• 1st Annual New York Film Academy Photo Alumni Portfolio Review


    New York Film Academy’s Photography school recently launched its first annual New York Film Academy Photo Alumni Portfolio Review. This year, thirteen of our Photography alumni from around the world gathered at NYFA’S Los Angeles campus for an evening of food, feedback, and networking with top photo industry professionals. 

    NYFA Photography alumni prepared printed portfolios and came ready to discuss their work and post-graduation photo goals. Our esteemed reviewers included: Photo Agent Jen Jenkins from Giant Artists; Producer and creative consultant, Mara Serdans; and Patti Silverstein from Elemental PhotoArt. 

    The evening began with an informal discussion with the review committee. Graduates asked about industry standards for portfolio presentation as well as for insight about the next steps they could take to continue their career path. The reviewers also discussed each of their photography journeys.

    After the group discussion, both the alumni and reviewers sat down to a delicious Mediterranean meal, and had fun goofing off in our NYFA Photo Booth. The vibe was informal but also productive and rewarding. The evening concluded with each student meeting with a reviewer to get feedback on their personal portfolio projects. 

    1st Annual New York Film Academy Photo Alumni Portfolio Review“To be able to hear first hand about your work from people working in the photo industry is the best way to grow and learn as an artist,” says NYFA alum Tanya Gawdi. Gawdi is also the guest alumni editor of FAYN Issue #4. “It was a wonderful networking opportunity and it’s always amazing to be back at NYFA.”

    Patti Silverstein, one of the guest reviewers, was also pleased to be there, stating: “I was so happy to have been invited to participate in the NYFA Portfolio event! It was such a fun evening meeting and reviewing the work of a very talented and passionate group of photographers.”

    Silverstein continued, “The event was really well organized and relaxed, with just the right amount of time for socializing and for reviewing.” 

    The New York Film Academy thanks the guest reviewers for their valuable input and congratulates the Photography alumni on their fantastic work!


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  • International Photography Award: Emergentes dst


    emergentes photographyHere is a unique opportunity for New York Film Academy photography students and alumni to win an award for their portfolio. The International Photography Award Emergentes dst is an initiative of Domingos da Silva Teixeira group, organized by Encontros da Imagem, with a monetary prize to be granted to the best 2014 Contemporary Photography Portfolio. The Photography Prize Emergentes dst will be awarded after the Portfolio Review which gives photographers the opportunity to showcase their work to commissioners, gallery owners and expert editors, thus establishing solid foundations for the promotion of their work.

    NYFA students and alumni interested in applying to the Emergentes dst Award should follow these rules:

    Every creator who uses photography as main expression may apply, regardless of nationality, gender or age.
    2. PRIZE
    The Photography Award Emergentes dst grants a prize money of 7,500 euro and an individual exhibition at the Festival Encontros da Imagem – 2015.

      • At this step, each applicant must submit no more than 20 digital images (b&w or color). It must be an original and recent portfolio.
      • Deadline for the submission is August 15, 2014. The pre-application fee is 10€.
      • A pre-selection from a committee of experts will select 80 photographers who shall be invited to submit their portfolio to further review from specialists and photography and visual arts analysts.
      • Ranking shall be based on interest, originality and coherence of the projects, as well as on the conceptual quality of the work. Finalists shall be notified of the results until September 1.

    The second step consists of the choice of 8 experts for the portfolio reading, by each of the selected candidates. Deadline for this choice is September 8. Portfolio analyses will take place during the Festival Encontros da Imagem, on September 17 and 18. The winner will be announced on September 20 in a special ceremony at Theatro Circo, Braga. Every selected candidate will have a 20 minute session with the assigned reviewer. All the finalists must pay a 140 € registration fee, which will also entitle them to the Encontros da Imagem 2014 catalogue. Every selected entrant must upload a chosen digital image (eligible photographs must be size 40×50 and 300dpi resolution) that will be exhibited at the opening session of Encontros da Imagem at September 19.
    During the critical review of Portfolios, each expert shall elect the best portfolio and one photograph to be produced in a format chosen by the author. There will be an exhibition of the whole set of photographs selected by the judges, at the ceremony of the announcement of Emergentes dst Award. The author of the Photography Award Emergentes dst will be elected from the selected portfolios. On September 20, the prize winner of Emergentes dst shall be announced in a formal ceremony where the entitled Prize will be handed out and during which a presentation of the portfolios of the finalists shall also take place. The exhibition of the awarded photographer’s works shall be on display at the official section of Encontros da Imagem 2015.
    The finalists agree on the reproduction of images from the portfolios that were sent
    for the contest, either to display or to promote the prize. The prize winner is to give the sponsor two pieces produced and exhibited to the venue in 2015. Any other use will be agreed between the Festival and authors.
    Fill in the application form available online at www.encontrosdaimagem.com. You must send the receipt of the application fee along with your portfolio.


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