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Musical Theatre Auditions

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Audition Requirements

With the exception of our high school workshops, every student applying to our Musical Theatre School’s workshops and conservatory programs must complete an audition. Students have the option of either auditioning in person at the Academy’s New York City or Los Angeles campuses or if an in-person audition is not possible, applicants may submit an audition on DVD or via private YouTube links.

How To Audition

Applicants have the following options to audition for the Academy’s Musical Theatre School.

Step 1 They can audition in front of an admissions representative during an audition tour.

Step 2 Applicants have the option to schedule an audition at either our NYC or LA campuses.

Step 3 If an applicant is unable to audition in person, he or she should send either a private YouTube link to the following email addresses or a DVD to the below addresses.

New York Film Academy
Attn. Audition Track
100 E. 17th Street
New York, NY 10003

New York Film Academy LA
Attn: Audition Track
3300 Riverside Drive
Burbank, CA 91505

To set up an in-person audition on campus or off-site, please contact:

New York City:
Blake Babbitt
Telephone: 212-674-4300

Los Angeles
Joey Zangardi
Telephone: 818-333-3558

Auditioning for Musical Theatre

All musical theatre applicants must prepare a 60-90 second monologue from a published contemporary American play or screenplay and two short contrasting musical theatre songs.

When auditioning in person, please bring your own accompaniment on CD or digital music player for your musical selections. When choosing audition selections, it is important to choose material that is age and type appropriate. It is also important to read the entire play, screenplay, or libretto prior to your audition. Applications should be completed online or turned in prior to your audition in order to schedule your audition appointment.

We want you to find pieces that excite you. Choose pieces with which you have a personal connection. The more connected you are to a character’s circumstances, the more we get to see your talent and personality.

An Admissions Representative will contact you shortly after your audition with an admissions decision.

New York Film Academy Disclaimer
New York Film Academy Disclaimer