• NYFA Teams Up with R&B Star Banky W.




    The New York Film Academy has recently collaborated with R&B sensation, Banky W, on his latest music video for the upcoming single, “Unborn Child” featuring hip hop artist, Lynxxx.

    Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, Banky enrolled in NYFA’s Union Square campus to study an 8-week Filmmaking course where he was able to develop his skills to co-produce and co-direct his largest music video to date alongside Jonathan Whittaker, Chair of Short-Term Filmmaking Program at The New York Film Academy. With a NYFA crew comprised of former students, assistants, and faculty, “Unborn Child” was shot on the stellar Red Epic at Gary’s Loft in Midtown and just off Bruckner Boulevard in the Bronx in only 2 days. The video stars Banky, Lynxxx, and 8-week Acting for Film student Aminat Ayinde.

    Banky plays the role of an NYPD officer that finds out the unexpected news that his girlfriend, Ayinde, is now pregnant. As he departs for what he thinks will be just another day on the job, the mother of his unborn child will soon find out that Banky is injured in the line of duty and leaves Lynxxx, his fellow NYPD partner, to deliver an important letter of heartfelt words and lessons for his child to live by in this emotional song and video.

    The video is currently in post-production at the New York Film Academy and is pending information on the premiere. One thing we know for sure is that we are extremely proud to have had Banky join us as a student and collaborator on this project. Working with Banky firsthand, Jonathan Whittaker says, “For someone of Banky’s stature to trust me with their vision is a tremendous honor. There is no higher sense of accomplishment than collaborating with students who are putting into practice what they have learned in my classroom.”


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  • 15 Signs You Went to New York Film Academy


    NYFA Universal Studios

    Whether you studied at the original campus in Union Square, SoHo, the new Battery Park building, Universal Studios, or one of the many locations around the world, if you attended New York Film Academy, you’ve probably developed some of these traits.

    1. NYFA Union SquareYou tell your friend to move slightly to the left or right while conversing with them.
    2. You’ve had your hands on the Canon 5D and the RED.
    3. You immediately know where someone is from based on his or her accent.
    4. Even if you hate acting, you’ve acted in at least a scene or two.
    5. You’ve discovered Hershey’s syrup can be used to film a bloody scene.
    6. You paint your living room wall blue or green so you’re able to film a ‘green screen‘ scene in your home.
    7. At the theater, you are too busy looking for mistakes instead of enjoying the movie.
    8. All of your school friends are actors, performers or filmmakers scattered all over the world.
    9. You’ve shot a scene using the fog machine.
    10. fog machineYou check to make sure you “hit your mark” at random places like the grocery check out, ATM or even McDonald’s.
    11. You have a complete NYFA apparel collection for all seasons: T-shirts, hoodie, track jacket…even a NYFA messenger bag to carry them in.
    12. You’ve met a famous guest speaker.
    13. You’ve said ‘FADE OUT’ at the end of a regular conversation.
    14. You’ve yelled “Cut” when a friend’s story goes on too long.
    15. You want to go back!

    Josh Brolin

    There may be countless other signs of a true NYFA student. We’d love to hear some of yours in the comments below!

  • NYFA Grad Animates Instagram


    Yet again, while scoping the Internet, we stumbled across another talented New York Film Academy Animation graduate. Eliska Podzimkova, who studied here in the summer of 2012, created a very innovative Instagram page called eliskap (formerly animateNY). Though she now resides in Prague, Eliska, like so many of our students, fell in love with New York City during her studies. Her admiration and nostalgia for the city inspired her to create the page in which she offers followers the chance to put her ‘personal touch’ on their image, if they hashtag #animateNY.

    Being that we had an “in” with Eliska (she went to our school), we were fortunate enough to have her collaborate with us on an image. We hope this will be the first of many collaborations as we’re huge fans of her creative work! Be sure to follow the New York Film Academy on Instagram to see more of Eliska’s work and other happenings at the school.

    animateNY NYFA Grad

    animation by Eliska Podzimkova


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  • NYFA Grad Julie Pacino Looking for Interns for Production Company


    Poverty RowFormer New York Film Academy student, Julie Pacino, is looking for creative interns for her Production Company, Poverty Row Entertainment. Poverty Row produces feature films, music videos and commercials from their location in New York City.

    “We are a serious, legit, and very busy producer team in need of an intern who can support us in the day to day, both logistically and creatively,” says Julia.

    Tasks include: management of schedules, running errands, and thinking creatively as they prepare to release their feature film and enter into pre-production on their next.

    A candidate is potentially, but not limited to, someone who is interested in and/or currently studying Marketing and Business Communications.

    Skills preferred: Photoshop, Adobe, Excel, blogging sites like Tumblr and WordPress.

    Logging receipts and some book keeping will be necessary, as well.

    It is important to understand that the work will not always be exciting, but it will be a fun environment as the company is for innovative independent filmmakers with a true passion for the business.

    The office is located in Chinatown, New York City and they are looking for someone with an open schedule that they can count on. There is no pay, but student credit can be discussed.

    If you’re interested, send your resume and cover letter to


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  • NYFA Grad Wins at Abu Dhabi Film Festival


    Abu Dhabi FF

    On Wednesday night, the Abu Dhabi Film Festival announced the winners of the Black Pearl Awards for the Emirates Film Competition and the Short Film Competition. The awards were presented in a ceremony at the Emirates Palace.

    Aisha Abdulla, an Emirati New York Film Academy graduate, received her award in the Abu Dhabi Film Festival Emirates Short film competition for her short documentary film Against the Wind. The film was her final project in the 12-week evening program. Congratulations to Aisha!

  • NYFA Soccer Team!


    New York Film Academy at Los Angeles now has its very own soccer team! Soccer, or football, as it is known outside of the States, is the world’s most popular sport, played in over 200 countries. Spearheaded by BFA Acting for Film student Adam El-Manawy, the NYFA team formed over the past couple months and practices near campus on the weekends.

    For Adam, soccer is a way of life. “I have played since I was four years old, and used to play in a club back in Belgium,” he says. “It’s like eating or sleeping for me.” But he says he had been missing out on the sport since moving to the US. He spread the word about creating a team, and 23 people responded in the first week. Proving to be as international as NYFA’s own student body, the team has players from 4 continents, many of whom had played in clubs back home, and one who had played professionally.

    The team just received NYFA jerseys, and is looking to start competing soon! For more information on how to join the team, email


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