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Hands-on 2-Day Weekend Screenwriting Workshop

NYFA Master Class Lecturer Paul Brown.

Hands-on 2-Day Weekend Screenwriting Workshop

Spend the weekend studying U.S. style screenwriting in Paul Brown’s two-day writing workshop for film and TV.


Learn the secrets of great stories in this exciting 2-Day Weekend Screenwriting Workshop. The Screenwriting workshop is attended by writers, actors, directors, producers, executives, and students around the world. Students get a hands-on chance to create their own great stories during in-class exercises. Paul Brown's storytelling lectures will help improve student film and TV scripts to a professional level -- making their work more original, truthful, and daring.

Paul Brown is an award-winning filmmaker who has written, produced, and directed over 100 movies, TV dramas, pilots, and television movies, working on such series at “The X-Files,” “Quantum Leap,” “The New Twilight Zone,” “Star Trek Voyager” and “Enterprise.”

As a lecturer for the New York Film Academy, Paul Brown is traveling around the world to teach his two-day intensive writing workshop that will reveal professional film and TV secrets.

Screenwriting Instructor Spotlight: Paul Brown

Esteemed TV Screenwriter and Director, and NYFA faculty member, Paul Brown, discusses how NYFA educated young writers in an interview based spotlight. (1 min)


  • Creating Great Stories: Students learn how to create stories that are original, fascinating, and emotionally powerful, and will see how exploring imagination and memory can unlock secret stories -- helping students craft their own own great scripts.
  • Making Memorable Characters: Students learn how to capture an audience by creating passionate characters that we love and antagonists that we love to hate. Class will discuss how to attract audiences to characters by using charm, compassion, complexity, and curiosity. Mystery is the heart of all great stories, so class will discuss ways to develop characters that have psychological depth and mysterious backstories that motivate their behavior and hidden beliefs. Students will see how making characters transform over the course of the story fulfills a miraculous wish for audiences.
  • Creating a Cast: Class will explore the cast design to develop each character's purpose in assisting and/or conflicting with the main characters. Students will learn to design opponents that are believable, complex, and fascinating. This will include learning to write a realistic love story that attracts and challenges the main characters -- creating conflict and deepest desires.
  • Structuring a Story: Class will discuss ways to strengthen the external and internal journeys of main characters. Students will learn to design journeys that are entertaining, suspenseful, illuminating, and meaningful.
  • Secrets to Great Dialogue: Great dialogue is created by what is said and what remains unsaid. Class will discuss ways to write professional dialogue that is surprising, inventive, and truthful. Students will learn to entertain and grab audiences by creating characters with unique voices.


Paul Brown is an award-winning writer, director and producer who has worked in film and television for over 30 years. Mr. Brown has received nominations for three Emmy Awards and three Golden Globes, and won the Edgar Award from the Mystery Writers of America for Best TV Drama Script. He also received the Ark Trust’s Genesis Award for Best TV Drama Script for Animal Rights. He directed a music video starring Beyoncé and co-wrote Disney’s hit movie “Camp Rock.” Most recently, he directed and co-wrote the feature film “Heaven’s Rain.” As a lecturer for the New York Film Academy, Mr. Brown gives writing and acting workshops throughout the year in Europe, Australia, and Latin America. A graduate of Oxford University, Mr Brown holds a master’s degree in literature. He also holds a bachelor’s degree (hons) in English literature from the University of California, Berkeley.

Please note this course is not refundable.

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