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Dr. Ariel Orama López



Dr. Ariel Orama López is a Puerto Rican actor, producer, director and clinical psychologist who attended NYFA’s 1-Week Acting for Film Workshop in Los Angeles. Most recently, he filmed One, an experimental film about Hurricane Maria and the devastation it wreaked on Puerto Rico in 2017. The film had 36 international laurels and ten international prizes, including from Belarus, Australia, Spain, Italy, the Philippines, Morocco, Peru, Chile, Mexico, and Puerto Rico, as well from festivals in New York and Los Angeles, and has screened on every inhabited continent in the world.

Dr. Orama López is an experimental live-action and animation hybrid short film 2ḦOOM [Zoom] qualified the filmmaker for the Oscars in 2021 for his second consecutive year in the short film category. The film was selected for the Emerging Filmmakers Showcase at The American Pavilion in Cannes in 2022.

Program Studied at NYFA: Acting for Film
Program Type: 1-Week Acting for Film Workshop
Year Attended: 2011
Location: Los Angeles
Credit Highlights: 2ḦOOM [Zoom] YSLA, One, Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights, Esteban


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