• NYFA Harvard Musical Theatre Students Create Powerful Music Video Cover of Sia’s “Bird Set Free”


    This summer, NYFA Harvard students from around the world had collaborated and performed in a unique and empowering music video project as part of NYFA’s musical theatre workshops. Performing their own vocals in a cover of Sia’s powerful ballad “Bird Set Free,” students created a piece that celebrates the diverse voices and in our international community, as well as the liberating power of the visual and performing arts.

    NYFA Musical Theatre Instructor Bobby Cronin led the music video project, which is as a part of the NYFA curriculum he developed alongside Musical Theatre Chair Mark Olsen and Shani Patel to help students gain insight into the potential power of musical storytelling in film as well as live theatre.

    “I was blown away by the message the first time I heard the song,” said Bobby, “and I’d since been yearning to use the song in an educational environment. Once I met the students at the New York Film Academy’s summer program at Harvard, I knew this would be the song for our music video.”

    The group brainstormed together, and Bobby suggested the idea of using paper signs to represent an important battle each student felt they had struggled with individually, and the students loved it.

    “We then worked with NYFA’s Shaun Clark who was the DP/cinematographer on the project,” said Bobby. “He was very inspired by our ideas and pitched using videos like [Sinead O’Connor’s] ‘Nothin’ Compares 2 U’ as reference — close shots that give the inner turmoil of the artist. We then discussed that the song is about breaking free of these turmoils, and the idea to use black and white (darkness) transitioning into color (light) became the metaphor for our video.”

    The message of Sia’s song resonated especially with the burgeoning musical theatre performers. Some of the lyrics include:

    “I don’t care if I sing off key

    I find myself in my melodies

    I sing for love

    I sing for me

    I shout it out

    Like a bird set free…”

    The students learned the song under the guidance of musical director William Demaniow, in an arrangement created by Bobby. After recording the song with professional equipment, the faculty and student collaborators filmed the music video, which was poignantly edited by Elise Ahrens.

    “I wanted this video to represent the world we live in today and the dream I have of us all co-existing as a human race,” said Bobby. “And, how as an artist, it is of the utmost importance to create from your soul.”

  • NYFA Alumnus Manuel Garcia-Rulfo Screens “Magnificent 7” at Los Angeles Campus


    Screenshot 2017-07-17 13.23.05On Thursday, July 6, New York Film Academy alumnus, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, gave a Q & A at the Los Angeles campus. Garcia-Rulfo is known for his work on the “From Dusk Till Dawn” television series, “Cake” starring Jennifer Aniston, and “180 Grados.” 

    The Q&A event with Garcia-Rulfo included a special screening of “Magnificent 7,” and was attended by students currently enrolled at the NYFA college as well as the tweens from the NYFA summer camps. Associate Chair of the Acting Department Miguel Cruz hosted the evening.

    Garcia-Rulfo has achieved an incredible feat by working professionally in the entertainment industry both Mexico and the United States. He said he was able to achieve this by being selective with what acting projects he accepted early in his career.

    As a young actor in Mexico, Garcia-Rulfo was constantly offered roles in the telenovelas. “They offer you everything, in the beginning, to work on these soap operas. And you’re very hungry in the beginning. But I knew what I wanted my career to look like. I said no to a lot of things early in my career.”Screenshot 2017-07-17 13.23.22

    While he may have said no to parts that did not feel authentic, he poured everything into what he did love, including his studies in the 1-Year Acting for Film Program at the New York Film Academy’s Los Angeles campus.

    Of his time at NYFA Garcia-Rulfo said, “New York Film Academy really gave me the chance to work in front of the camera – a lot! Having that experience makes you comfortable to be in front of the camera. Once you get out of here [NYFA] you know everything. I already knew all the aspects of the camera setup and crew when I was on set – having that prior knowledge was one of my favorite things. NYFA gave me a base upon which to build. For that, I am very thankful.”

    Garcia-Rulfo shared a story with the students about his time at NYFA. He and a friend decided that if they were going to work after the graduated they would need representation. They each had a reel and a short film finished. Thinking this would be enough to win over an agent, they decided to rent out the ballroom of a fancy hotel in Beverly Hills. They shipped out fancy baskets filled with chocolate to every representative. “Manuel is a great Mexican actor,” Garcia-Rulfo would tell agents over the phone. They ordered cases of champagne and food. The ballroom was decorated and soon the big day arrived.

