography school programs know this all too well—one of the first things they learn is how to properly white balance their digital cameras. White balancing calibrates a camera to read white light as pure white, allowing the rest of the spectrum to fall properly into place. An improperly white balanced image may leave whites looking blue (or gold.) Filmmakers may intentionally warp the colors of their image. Blues can create a downbeat tone, much like minor keys in music. Orange and Reds are considered warm and can be used for the opposite effect in filmmaking.

    It’s not just filmmakers who benefit from playing with the science of color. Our students in New York Film Academy’s graphic design school programs learn how to change the way we perceive images with Photoshop and other software—tools that can break down an image into its very makeup of reds, blues and greens. Right now, they’re the ones everybody is looking to for a final, definite answer to #TheDress question. Of course, we’re all going to listen to our guts—and our eyes—no matter what they tell us.


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  • ‘The Shorts Show’ Creator Finds a Knack for Poster Art



    After graduating from New York Film Academy’s Two-Year Acting for Film course, Corey Scott Rutledge created a comedy sketch group with his friends and fellow NYFA graduates Nick Snow, Brooks Russell, Luis Alarcon, Dirk Otis, Grant Lancaster and Dave Steffey.

    The Shorts Show, which has amassed 76 videos and well over 1 million views since its creation, has hilariously parodied everything from Game of Thrones to Matthew McConaughey being…well Matthew McConaughey. Given not only the quantity of content but the quality of their videos, it’s only a matter of time until these guys land a show on a network like Comedy Central.

    “Attending NYFA was very important to what I have been able to do,” says The Shorts Show creator Corey Rutledge. “Not only meeting those who I currently work with now on the show but also networking into so many different projects while there has landed me projects both acting and design wise post graduation.”

    In addition to Corey’s ability to parody trends in pop-culture, he’s a very talented graphic designer. Before his acting studies at NYFA, Corey earned his computer graphics degree back home in Michigan. His graphic design skills have recently become a major factor in his life, once again. With so many of his peers looking for concept art for their short films, he became the go-to guy for stellar movie posters like The Hooligans one in this post. As time went on, he thought it was common sense to start offering his services to filmmakers outside of his network. Now, he’d be killing two birds with one stone, working on both of his passions at once with poster art.

    He’s quickly built a portfolio and a reputation for delivering some really cool posters for students and independent filmmakers. If you’re looking to get your short or indie feature to stand out amongst the crowd with a solid poster, check out Corey’s work on his website or shoot him an email about his services at


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