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New York Film Academy Memorial Day 2014 Winners

Memorial Day Scholarship Winners Announced

July 16, 2014 In honor of the brave men and women who serve or have served in the military, the New York Film Academy set aside two scholarships to its 4-Week Acting for Film Workshop and 4-Week Filmmaking Workshop.

Military members and veterans interested in the scholarships were asked to submit a 90-second video detailing their military background and why he or she was passionate about pursuing acting or filmmaking at NYFA.

Though there were many impressive submissions, NYFA decided on the following two winners:

Melvin Ruiz Vargas: Awarded 4-Week Acting for Film Scholarship

Melvin, hailing from Puerto Rico, joined the army in 2003 and was stationed in Baghdad, Iraq for two years of active duty. In 2005, Melvin returned to Puerto Rico where he joined the U.S. Army Reserves and served for six years.

Now, Melvin is passionate about pursuing acting at NYFA. He first discovered the school after attending an open house on the Universal Studios backlot in Los Angeles. “It was a life changing experience just to get a sense of how movies are made,” says Vargas. “I’m looking forward to enrolling in an institution that will allow me to expand my skills and knowledge as an industry professional, especially in acting.”

Kristine Major: Awarded 4-Week Filmmaking Scholarship

Kristine is a military veteran, mother and filmmaker who resides in Philadelphia, PA and has been working in the community on several creative projects as an editing consultant, PA, set designer and more.

Since coming out of the armed forces as an airman, Kristine has been diagnosed with MS but her passion for filmmaking hasn’t deterred her in the least. “Filmmaking is therapy for me,” says Major. “The New York Film Academy can take me to even greater heights.”

The New York Film Academy would like to thank everyone who submitted for a scholarship and congratulate Melvin and Kristine on being awarded the Memorial Day Scholarships!

Until COVID restrictions on the Universal Studios backlot subside, not all cohorts or students will be able to attend production workshops on the backlot. The backlot is generally not used for production workshops for screenwriting, animation and game design departments.

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