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Mike Soccio


Mike Soccio has spent his 27 year career in Hollywood writing both sitcoms and major motion pictures. His first job was on the 90’s hit show, “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” where he spent four seasons on staff (1993-1996) rising to Executive Story Editor level.

A few years later, after writing an spec episode for the CBS show “The King of Queens,” he landed a staff position there as Writer/Co-Producer. He worked on staff for the last three seasons of the show. In 2009, he co-created a half-hour sitcom for ABC that starred Cedric The Entertainer. The pilot was filmed just before the WGA strike hit.

His career as a “script doctor” began with the hit movie, Men In Black, and spanned several years, where he did on-set rewrites for major motion pictures such as “Hitch”; “The Karate Kid”; “Men in Black 2 & 3”; and “Bad Boys.” He was recently hired by Sony to write the sequel for the Will Smith film, “Hancock,” and is working as a Writer/Supervising Producer for the new hit CBS sitcom, “Kevin Can Wait.”

Program Studied at NYFA: Filmmaking
Year Attended/Graduated: 1999
Location: New York
Highlights: The King of Queens, Kevin Can Wait

mike soccio


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