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Producing School at the New York Film Academy

What Makes Our Producing Program Unique?

The New York Film Academy's Film and Television Producing Program is housed within our film school and is designed to illuminate one of the most important and misunderstood jobs in film and television. Students eager to control their own destiny in the business world of film and television will flourish in this intensive hands-on program. It is geared to students with little or no experience in producing, but who recognize that an intensive and demanding program, much like the job of producing itself, will provide them with the knowledge they seek.
Students are treated as Producers throughout the duration of the course, and are challenged at each step of the way. Students are encouraged, but not required; to bring a piece of intellectual property - a book, screenplay, show concept or treatment - at the beginning of the course. Throughout the year students will take this project through the various stages of development - pitch, treatment, script, talent search, budget, schedule, and plans for marketing and distribution. Students will learn the real-word strategies for successful producing and have opportunities to make the actual contacts needed within the film and television industry. Students must be prepared for full-days of intensive work five to six days a week, throughout the entire year. They must be committed to a fast-paced, intensive learning and production schedule, and willing to work collaboratively with our Film School and Acting School students. The program is offered at our film schools in New York and Los Angeles.

Producing Student News

• Congratulations to Leopard Films on their Emmy Award last night for their reality production "Cash Cab". And congratulations to our producing student Ivy Davila who graduated Friday night and started work there this Monday morning.


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Chair's Blog
The movie "Howl", starring James Franco caught a lot of students of the New York Film Academy's Producing School off guard this week at our Producer's Industry Speaker Series. Jawal Nga ... >> Read full article
The movie "Howl", starring James Franco caught a lot of students of the New York Film Academy's Producing School off guard this week at our Producer's Industry Speaker Series. Jawal Nga, one of the Producers of the film, brought it with him when he joined us as our guest recently. He and his production company pride themselves in developing projects with depth and characters that challenge the audience through their view of the world. And "Howl", based on one of the watershed poems of the beat generation, certainly does that.

Set with what strikes me as a near impossible task - making a movie based on a poem that will actually draw an audience - caused me to call Jawal one of the most courageous and resolute people I've ever met. He said at the Q&A, this movie is "the movie I wanted to make." "I've been in love with the beats since I was a kid." In many ways "Howl" is a collaboration between Jawal, the Producer, his 2 writer-directors and James Franco. Franco flew to San Francisco on his own dime to work for a year with the writer-directors who had never made a feature narrative film. They had been known as award winning documentary filmmakers. A risk for all concerned, including Jawal.

When I asked him if he had pondered his demographic, and considered how he was going to sell this film, he looked at me and smiled and said, "I only wish I could say I had."

Thus is the indomitable spirit of the independent filmmaker.

I have to count their distributor Oscilloscope Pictures as gutsy as well for buying the film. They deserve a great deal of credit and I have never met a producer who has had an unhappy experience with them.

Jawal will be gracing us with his presence in the Producing Department at the Academy's Producing School again when he does a case study for students of his Sundance Grand Jury Prize winning film, "Forty Shades of Blue."

Anita Tovich
Chair, Producing Department
New York Film Academy's Producing School