• New York Film Academy (NYFA) Alumni Meet Up in Manila


    This week, 20 alumni from New York Film Academy (NYFA) met up for dinner in Manila, capital of the Philippines.

    Also present at the event were Jim Miller, NYFA Vice President, Strategic Initiatives; Jonathan Whittaker, Chair of Short-term Intensive Programs; and Tami Alexander, NYFA Vice President, Middle East & North Africa.

    manila alumni 2019

    The alumni were a fun, diverse group, and came from a variety of NYFA programs, including short-term workshops, long-term conservatories, camps, and the MFA program. Both the New York and Los Angeles campuses were represented, as well as several graduation years.

    Over the meal, the alumni got to know one another better, and shared what they have been up to since graduating NYFA. Some of the alumni achievements included acting in professional shows, releasing music on Spotify, filming multiple feature films, and winning Best Actress at the CINESB Film Festival. One alum shared that they will be heading the cultural events of the upcoming biennial South East Asian Games, hosted this year by the Philippines.

    manila alumni 2019


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  • NYFA Filmmakers Making ‘Waves’ in the Philippines



    It’s no secret that networking is one of the most essential parts of becoming a successful filmmaker. At the New York Film Academy, we encourage students to find like-minded individuals who want to collaborate and are truly passionate about their craft. After all, you can’t create a film entirely by yourself. It’s a team effort.

    Recently, a team of NYFA students put their efforts together and filmed the feature film Waves. The film was written by Scott Acornley, directed by Don Frasco, edited by Adrian Morales Ramos, and produced by Anna Skrypka and Don Frasco, all of whom graduated from NYFA.

    “NYFA’s intensive hands-on approach worked well for me,” says producer and MFA Filmmaking alumna Anna Skrypka. “We were pushed to wear so many hats that we had no choice but to learn fast and figure our way out.”

    waves still

    The film, which will be Waverly Pictures first feature film, is about intimate friendship, love and heartbreak, revolving around two old friends who test their boundaries on a secluded island in the Philippines.

    Waves is mainly about a man in his later 20s, drowning in his own life, in his own indecision, in his own lack of focus,” says screenwriter and MFA Filmmaking alumnus Scott Graham. “The ocean is a great metaphor for the human subconscious, so I always thought that the main character should be consumed by it, overwhelmed by it. But with the appearance of the whale shark, he kind of starts finding his way. There is beautiful potential inside all of our minds, and sometimes we need to drown and struggle a little bit to find that potential.”

    Waves is now available on Vimeo on Demand, and will be theatrically released this June in the Philippines by the Distribution Company Viva. The team is also in the process of getting US and worldwide distribution.

    waverly pictures

    Frasco and Skrypka are currently working on a number of other projects, including a feature that they intend to shoot early 2016. Through the film, Frasco hopes to explore Cebu youth culture from the perspective of two fresh medical representatives tasked to introduce family planning products to rural towns.

    “I hope to make films that have a sincere impact on society and its culture,” says director and cinematographer Don Frasco. “I believe that principles can be influenced and shaped through cinema in ways that ignite passion and a resilient interest in contributing to the world.”

    There will be a screening and Q&A with the filmmakers at NYFA Los Angeles on March 27th.

    Have a look at the trailer below, where you’ll also have the option of purchasing the film to view in its entirety.



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  • Philippines Disaster Relief Fund at NYFA


    As many of you are aware, the Philippines was recently struck by one of the most powerful and devastating storms recorded in human history. Having leveled many cities and killing thousands of Philippine nationals, Typhoon Haiyan has left an indelible mark on the country.

    As a small start, the New York Film Academy has donated $10,000 to the relief fund. In addition, we would like to reach out to our community to help aid relief efforts overseas. We will be placing a donation box at each front desk of 17 Battery Place as well as at the front desk at Union Square. We will be accepting cash (and coin) donations which we will then donate to Direct Relief, the non-profit emergency response and global health organization with a special initiative for this relief effort.

    Starting Monday, November 18th through Friday November 22nd, we will be collecting cash donations. Let’s pitch in and make a big statement from the entire NYFA community.

    Thank you all so much for your support, every penny helps!

    If you would like to make an individual donation online, you may do so here: DONATE NOW.Philippines



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