• Adam Nimoy’s ‘For the Love of Spock’ Doc Produced in Association with NYFA

    George Takei with NYFA Instructor Adam Nimoy

    George Takei with NYFA Instructor Adam Nimoy

    The New York Film Academy is proud to announce our involvement in the documentary feature film, For the Love of Spock.

    On June 16 and 17, staff and students of the New York Film Academy Los Angeles helped professional Director and long time directing Instructor, Adam Nimoy, produce a documentary about the character of Mr. Spock from Star Trek entitled For the Love of Spock. Adam and his father, Leonard Nimoy who played the iconic role, decided together that it was time to make a documentary about the beloved character. Unfortunately, Leonard Nimoy passed away before they could start production on the documentary. Adam has taken up the reigns with the intent of finishing the documentary and steering it not only towards an in-depth look at the famous Vulcan, but the man, his father, who made the character famous.


    William Shatner with NYFA crew

    New York Film Academy is lending talent and resources to ensure Adam’s documentary is a success. Earlier this week staff and students were thrilled to join Adam’s production team and help shoot a series of high profile interviews that will make up the spine of the documentary.

    William Shatner (Captain Kirk), George Takei (Lt. Sulu) and Walter Koenig (Ensign Chekov) were just a few of the impressive names that our staff and students helped interview for the documentary. Zachary Quinto will be providing the narration for the film and the New York film Academy is honored to help produce it.

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    Adam and Leonard Nimoy

    A young Adam Nimoy with his iconic father, Leonard Nimoy (AKA Spock).

    In memory of Leonard Nimoy, his son Adam Nimoy, will be dedicating his next production For the Love of Spock to his father. Adam, who is an acting and directing faculty member of New York Film Academy in LA, will continue the work on the documentary he started with his father (who sadly passed early this year). Although it will not be considered a “Spockumentary,” it will be commemorating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek (first aired September 8, 1966).

    According to Variety, William Shatner, who played Enterprise captain James T. Kirk, had agreed to appear in the doc.

    The new Star Trek’s Spock, Zachart Quinto, is expected to narrate the film.

    You can support Adam Nimoy’s documentary by visiting the Kickstarter campaign here.


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