The New York Film Academy will be conducting all after-school and weekend camps online, until further notice. To view all camps and workshops offered, please click here. We are looking forward to providing a wonderful online experience for all of you. Summer camps for 2021 are currently being planned for both in-person and online options.

Online Game Design for Kids


Our online Game Design Modules for Kids introduces students to the building blocks of programming, design, custom art, sound and effects in the exciting world of Gaming. This is an awesome entry point for technical design and development skills for your child through web browser friendly, easily accessible, free and interactive software tools!

This experience consists of 6 hour modules (three modules offered in this discipline) which can be completed either after school or on Saturdays. If kids are taking the module after school, each module runs for one week. Saturday programs, each module run for four consecutive Saturdays.  Students may enroll in all three modules or select and complete individual modules (students are not required to complete one module to attend the next).

Schedule Options


For each module, there are two schedule options:

Option 1:
• One week for each module
• Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 3:30 – 5:00 p.m. EST or PST


Option 2:
• Four consecutive Saturdays for each module
Saturday at 12:00 pm- 1:30 p.m. EST or PST

Tuition: $300 USD for each module

Module One: Bits & Bots

Learn the basics of game programming by building a game full of robots! 

In this module, students will learn  the basic logic behind core programming concepts by building a game populated by robots that students must provide with instructions to get the robots to react to various types of conditions and perform specific tasks.

Class 1 – Basic Programming Concepts: Variables & Conditionals
Class 2 – MotorBot: Movement – Player Controlled Vs AI Programs
Class 3 – MakerBot: Object Creation and Identification
Class 4 – TalkBot: Iterating through lines of dialogue

Module Two: Jump & Smash

Learn the essence of game design by making a full game of your own!

In this module, students learn the basic concept of the core game loop, a central tenet  in game design, by making a simple yet complete game with a start, middle, and end. First, students will make a clone of a simple arcade game, learning how to identify and break down a game’s core loop. Then, by finding their own unique way to alter the cloned game’s game mechanics, students will learn how to create their own core game loops.

Class 1 – Core Mechanics
Class 2 – Lose Conditions
Class 3 – Win Conditions
Class 4 – Full Loop, Full Game

Module Three: Style & Juice

Learn how to make your games beautiful and juicy through art, sound, and FX.

In this module, students learn how to think about and create their game art following core art & design principles for rad, stylish results, as well as how to make their game look and feel responsive and alive to the player through the use of effective player feedback, impactful visual effects, and expressive  sound effects.

Class 1 – Art & Design Concepts Applied, Pt 1
Class 2 – Art & Design Concepts Applied, Pt 2
Class 3 – Juice – Particle Effects
Class 4 – Juice – SFX




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