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New York Film Academy Guest Speakers

New York Film Academy Guest Speakers

Zach Bohn


Overflow, Crazy Kitchen, Disney Dream Treats

Zach Bohn is a game designer and has worked for Disney Consumer Products and Zindagi Games. Experiencing the collaborative process of creating games from scratch first hand, Bohn worked as part of a multi-project puzzle design strike team at Zindagi, working from one project to the next in one week cycles, as well as organizing and brainstorming the design and creation of Match-3 games and Line Draw Puzzles.

After working for Disney Consumer Products as part of one of the largest multimedia companies in the world, Bohn became a UI Designer for Insomniac Games, based in Burbank, California. Insomniac is a major developer responsible for several hit games, including Spyro, Ratchet & Clank, and the upcoming Spider-Man game for PS4.

Zach Bohn NYFA

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