NYFA showcase

  • NYFA Gold Coast Hosts Advanced April ’17 Actors Mid Year Screening


    This August, the New York Film Academy Gold Coast Campus held the Advanced April 2017 Acting for Film mid-year screening showcase. As a part of NYFA Gold Coast’s continued commitment to hands-on learning, the screening showcase provides acting for film students with the experience and opportunity to share their work with invited guests.

    Directed by Senior Acting Lecturer, Adam Couper, the students screened their 30-minute TV pilot “Eternity” in the Southport Campus theatre.

    Mr. Adam Couper states, “It’s one thing for student actors to work on existing scenes from film and television, but part of the purpose of this pilot exercise was to involve them in creating their characters from the ground up. And they all embraced the process with great verve, to populate the pilot with truly unique characters telling a story they made their own.”


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  • NYFA Gold Coast Celebrates January ’17 Screenwriters End of Year Showcase


    NYFA Gold Coast was pleased to celebrate with the Class of January 2017 Diploma of Screenwriting students at their End of Year showcase this August. The End of Year Showcase for the graduating diploma students was  held in the Southport Campus theatre.

    Screenwriting lecturer Rachael Morgan McMurray stated, “The graduating screenwriters’ showcase was a complete success, with Adam and Markus’s’ work brought to brilliant life both by our talented acting students and also on screen.”

    As a part of NYFA Australia’s commitment to hands-on education, the end of year showcase offers graduating students an opportunity to share their work with invited guests.

    “Family, friends and fellow students delighted in their success,” continued Rachael Morgan McMurray, “Laughing in all the right places and impressed by the quality of their writing. It has been a pleasure to teach both of these writers and see them eagerly taking on feedback and committing to their craft so fully. We wish them well as they head out into this exciting industry.”