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Amsterdam Business of Film Producing Weekend Workshop

10 NYFA producing students work to set up a shot against yellow brocade wallpaper. A group of NYFA producing students discuss their project on a cobblestone street. 9 NYFA producing students work together to measure a shot from a dolly on an outdoor set.

Hands-on Intensive 2-Day Weekend Producing Workshop

No single position is more directly involved with the creative, technical, and financial aspects of making a film or television program than the producer. Today’s producer must oversee and carefully navigate an ever more challenging world of film financing and distribution.


The New York Film Academy Amsterdam’s Business of Film Producing Weekend workshop, hosted by veteran film producer Paul Miller, focuses on the art of producing a film in our entrepreneurial age, where the means of manufacture and distribution are in flux, and where finding your audience is key.

How does today’s producer navigate the complicated world of ad-hoc financing, where the rights to a film may be pre-sold, packaged, and split territorially — often via challenging and sometimes conflicting sources of financing? How does the producer oversee a project from its inception all the way to its release and distribution?

These questions and more will be addressed in this intensive, hands-on film production workshop. Topics in the workshop include: finding and developing “the property,” strategizing a film’s potential market value and revenue streams; selecting and packaging directors, writers and talent; legal aspects such as creative rights and contracts with key players; introduction to revenue flow including domestic/foreign and ancillary rights; exploring financing sources such as equity, pre-sales, loans and “soft money;” and finally marketing and release strategies for the completed film.

This film production course is intensive, and participants should plan on a full Saturday and Sunday. Producing workshop students should be prepared to discuss a potential film story which they would like to produce. The project doesn’t have to be an active project, but rather an idea that the participant can use in the workshop. The idea can also be in the form of a simple treatment. For each film idea, the participant should also think of a director, lead cast, location and budget range.

The film financing producing workshop does not assume any prior understanding of film producing; however, it is challenging and enlightening even for veterans of the film business. Specifically, the course is designed for film producers, financiers, directors, and anyone interested in entering the film business in the area of producing.


Paul Miller is an independent producer working in the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

From May 2012 until October 2013, Miller was director of film financing at the the Doha Film Institute in Qatar. Miller oversaw a $2.5 million education training programme, a $1 million global grants fund, and managed a $25 million film financing fund.

Prior to this, Miller produced "The Birder’s Guide to Everything," directed by Rob Meyer, and "Babygirl," written and directed by Macdara Vallely, produced with Samson Films and the Irish Film Board. In 2011, Miller produced feature-length documentary "Poor Consuelo Conquers the World," with Les Films d’Ici for ARTE. Miller also executive-produced the feature-length documentary "The Man Who Drew the Future," with Una Films and ARTE.

From 2002-09, Miller was head of film production at Crossroads Films, where he produced "Snow Angels," released by Warner Independent Pictures in 2008. The film was written and directed by David Gordon Green and stars Sam Rockwell and Kate Beckinsale; and "A Love Song For Bobby Long," starring John Travolta and Scarlett Johansson, released by Lionsgate Films in 2006.

Previous films include John Sayles’ feature "The Secret of Roan Inish" (1994), the Academy Award-nominated "Lone Star" (1996), and Golden Globe-nominated "Men with Guns" (1997). Miller also produced "Prozac Nation," directed by Erik Skjoldbaerg (“Insomnia”) and starring Christina Ricci, Jessica Lange and Anne Heche. The film was released by Miramar.

Miller was educated in England and is a graduate of the National Film and Television School in the U.K. He is a member and consultant with Paris-based Ateliers du Cinéma Européen, (A.C.E.), Europe’s premiere producer’s association and a member of the Director’s Guide of America and the Producer’s Guild of America.

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