    “I don’t think even my mother showed up,” Garcia-Rulfo said.

    The point of the story, according to Garcia-Rulfo, is that craft should always come first.

    Screenshot 2017-07-17 13.24.57

    “There’s no formula to this thing we’re doing,” Garcia-Rulfo explained. “If I have any advice to actors it’s this: just buckle up because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. It’s very tough. But, I think we have to enjoy that experience as well. Nurture your craft.”

    The New York Film Academy would like to thank Manuel Garcia-Rulfo for taking the time to speak with our summer camp students and our college students. Garcia-Ruflo will be starring in the remake of “Murder on the Orient Express” alongside Johnny Depp, Daisy Ridley, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Penélope Cruz coming out November 10, 2017.






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  • What’s Your #NYFASummer Story?



    Welcome to another year of summer at the New York Film Academy! We are excited to announce this year’s #NYFASummer Selfie Content, giving you the opportunity to win some awesome NYFA swag as well as receiving the opportunity to have your photo animated by NYFA Alumna, Eliska Podzimkova, whose work has made her Instafamous with over 56k followers.

    For the past few summers NYFA has held a photo contest on social media (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter) for our summer camp students to show off their locations, sets and overall campus life at each of their specific locations. Due to the great success and engagement over the last couple years, we are doing this again, but this time we want you to create a selfie! In addition, we will be giving out swag packs every month, with the grand winner receiving our major NYFA swag package (as well as their photo animated by Eliska).

    Entries are now open until September 1, 2016!

    Check out all the details below:

    How To Enter

    1. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter (or all of them for the most up-to-date announcements)
    2. Think of a creative way to take a selfie (include friends, backdrops, NYFA branding and your pets)
    3. Post your selfie on YOUR Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
    4. You must also include:
      1. Emojis only on your post
      2. Text you can use is #NYFASummer (this one is important)
      3. Challenge a friend by tagging them in the post with #YourTurn after their tag

    How To Improve Your Chances To Win

    1. Judges are looking for originality and creativity, BUT we also want you to be safe!
    2. Show us where you are in the world – is there a landmark you can include in the selfie? 
    3. Any NYFA branding may sway the judges (wink, wink)

    Important Entry Conditions

    • Please be sure your profile is public so we are able to see your entry.
    • You can submit as many #NYFASummer Selfies as you like and tag as many friends as you like.
    • Having #NYFASummer in your post is very important! We won’t see your entry without it.
    • Winners will be contacted via the social platform they submitted their entry so be sure to keep an eye out for our message.
    • Entries close September 1, 2016

    What You Will Win:

    • Monthly Winners – A winner will be selected at the end of every  month and featured on NYFA’s social channels. They with also receive a NYFA swag pack.
    • Major Winner – The major winner will be selected at the end of the contest. The winner will be announced before the 9th September and the winning work will be animated by Eliska Podzimkova (aka animateNY). In addition, the winner will receive:
      • Major NYFA swag Package.
      • Animated image promoted on NYFA social media channels (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter).
      • Animated image shared on animateNY Instagram account.

    So start snapping, cropping and filtering your best photos and, of course, enjoy your #NYFASummer!


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  • #NYFASummer Instagram Contest



    With New York Film Academy Summer Camp Programs wrapped and others in the full swing of things all around the world, we thought it was time to see what it is you’re all up to. Given the obvious popularity of Instagram amongst all of our students, we figured this would be the best place to stay in touch.

    All you have to do is tag your photos with #NYFASummer and we can see what you’re doing. Whether you’re in New York City, Los Angeles, Harvard, Florida, Europe or wherever, you’re all #NYFASummer students at heart!

    The best photos showing your support of #NYFASummer will be posted on NYFA’s official Instagram page and a select few will receive the Magic Shutter Ver. 3 App. And if you win this app, you’ll be able to show off some pretty amazing photos to your peers back at home. So, start tagging now!

    The best photos will be posted on NYFA Instagram from now until September 1st. The top winners will be announced soon after to receive the Magic Shutter Ver. 3 App.

    Here’s a glimpse at what you can win.


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