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NYFA Filmmaking Alumnus Ruchir Garg's 'It's Gawd!' Screening in New York City, and Available on Amazon

NYFA Filmmaking Alumnus Ruchir Garg's "It's Gawd!" Screening in New York City, and Available on Amazon

August 11, 2017 New York Film Academy filmmaking alumnus Ruchir Garg's film "It's Gawd!" starring Tommy Chong, Luke Perry and Rebecca Maden, has been released on Amazon and is screening August 24 at the AMC in Union Square, New York City.

The special screening at Union Square will include an exclusive Q&A with the film’s director, Gerald "Jerry" Brunskill, who is also known for his composing and music editing work on films and television series including "World’s Greatest Dad" and "She Spies."

"It's Gawd!" is an independent comedy originally released in 2013, that has found a cult following. The story follows Gawd, actual creator of the universe, as he travels to earth to appear in a late night variety show to reconnect with humanity and save the world.

The film was Tommy Chong’s first leading role without his longtime comedy partner, Cheech Marin. Chong told the Hollywood Reporter in 2013, "I liked (Jerry’s) take on God combined with the comedy. If you look at the world today as it is, you gotta think only a stoner could’ve put that together."

NYFA filmmaking alumnus Ruchir Garg was one of the executive producers on the film. He points to his training at NYFA as helping pave the way for the skills he used to bring this indie feature to life: "The NYFA experience turned out to very useful because it was very hands on," says Garg. "When I came across the script for ‘It's Gawd!’ I was familiar enough with the filmmaking process so I could ask the right questions to make an informed decision. In fact, I am pretty sure that without some prior knowledge of the process, I would not have had the courage to take it up the project."

For those in the New York City area, further information and tickets for the August 24 screening can be found here.

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