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  • Trevor Noah Will Take Over The Daily Show



    Since Jon Stewart announced his retirement from The Daily Show, the Comedy Central news entertainment program he’s hosted since 1999, speculation has been wild with who would replace him. It’s been especially of interest because there was no clear frontrunner. John Oliver, who filled in for Stewart two summers ago to much acclaim, would have been that frontrunner if his own HBO news program, Last Week Tonight, wasn’t becoming a bigger and bigger hit with each passing week.

    Stephen Colbert may have been expected to leave his own follow-up Report to return and helm The Daily Show, but David Letterman quashed that possibility when he and CBS chose Colbert as his successor for The Late Show. Colbert’s mainstream talk show will air later this year.

    Focus then shifted to the correspondents on The Daily Show, including long-time veterans and real-life married couple Jason Jones and Samantha Bee. Jones will be starring in a new NBC sitcom and Bee will be helming a new talk show on TBS directly competing with The Daily Show. Fellow correspondent Jessica Williams was predicted to host in Hot Tub Time Machine 2, but Williams quickly responded herself that she was too inexperienced for the job.

    So, after a weekend plus of rumors, current correspondent Trevor Noah will be replacing Jon Stewart and hosting the venerated show sometime next year. Though Noah is only 31 and has only been on the show since October, he has hosted a nightly talk show before, in his native South Africa. Noah has also been making a name for himself as a stand-up comedian and is currently touring in Dubai. Comedy Central choice in selecting Trevor Noah, a young, talented, up-and-coming South African star, also signals their effort to broaden diversity in all of their programming.


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  • Yahoo! TV Debuts Trailer for Community’s Resurrected Season Six


    community trailer

    This week Yahoo premiered a trailer for the sixth season of the cult comedy sitcom, Community, the absurdist, pop-culture referencing show about a local college starring Joel McHale. Originally part of Must See TV with The Office, Parks & Recreation and 30 Rock, NBC cancelled Community (several times) and its hardcore fans thought they’d never get the “six seasons and a movie” they hoped for every year the show lived on the ratings bubble.

    While many hoped Netflix, Amazon or another network would come to Community’s rescue, few predicted its savior would be Yahoo, which had yet to start its own streaming service. While the show has lost some cast members, including Chevy Chase, Donald Glover, Jonathan Banks and John Oliver, season six will have new characters played by Keith David and Paget Brewster.

    While the show’s surprising resurrection and trailer is great news to its fanbase, it also highlights some major evolutions for the television industry. For one, it is the coming out party for Yahoo! Screen, which is using Community’s beloved cult status as a foothold to break into the increasingly-crowded streaming mediascape, much like Netflix did with Arrested Development in 2013. With its capital and buzzworthy CEO, Yahoo is poised to become a major player.

    For another, it shows that Amazon’s strategy was most likely not a fluke. Yahoo is joining other large companies not originally based in filmmaking and TV in providing original content online. It won’t be long before these corporate names are as synonymous with Emmys and ratings as the broadcast and cable networks.

    Finally, it’s another feather in the cap for vocal fanbases, who are succeeding more and more with bringing back their favorite shows with their passionate outcries. With more and more companies entering the TV game and having a lot more to prove, suddenly these TV viewers are finding themselves with more power than they ever expected. Now that’s community.


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  • John Oliver in for Two More Seasons of ‘Last Week Tonight’


    john oliverWith the recent announcement of long-time news satirist Jon Stewart stepping down from his Comedy Central show, The Daily Show, much speculation has surrounded the notion that former Daily Show correspondent John Oliver would fill Stewart’s shoes.

    However, with Oliver hosting a successful weekly show of his own, Last Week Tonight, on HBO, one could argue why Oliver would leave a good thing. After all, don’t fix what isn’t broke. Well, rumors came to a close with Deadline’s report that HBO has in fact renewed Last Week Tonight for two more seasons.

    Season three will air on HBO in 2016, followed by season four in 2017. “We are incredibly proud to have John as part of the HBO family,” HBO programming president Michael Lombardo says. “His unique ability to deliver socially significant commentary week after week, along with his innate comedic brilliance, puts John in a class by himself.”

    Oliver’s show has become quite popular with Stewart’s demographic as well as the writing community in general. The Writer’s Guild recently awarded the show with Best Comedy/Variety Series award.


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  • Chairman of the FCC Introduces Proposal to Protect Net Neutrality


    Tom Wheeler Proposes Net Neutrality

    After a year-long fight, proponents of Net Neutrality may have found a supporter in the unlikeliest of places: the Chairman of the FCC.

    In an op-ed published on Wired on Wednesday, Chairman Tom Wheeler disclosed his plan to reclassify internet service as a Type II utility, making it illegal for internet service providers to discriminate between different customers and thus prohibiting speed throttling or content blocking.

    This is a bit unexpected. Back in June, John Oliver dedicated a segment to the topic of Net Neutrality that outlined why internet service providers being able to create “fast lanes” for internet service would be a bad idea for the consumer. His video raked in almost 8 million views:

    At that point it seemed that the FCC would side with the ISPs, especially since Wheeler had actually served as a lobbyist for the cable and wireless industries in the past. But the fight over Net Neutrality had forced two unlikely parties to come together: activists and corporate giants like Google. And perhaps their voices were heard.

    In his op-ed Wheeler mentions that the FCC has played a major part in making the internet what it is today by opening networks. He even reminisced about his past as a business owner and his experience when networks are limited. And he stated his belief that the internet should be an open network as telephone lines are.

    Cable service providers, on the other hand, state that this type of regulation would be damaging to their ability to raise investment for their operations. Other political opponents claim that this is simply a power-grab by the FCC to regulate a private industry.

    Wheeler is planning to soften the blow of the reclassification of internet as a Type II utility by not enforcing the section of the classification that allows the FCC to regulate rates. However, the section that allows the FCC to extract funds from ISPs to subsidize development seems to still be in place.

    Keeping the net neutral is going to benefit everyone from media companies like Netflix, to users that consume that media, to new businesses that need an open internet to compete, to independent creators of content that use the internet as a distribution channel.

    The truth is, this announcement is likely only the beginning of the fight, as ISPs and opponents of this specific plan aren’t likely to take this laying down. We are also yet to see any of the details and fine print for the proposal. But it’s a clear sign that the grassroots activism in favor of Net Neutrality has had an impact. And it’s a sign that the FCC – or at least its Chairman – now holds a position in favor of Net Neutrality.

    And perhaps the clearest sign of our need for an open internet, no matter which way it comes, is Oliver’s clip that kicked the the grassroots campaign that already existed into overdrive.


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