Q: Why should I send my child to a visual or performing arts camp?
A: Whether or not your child chooses to pursue film as a major in his or her academic career, the camps are an unparalleled creative experience which will broaden his or her horizons and enhance his or her future endeavors.

Q: What is the average day like?
Your son or daughter will be busy with class and project production Monday through Friday. During the evenings and on weekends (for camps longer than 1 week in length), students in the high will take part in planned activities and field trips. These will include screenings and trips for cultural enrichment.

Q: How does this camp compare to others like it?
A: There are no other film camps for high school students in which students write, direct, shoot, and edit their own short weekly, using professional film equipment. It is a unique camp, which will give your son or daughter an unforgettable summer exploring the visual and performing arts. Each class is completely hands-on, no matter what camp you sign up for. We believe in learn by doing and this is what the summer is like.

Q: Where will my son or daughter live?
A: Students in the kids program in New York City and Los Angeles must either live in the area or have access to housing with a parent or guardian. At the New York Film Academy’s camps at Harvard University, students will live on campus in fully furnished college dormitories. At Los AngelesParis, and Florence, students will live in group residences with NYFA counselors. Meal plans are available at select locations. Students in New York City must either live in the area or have access to housing with a parent or a guardian.

Q: Will my son or daughter be safe during the program?
A: Our choice of locations is meant to ensure the students’ safety, which is of primary concern to us. Each college campus location has a twenty-four hour public safety service which includes security escorts during the evening and emergency medical help.

Q: What is the drug and alcohol policy?
A: The New York Film Academy has zero tolerance for the use of illegal drugs or alcohol. Any student who breaks this rule is subject to immediate dismissal and will be sent home at the parents’ expense.

Q: Can I speak with someone who has attended an NYFA camp?
A: Yes, please contact us at film@nyfa.edu and we will put you in touch with New York Film Academy alumni and their parents.

Q: What are the qualifications of your instructors?
A: New York Film Academy faculty members are active performing and visual arts professionals who have their MFA degrees from elite schools including NYU, Columbia University, AFI, USC, and UCLA. They all have a passion for filmmaking and teaching and are consistently given the highest praise from our students.

Q: What happens after NYFA summer camp?
A: Students who complete one of the New York Film Academy’s teen summer camps have gone on to study film, acting, or the discipline of their program further in college, continued building their portfolio with the skills they gained in the program, returned to the Academy for additional study, and/or used the technical skills and life skills gained during the program once they enter the workplace.

Q: How much access will I have to the filmmaking equipment?
A: The New York Film Academy maintains the best ratio of equipment to students of any film school in the world. Students in the film camps will have access to the Arriflex 16mm motion camera in LA, high quality HD cameras, professional lighting packages, Final Draft screenwriting software, and Adobe Premiere editing system. 3D animation students will use Autodesk’s Maya software for 3D animation and game design.

Q: Do I get a certificate at the end of the course?
A: NYFA grants a certificate upon successful completion of our Camps.

Q: Can I attend a camp at NYFA and then use my directing samples to apply to a longer film program?
A: Yes. Many students use their films in their applications to undergraduate or graduate degree programs. Others may wish to enroll in the New York Film Academy’s One-Year Filmmaking Program.

Q: I have no prior experience. Is this camp for me?
A: Our teens and kids camps are designed specifically for individuals with little or no experience in their chosen field.

Q: How hands-on are the camps?
A: All classes in the camps are designed to be of immediate and practical use. Students work hands-on with film or editing equipment every day of the camp.

Q: Do I get to direct my own films?
A: Yes. Every student in the filmmaking camp directs his or her own films. In addition, students work as crewmembers on their classmates’ films.

Q: What is the minimum age requirement for the New York Film Academy summer camps?
A: Kids ages 10-13 are eligible for our New York City and Los Angeles kids camps. High school students ages 14-17 years old are eligible for our high school summer camps. Please keep in mind that the courses are extraordinarily intensive and demand maturity, commitment, and dedication. Students must be able to work in a collaborative environment.

Q: I have a lot of experience making my own projects on video. What will I get out of the film camp?
A: In the teen HD film camps, you will learn how to structure your story, choose your lens, camera angle, shots, and lighting. You will screen and critique all the films you make with your instructor. The classes provide a strong foundation in basic directing, camera, lighting, and editing.

Q: What is the difference between the Academy’s Acting for Film camp course and a regular acting course?
A: Our camp courses give students immediate experience acting for the camera. All classes in the camp, from basic technique to voice and movement are designed to help the aspiring actors give dynamic and believable performances for the screen.

Q: Do I have an opportunity to act in the film students’ movies?
A: Yes, depending on your schedule, you may be cast in one or more of the films being made by the Academy’s film students. In any case you will have many opportunities to act for the camera in the Camp itself.