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Datejust is a table that everyone is very familiar with. Usually Datejust is a steel case, but in fact Datejust also has a full gold model. This fake rolex datejust 16238 is actually a hot sale style created by in 2018. Rolex launched the 3135 calibre in 1988. Later, Rolex introduced the Datejust using the 3135 calibre, which is 16238. Until 2005, 16238 was replaced by the later 116138/116238.
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This Rolex Datejust Copy 16238 is easy to confuse with 116138/116238, because Zhang is very similar, basically no difference, only the details. Both the 16238 and 116138/116238 are 36 mm gold case, sapphire mirror, mil, using a 3135 movement, the appearance is almost exactly the same. But anyone familiar with Rolex knows that one way to distinguish between new and old Rolex is to look at the ears. This fake Rolex Datejust ear is also very high-end!
36mm is the classic size of Rolex, and many of the Rolex Datejust Copy are 36mm in diameter. Some players have doubts before, worried that Rolex will cancel 36 mm, it turns out that it is impossible. Large-diameter watches are now popular, and most watches have increased in size, but Rolex has not changed its size. The 40 dive watch, 36mm Datejust, etc. have never changed. The 36mm male watch is smaller in size today. But I can say with certainty that the gold shell's olex Datejust Copy, 36mm is very suitable.
Rolex Datejust Replica Watches are considered undervalued fake watches brand , whether it is history , style , movement, technology or style , all cherish unique skill and knowledge. Inspiration drawn from the appearance of strong brand classic style reminiscent of the steppe and desert , JR1000 mechanical cushion shaped stainless steel case carrying the brand built its own self-winding refined ; when minutes and seconds , date display, rotating bezel plus waterproof 100 meters of function .
This 36mm Rolex Datejust Copy is just right after getting started. Gold watches, especially gold and rose gold, are very bright and eye-catching, and smaller and appear more refined. One of the clever things about Rolex is that everyone can take a look. Rolex has never changed the size of the watch, but Rolex has been adjusting the proportion of the watch. The old Rolex's lugs are relatively thin, and the new Rolex has widened the lugs. Although the size of the head is still 40, 36, the overall size of the watch has become larger. So there is no need to change the classic size.