Summer camps for 2021 are currently being planned for both in-person and online options. However, due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, NYFA will be unable to offer housing for in-person teen camps. Families will need to secure their own housing for campers and provide any necessary off-campus supervision, if traveling to a NYFA teen summer camp from another city, state or country. All after-school and weekend camps will be conducted online, until further notice. To view all camps and workshops offered, please click here.

2-Week 3D Animation Camp for Kids

Locations: New York City

Animate your imagination at the New York Film Academy’s 2-Week 3D Animation Camp for kids! Building on the one-week curriculum, two-week campers learn the fundamentals of 3D animation and also explore the storytelling segment of the animation pipeline.

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Over the course of two weeks, students will fully engage with Disney’s 12 principles of animation and learn how they can bring their own original creations to life. Rather than relying solely on lectures and demos to convey skills to students, kid’s at our animation camp are given access to industry-standard animation equipment and encouraged to explore.

In the 2-Week 3D Animation Camp, animation campers learn classic animation exercises such as pitching a ball and swinging a hammer to learn squash and stretch, weight and muscle tension, overlapping action, anticipation, and follow-through.

Each camper writes, directs, and animates their own scene using our pre-rigged character models and sets so they can focus on the creative aspects of story development — and on applying their new animation skills.

At the end of camp, student work is celebrated with a screening open to friends and family.


  • Intro to Storytelling
  • Creating Reference Footage
  • Using Reference Footage
  • Basic Rendering
  • Basic Editing
  • 12 Principles of Animation
  • Walk Cycles
  • Acting for Animators
  • Giving Weight and Muscle to a Character’s Movement
  • Timing and Spacing
  • Key Frames
  • Graph Editor


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