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Pilot Season 2017 Part 2: Here’s What’s Coming Your Way

Pilot season is a secret peek into TV’s future, when broadcast network execs decide which pilots go to series and which get scrapped. That trend may be changing with Amazon asking viewers to vote on their choices. Four Amazon shows already have the green light, but for the others, we’ll have to wait and see.

What follows are some trends in pilot season and some examples of shows that may be coming your way in the 2017-2018 season.

Enter Pilot Season Politics

Family dramas, comedies and police procedurals are joined this year by what the Hollywood Reporter calls the broadcast networks’ “efforts to appeal to Trump America.” NBC’s offering is a military hero drama ”For God and Country,” and CBS picked up a Navy SEALs drama, which, according to Variety’s Development Scorecard, “Follows the lives of the elite Navy SEALs as they train, plan, and execute the most dangerous, high stakes missions our country can ask.”

On the other hand, ABC’s “Red Blooded,” starring Reba McEntire as a “Red State” sheriff, will have her views challenged by a Muslim FBI agent. Speaking of ripped-from-the-headlines dramas, CBS has “Perfect Citizen,” about an Edward Snowden-like character. If you prefer your politics wrapped in allegory, ABC”s “The Crossing,” where the ill-fated refugees are Americans, is for you.

Seeking Out New Stories in New Frontiers


Another trend moves us off this troubled planet with CBS’s astronaut drama called “Mission Control,” and NBC’s comedy “Spaced Out.”

Netflix and Amazon are also in the space-race, with the reboot of beloved ’60s sci-fi classic “Lost in Space” and futuristic “Oasis,” which Rolling Stone calls a “space-madness headscratcher.”

FOX has Orville, a comedy drama set 300 years in the future, as well as the apocalyptic “Passage,” based on Justin Cronin’s best-selling mixed-genre trilogy.

Marvel Comics teamed up with FOX to create the latest from the X-Men universe. The logline for “Gifted” runs: “After discovering their children possess mutant powers, two ordinary parents and their kids are forced to go on the run from a hostile government, eventually joining up with an underground network of mutants.”

Under the Influence


CBS picked up the idea for “Living Biblically,” about a middle-aged man who decides to follow the Bible to the letter with hilarious results, from a book by AJ Jacobs.

Fox has loosely based its office comedy “Type A” on “*ssholes: A Theory” by Aaron James.

In Netflix’s “Disjointed,” Kathy Bates heads up a ragtag and mostly stoned bunch in the legal cannabis business.

Amazon is also into the pot game with “Budding Prospects,” a show about marijuana farmers in 1980s California. That show, along with “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” about a perfect wife turned queen of comedy in 1950s New York, were given the green light to go to series by Amazon viewers.

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Pilot Season: It’s Pilot Season, Here Is What’s Coming Your Way

Every new season, it’s exciting to see which new actors, directors, and shows are coming to your television. For students, it’s especially inspiring to watch new talent on the screen — you never know what will inspire your imagination next. Here are a few new pilots that you absolutely can’t miss this season.

“Black Lightning”

For superhero fans, here’s a new offering from DC Comics that’ll premiere this season on the CW. “Black Lightning” stars Cress Williams as Jefferson Pierce, a retired superhero who gets drawn back into the crime-fighting world by his two adventurous daughters.

Largely known as the first African-American superhero, “Black Lightning” first entered the comics world back in 1977. His suit was designed by Laura Jean Shannon of “Iron Man” and “Blade: Trinity” fame.

The pilot was picked up by the CW and will be the fifth superhero series on the network, which already premiered “The Flash,” “Supergirl,” “Arrow,” and DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow.”

“Unsolved: The Murders of Biggie and Tupac”

This USA pilot centers on — what else? — the two most famous unsolved crimes of the 1990s. It’s already notable for its talented cast of characters. LeToya Luckett (formerly of Destiny’s Child, “Ballers,” and “Rosewood”) has signed onto the project as Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight’s estranged wife. Casting recently found its Sean “Puffy” Combs in Luke James, while ‘Pac and Biggie will be played respectively by Marcc Rose and Wavyy Jones. Aisha Hinds, who currently plays Harriet Tubman on “Underground,” will play Biggie’s mother Voletta Wallace.

“Behind Enemy Lines”


Fans of period dramas should check out this MTV-scripted Fox reboot of the 2001 WWII movie “Behind Enemy Lines.” It’s a military thriller about U.S. soldiers trapped behind enemy lines that tells the story from multiple perspectives, including that of the intelligence officers back on the ground in Washington and the soldiers stationed on a nearby aircraft carrier. Willa Fitzgerald, who stars in yet another reboot (MTV’s “Scream”), has been cast as the main female lead alongside B.J. Britt, Colm Feore, Nestor Carbonell, and Marg Helgenberger.

“Perfect Citizen”

This CBS spy drama centers around the National Security Agency, an intelligence agency so secretive and clandestine that it’s known around Washington, D.C. as No Such Agency or Never Said Anything. Noah Wyle, formerly of “ER,” will star as a whistleblowing attorney who is regarded by many as a traitor and by others as a hero. “Perfect Citizen” boasts some serious writing credentials from Craig Turk, who wrote “The Good Wife.” Paris Barclay will direct and produce the pilot, with Turk as a co-producer.



This Fox pilot, starring Eva Longoria of “Desperate Housewives” and “Telenovela,” centers around a consulting firm that does the dirty work of downsizing and layoffs. However, despite a job of delivering awful news, the consulting firm’s staff are like family to each other. Longoria is the first cast and portrays the ambitious Axler, whose brutal tactics cover up a soft and sweet personality. Lesley Wake Webster of “Life in Pieces” will serve as main writer and co-producer alongside Jason Winer.

What are you most excited to watch this pilot season! Let us know in the comments below! And if you’re ready to learn the skills you need to create your own pilot, apply now to study filmmaking and producing at New York Film Academy.