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  • Spielberg’s Son Gets Behind Camera at NYFA Film School


    From BBC News – The eldest son of director Steven Spielberg has completed work on his first film, a short thriller about a couple caught up in a string of murders.

    Max Spielberg, 17, wrote, produced, directed, filmed and edited the movie, entitled Snap Shot, during a filmmaking workshop run by the New York Film Academy.

    He attended the four-week course, held at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, over the summer.

    The film focuses on a tourist couple whose camera becomes mixed up with that of a serial killer, drawing them into the investigation when their photos turn out to be of his victims.

    There are no plans for the film to be given a public screening in the near future.

    “It will be for his own personal use when he pursues other avenues in the industry,” said a spokesperson for the New York Film Academy.


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