Soccer at NYFA LA


Soccer at NYFA LA

Roy Lev-Ari runs the men’s soccer program. Since the team’s establishment in 2014, men’s soccer has earned two 1st place trophies and three 2nd place trophies. Right now, the men compete in a practice league on Monday nights but their regular season beings in March, competing Sunday afternoons (between 12pm-5pm).

The New York Film Academy’s College of Visual and Performing Arts Women’s Soccer team is coached by passionate educator and animator, Pablo Diaz.  Coach Diaz has been playing soccer for 20+ years, bring old-school tactics and new traditions to his program.  “Soccer is about discipline and respect; discipline in your training and respect for your team and opponent.  This game is also about teamwork and passion, dreaming and defining; it’s about visualizing your goals and making them a reality.”  This game allows for young artists to further develop themselves as visionaries in addition to identifying themselves in a role, working towards one common goal.


(Lukas) Haixiao Lu
Adam El-Manawy
Alessio Mongardi
Alexander Salabaschew
Alonso Cerpa
Aymen Khoja
Aziz Almughrbi
Alon Fisher
Anvar Madraimov
Chang Park
Christopher Edwardo
Davide Belvederi
Derek Ramsay
Anvar Madraimov
Gabriel Uzcategui
Jee Low
Marc Ketcham
Michael Sumner
Nurmat Sakebaev
 Bright Ogbebor
 Cesar Jaramillo
Elia Paghera
Hayden Wood
Juan Pablo Gordillo Recinos
Marc Guerin
 Myroslav Popovych
Rafael Brandao
 Rushi Bhandance
Santiago Fierro
Linnea Ingesson
Jaquelin Garza
Josefine Marelius
Ziyan Huang
Savannah Sivert
Daniela Gerdes
Analisa Moreno
Rachel Rampat
Sinead Lewis
Isabel Symington Caxide
Alexandria Crouse
Luisa Novo
Hala Raed
Jennifer Buckley
Leonor Bessa
Melanie Wick
Danielle Torck