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New York Film Academy Guest Speakers

New York Film Academy Guest Speakers

Tony Harris


Tony Harris is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and filmmaker. He is currently the host of History Channel’s The Proof is Out There. His first podcast, Monster: DC Sniper for iHeart Media and Tenderfoot TV is still a top-rated true-crime podcast, with more than 12-million downloads after reaching number three in top podcasts as of early 2020. Harris has hosted and served as executive producer for several shows and series for Discovery Communication’s ID Channel, including The Murder of George Floyd, Scene of the Crime with Tony Harris, and ID’s limited series Hate In America. He hosted and reported Behind Closed Doors, an exploration of domestic violence in America, and narrated the 2014 Discovery Channel documentary 9/11 Rescue Cops.

Notable Credits
The Proof is Out There, The Murder of George Floyd, Scene of the Crime with Tony Harris, 9/11 Rescue Cops, Monster: DC Sniper

Tony Harris.

The 20/20 Series with Emmy Award-Winning Journalist & Filmmaker Tony Harris


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