Stanley Greene

  • Stanley Greene’s Photographic Brutal Realities, Recorded with Complete Frankness

    Stanley Greene

    Guest lecturer, photographer Stanley Greene, explaining his photography career.

    Last week, the New York Film Academy Photography Department was honored to present guest lecturer Stanley Greene.

    Renowned for his unflinching and honest conflict photography, Greene is an award-winning photo journalist who has covered an array of human tragedies for more than 30 years.

    Mr. Greene showed us early work and seldom seen images. He showed photographs of brutal realities, recorded with complete frankness.  He shared his impressions of war and the psychology of conflict photography, tracing the story of his career from Paris fashion Photographer, to casual shooter at the fall of the Berlin Wall, to full-fledged documentarian of human suffering.  He candidly revealed his reasons for doing the work he does and the emotional complexity it entails.

    The evening ended with a slide presentation of recent images captured in Syria. The tragic and beautiful photographs were accompanied by Stanley reading his own poetry.

    One of Stanley Greene's photographs from his recent Syria visit.

    One of Stanley Greene’s photographs from his recent Syria visit.

    A counterpoint to the images, the words recounted his impressions as he witnessed the history of human suffering unfolding before his eyes.

    Mr. Greene is a founding member of Noor agency.  He authored the books, Western Front,  Black Passport and  Open Wound.


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