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  • Jan. 22 Updates from the New York Film Academy’s Broadcast Journalism School

    Being a journalist isn’t a 9-to-5 job. News happens when it happens, and we have to cover it. But President Donald Trump’s arrival in Washington, D.C. has made every administration that preceded it look tame. In fact, it has forced news gathering organizations — all of them, not just the “mainstream” variety — to change how they do business.

    Awhile back, The New York Times posted a fascinating story on how — to steal a line from a NYC radio station — “the news watch never stops.” Given the events of this past weekend, with the U.S. government partially closed by a budget impasse, and more than a million women demonstrating around the country, I thought it would be a good time to share this article. (Click on the link, if only to see the great graphic in motion!)

    The start of a new year often signals big changes, and that certainly seems to be the case with NYFA Broadcast Journalism grad Grace Shao, who writes:
    “Happy new year friends! All the best wishes to you in 2018! Happy to tell you all I’m moving to Shanghai … to pursue a new role with CGTN, covering the worlds fastest growing economy in one of the most vibrant metropolises!”
    Grace is currently spending a lot of time shuttling between Beijing (PEK) and Shanghai (PVG or SHA). I hope she is saving up all those frequent flyer miles…
    And speaking of frequent flyers, NYFA alum Gillian Kemmerer is in Davos (again) this week, covering the annual World Economic Forum for Asset TV.
    And on the “news watch” over at CBS News is recent NYFA Broadcast Journalism grad Lara Gato. Last Monday she reported to work at CBS’ digital news operation, where she will be working as an associate producer.
    And who was assigned to instruct her on CBS policies and procedures? NYFA Broadcast Journalism grad Nour Idriss!
    Meanwhile, back on Battery Place, NYFA was one of the co-sponsors of Shanghai Film Week New York. I was honored to be chosen to participate in an Industry Panel discussion of U.S./PRC co-productions. As part of my presentation, I spoke about the three “rules” that underlie successful co-productions. One of which is, “Everything is based on relationships.”
  • New York Film Academy Alum Hired by CBS News and Trained by Fellow Alum


    This week, 2017 NYFA Broadcast Journalism graduate Lara Gato began work as an Associate Producer at CBS News. To add to what is already a proud moment for her alma mater, Gato is being trained by 2015 NYFA Broadcast Journalism grad Nour Idriss.

    Lara Gato  came to the New York Film Academy from her home in Madrid, Spain, to pursue her dream to become a journalist. Her fantastic work was recently featured on the NYFA Blog as a standout example of a professional reel.

    NYFA Alumna and CBS News Associate Producer Lara Gato

    “The reel doesn’t get you the job,” NYFA Chair of Broadcast Journalism Bill Einreinhoffer explained to the NYFA Blog. “The reel gets you the interview which can get you the job. It is the ticket that gets you in the door.”

    Nour Idriss, who is training Gato at CBS News, moved to New York City from her home in Aleppo, Syria. It was while still completing her program at NYFA that Nour was encouraged by a NYFA guest speaker to apply for work at CBS News. She used a story she did as a NYFA student to help secure a role. She works both in the production team for “The CBS Evening News Weekend Edition” and as a freelance associate producer for video at

    With “The CBS Evening News,” Idriss told the NYFA Blog she produces and edits VO’s, teases, and packages, overseeing headlines and assisting with gathering research and material. On the digital side at, she During the uses a suite of software to publish web content.

    The New York Film Academy congratulates Lara Gato and Nour Idriss for their success and looks forward to hearing more from them at CBS News.

  • Broadcast Journalism Grad Nour Idriss Hired by CBS News


    Nour Idriss, a recent NYFA Broadcast Journalism graduate, has been hired to work as a Broadcast Associate at the CBS Evening News.

    Nour came to NYFA to make a major career change. After being stranded in New York by the ongoing civil war in her homeland of Syria, she set out to “reinvent” herself as a broadcast journalist. Her goal was to learn skills that would allow her to be competitive in an always-challenging job environment.

    In addition to learning to report, shoot, write, narrate and edit, she also had the opportunity to network with the guest speakers who visit NYFA.

    In fact, it was one of those guests who encouraged Nour to apply for a job at CBS News.

    Congratulations to Nour on her new role at CBS News. We wish her nothing but the best of luck on her career as a broadcast journalist!

  • Broadcast Journalism Student Reports on De Blasio’s Press Conference


    Nour IdrissIt is the start of a new term, and what better way to kick-off the semester than to talk about one of the all-star Broadcast Journalism students at the New York Film Academy, Nour Idriss.

    Nour is from Syria, and after being stranded in New York by the ongoing civil war in her homeland, she set out to “reinvent” herself as a broadcast journalist. Not only does she shoot, report, write, edit and produce, but she got access to one of New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s press conferences. The event, making the release of New York City’s only Ebola patient, drew national and even international reporters. Nour was the only student journalist there.

    Set-up in-between camera crews from NBC and CBS, and shooting by herself, Nour documented the press conference like a pro. And she did this after only 8-weeks of study! Imagine what she will accomplish as a 1-year Broadcast Journalism student…


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