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Jameelah Rose Lineses


Jameelah Rose Lineses is a multitalented filmmaker with short films and music video credits including Our Journey to Hijaz (2016), Reunion (2018), Will You Marry Me? (2013), and Karma the Movie. Rose Lineses founded the Khatak Film Society, which was featured at the 2021 International Film Festival Manhattan. The Khatak Film Society is dedicated to showcasing the works of new wave Tibetan filmmakers, as well as other regions of the Himalayas, to a global audience.

She is the winner of the ‘Best Cinematography Award’ from the 8th Annual International Film Festival Manhattan for her music video, Atareek, and recipient of the 2017 IFFM’s FIlm Festival Director Louie Award Honorable Mention for her documentary, The Lifestyles of Expats in Jeddah.

Rose Lineses attended NYFA’s 1-Year Filmmaking Conservatory on the New York City Campus in 2011.

Program Studied at NYFA: Filmmaking
Program Type: 1-Year Conservatory NYC
Year Graduated: 2011
Location: Saudi Arabia
Credits: Our Journey to Hijaz, Reunion, Will You Marry Me? Karma the Movie, Atareek, The Lifestyles of Expats in Jeddah

Jameelah Rose del Prado Lineses


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