Johnathan’s World

  • NYFA Alum Tyler D. Lambert Premieres Web Series at The American Black Film Festival


    In 1997, after an illuminating trip to a leading film festival, Jeff Friday founded The American Black Film Festival(ABFF). Since opening its doors in Miami, ABFF has been dedicated to recognizing Black talent and showcasing quality film and television content created by and about people of African descent. Friday created the festival as a vehicle to strengthen the Black entertainment community by sharing resources, knowledge and fostering artistic collaboration. Today the festival is an Oscar-qualifying, HBO-sponsored, trusted destination for Black filmmakers.

    This year, NYFA Acting for Film and Producing Alum Tyler D. Lambert, premiered his award-winning web series, Jonathan’s World, at the American Black Film Festival where it was also nominated for the Jury Award.

    Jonathan Stewart is a creative genius on a mission to self-discover. In 1990, during his freshman year at Wildcat University, Jonathan comes back from the future and gives his younger self a magical potion with the hope of getting a happy ending with his dream girl. However, when Jonathan takes a sip of the potion he begins to experience side effects as he’s placed under a spell. Jonathan’s soul becomes haunted. The side effects worsen and Jonathan becomes a test subject for the antidote in hopes that the side effects will subside and that he will be the perfect guy he’s wanted to be all along.

    New York Film Academy congratulates Tyler D. Lambert on Johnathan’s World and his participation in The American Black Film Festival!


    June 24, 2022 • Acting, Producing • Views: 253